Antique rare maps of Colombia


1646 - Carta prima Generale d'America dell India Occidentale e mare de Zur

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The First Sea Chart Focused on the Coast of California Rare first edition of the earliest map to focus on the California Coast, published in Florence by Robert Dudley. The map appeared in Dudley's landmark sea atlas, the Arcana del mare, the first...


1715 - Novae Hispaniae, Chili, Peruviae, et Guatimalae Littorae Apud F. de Wit

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Nice example of this sea chart of the western coastlines of South and Central America, published by Louis Renard. The map covers the Pacific Coast from Xalisco, Mexico, to Puerta Bairres and Rio Cachapool in Chile, covering over two thirds of the...


1622 - (Colombia & Ecuador) Descripcion Del Audiencia Del Quito

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Amsterdam edition of Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas' map of the Audiencia of Quito, from his Descripcion de las Indias Occidentalis, first published as part of his Historia General, in Madrid in 1601. This map is the earliest printed Spanish map to...


1864 - [Galapagos] Carte de la Cote Occidentale D'Amerique Comprise Entre Le Golfe de Tehuantepec et le Golfe de Guayaquil (Amerique Centrale, Nlle Grenade, Equateru) . . . .1864

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Scarce sea chart of Central America and the coasts of Colombia, Equador and Peru, published by the French Hydrographical Office. Includes a relatively large treatment of the Galapagos Islands, just five years after Charles Darwin's publication of his...


1741 - Nouveau Plan de Cartagene Avec les Dernieres Attaques des Forts Par L'Amiral Vernon . . . Suivant l'original Anglois 1741

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Rare German plan of the siege of Cartagena (Cartagena de Indias), by the Vice-Admiral Vernon , in 1741, probably drawn after Harding and Toms chart, and published the same year. The map states that it is based upon an English original of 1741 and has...


1743 - A Plan and Prospect of The Harbour, Town, & Castles of Carthagena, Most humbly Presented to Edward Vernon Esq. Vice Admiral of the Blue, &c. By Capt. Ph. Durrel.

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An Impressive and Rare Separately Issued Map of the Battle of Cartagena in 1741, showing Vernon's Fleet in Action in the Harbor. Engraved map of Cartagena and environs with touches of original hand-coloring. The present map is an exceptional example...


1771 - Plan of Carthagena Harbour and City in Lattd. 10º:26 to 10º:15 North

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One of the Rarest Maps of Cartagena Rare plan of Cartagena and environs, engraved by Bayly and published in Speer's The West-India Pilot, sold by Samuel Hooper. The map includes a detailed key locating approximately 23 points of interest, including...


1825 - Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique De La Republique Colombienne (with Constitution of the Republic of Colombia)

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Fine map of Colombia, shortly after its indendendence, which includes an early printing of the Constitution of the Republic on a separate sheet. From 1796 to 1806, Colombia was constantly in conflict over the nature of its government. Constant...


1858 - Mapa de La Republica de la Nueva Granada Dedicado Al Baron de Humboldt a quien se deben los primeros conscimientos geograficos y geologicos positivos de este vasto territorio / por el Coronel de Artilleria Joaquin Acosta 1847.

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Quite Possibly The Only Official Map of the Confederation Granadine -- Originally Created By One Colombia's Most Important Historians and Scholars Second state of this rare wall map of the Republic of New Granada dedicated to the Baron de Humboldt,...


1601 - Descripcion Del Destricto Del Audiencia Del Nuevo Reino

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Fine example of Herrera's map of Colombia, first published in Madrid in 1601. The map shows numerous settlements on the interior, as well as Cartagena and St. Martha.


1622 - Descripcion Del Destricto Del Audiencia Del Nuevo Reino

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Fine example of Herrera's map of Colombia, which first appeared in Herrera's Descripcion de las Indias Ocidentales, first published in Madrid in 1601. The map shows numerous settlements on the interior, as well as Cartagena and St. Martha. The...


1635 - Terra Firma et Novum Regnum Granatense et Popayan

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Fine example of Blaeu's map of Colombia, part of Ecuador extending south to Esmereldas, and Venezuela extending east nearly to Caracas. Includes 2 large compass roses, and two large cartouches. Provides an excellent view of mid-17th Century Columbia,...


1656 - Terre Ferme ou sont les Governations, ou Gouvernemens de Terre Ferme, Cartagene, Ste. Marthe, Rio de la Hache, Venezuela, Nouvelle Andalusie, Popayan, Nouveau Royme. de Grenade, &c. . . . 1656

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Antique Map of Colombia and Venezuela, etc., Extending To The Famed City of El Dorado Important early map of Columbia and Venezuela, from the most important French map maker of the 17th Century. The map shows the course of the Rio de Paria or...


1671 - Cartagena

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Striking view of the fortified town of Cartagena, Colombia showing sailing vessels, fortifications etc. The map illustrates an idealized harbor, walled city and European style buildings. Very active commercial scene shown in the foreground. This view...


1675 - (Colombia) Paskaerte vande Cust van West-Indien Tuschen St. Martha en Ilha Cares . . .

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The First Detailed Sea Chart of the Eastern Colombian Coastline Extremely rare early sea chart by Arent Roggeveen, showing the coast of Colombia from Santa Marta to Cartagena, centered on Baranquilla. The chart is oriented with south at the top....


1702 - La Terre Ferme Et Le Perous avec Le Pays Des Amazones Et Le Bresil Dans L'Amerique Meridionale . . . 1702

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Striking old color example of Der Fer's map of the northern part of South America, from his Atlas Curieux. The map extends south to include Rio Ianeyro (Rio De Janeiro). A number of annotations on the indigenous people of the interior and other features.