South America

Antique rare maps of South America

Rare and antique old maps of the South America


1640 - Chili

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The First Large Atlas Map of Chile, from the Dutch Golden Age Nice old color example of Blaeu's map of Chile. This is the first large atlas map of the Spanish colony, although it also shows land controlled by the Mapuche and never conquered by the...


1655 - I la Moche (Mocha Island)

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Theodore De Bry's edition of this early view of settlement on the Island of Mocha in Chile, including an indigenous chiliquenes (Llama), copied from Olivier Van Noort's expedition narrative. The island was historically inhabited by an indigenous...


1719 - Le Perou Dans L'Amerique Meridionale Dressee Sur les Divers Relations de Flibustiers et Nouveaux Voyageurs . . . 1719

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Fine example of De Fer's map of Peru and contiguous parts of the Andes and Upper Amazon River Basin. The striking large format map is the result of some of the most up to date cartographic information coming back to Europe from the Jesuit...


1793 - (Map of the Kingdom of Peru with Quito Lima and La Plata Regions) Карта Королевства Перу съ Областьми Квито Лима и Ла Плата

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Russian-language antique map of the "Kingdom of Peru" from Ecuador to Chile on the western coast of South America. The map was created by Alexander Wilbrecht in Saint Petersburg in 1793, and was based on Janvier's Carte Du Perou ou se trouvent les...


1824 - Plan D'Arica Sur la Cote du Perou Levee en 1822 a bord de la Frigate la Clorinde Commandee par M. le Baron de Mackau . . . 1824

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Rare separately published sea chart of the northern Chilean Coastline, centered on the town of Arica. Fine chart of the area around Arica in Chile, on the border with Peru, from Volume 7 of the Neptune Francois. The plan was drawn in 1822 during...


1827 - Die Republik Peru

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Extremely rare early map of the Republic of Peru, published by F.W. Spehr. The map was intended to be a part of Spehr's Geographischer Universal-Atlas. This work was started between 1822 and 1825, but the atlas was never completed, with only 36 of...


1847 - Carte De La Cote Occle De L'Amerique Comprenant Le Perou, La Bolivie et Le Nord Du Chil Dressee d'apres les travaux du Capitne. Fizt-Roy par Mr. Keller Ingenieur Hydrographe. . . . 1847

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Remarkable sea chart of part of the West coast of South America, published by the French Hydrographic Survey. The chart extends from Guayaquil in the North to the Bay of Coquimbo in Chile, centered on Arica. The map includes large insets plans of:...


1881 - (Magellan Strait) Trinidad Channel Surveyed by Sir George Nares K.C.B., F.R.S. and J.P. MacLear . . . H.M.S. Alert 1879

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Detailed British Admiralty chart of a western section of the Strait of Magellan, illustrating the Trinidad Channel. The following report appeared in surveys of the Admiralty for 1879: On the western coast of South America, H.M.S. Alert, with an...


1920 - Patagonia -- Channels Between Magellan Strait and Gulf of Trinidad From Various Admiralty Surveys Additions and Corrections from Chilean Government Charts to 1918 . . .

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An Important Modern Charting of Southwestern Patagonia Fine chart of the western part of the Straits of Magellan and the southern part of Chile, extending north to the Reserva Nacional Alcalufes and Desolation Island. The sea chart was first issued...


1556 - Brasil

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First state of Ramusio's map of Brazil is the earliest obtainable separately issued regional map of Brazil, from Gastaldi's Delle Navigazione e Viaggi, published in Venice in 1556. The map represents an extremely early and inaccurate depiction Brazil....


1597 - Brasilia

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Wytfliet's map of Brazil is one of the earliest obtainable maps of the region. The map appeared in Wytfliet's Descriptionis Ptolemaicae Augmentum, the first atlas to focus on the mapping of the New World. In 1597 Cornelis van Wytfliet published his...


1624 - (Baía de Todos os Santos, Brazil) Aensysinge van de Stadt Salvador, ende de Baya de todos los Santos . . . dese Stadt Salvador, ende baye van todos los Santos, syn naer de orginale caerte op de iuste mate verdeent. . .

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Rare early map of Bahia de los Todos Santos, Brazil, and inset plan of "Cidado do Salvador" by Henricus Hondius. The plan depicts the taking of Salvador and the neighboring regions by the Dutch in 1624. As noted by Johannes Keuning ( Imago Mundi, Vol....


1630 - Hanc Tabulam continens Laetam Pharnambuci victoriam, Amplissimis prudentissimis consultissimisque Dominis De Societatis Indiae occidentalis Curatoribus, nec non Fortissimo Victoriosissimoque Domino D. Henrico C. Lonq. Archithalasso in comparabili devote d

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Rare Broadside Map Celebrating The Dutch Capture of The Town of Olinda in Pernambuco by the Dutch West Indies Company in February 1630 Rare separately published map of coast around Olinada in Portuguese held Pernambuco, published shortly after the...


1630 - Accuratissima Brasiliae Tabula Amstelodami Henricus Hondius excudit

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Strikng full color example of Hondius' map of Brazil, oriented with West at the top. Brazil is divided into Capitanias, with excellent coastal detail and a more speculative detail in the interior parts of the map. Includes inset vignettes of...


1633 - Provincia de Brasil cum Adiacentibus Provinciis

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Highly detailed early separately published map of Brazil, published in De Laet's seminial work on America. The map was issued shortly after the Dutch arrival in the region in 1630, which focused on coastal settlements and lasted until about 1654. The...


1635 - (Bahia De Todos Sanctos) Sinus Omnium Sanctoru.

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Engraved map of the Bahia De Todos Sanctos in Brazil, published by Matthias Merian in Frankfurt in 1635. The map shows the Bahia De Todos Sanctos with many settlements surrounding it. In the lower-left corner is an inset plan of São Salvador da Bahia...