Paraguay & Bolivia

Antique rare maps of Paraguay & Bolivia


1771 - Carte Du Paraguay et partie des Pays adjacants . . . 1771

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A detailed and attractive regional map of Brazil and Paraguay with a decorative cartouche. Rigobert Bonne served as the map maker to the King of France.


1779 - Carte qui represente la Partie Meridionale du Bresil et du Perou, Le Chili Septentrional, et le Paraguay, Ce qui fait la Partie de milieu De L'Amerique Meridionale . . . 1779

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Finely engraved map of the central part of South America, from Santini's Venetian edition of d'Anville's map from "Atlas Universel," printed in 1776-84. The map includes much of Brazil, Peru, Chile and Paraguay.


1794 - Plano Corografyco del Partydo de Porco, perten/te. al govi/no e ynt/a de Potosi

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Finely Executed Spanish Colonial Government Survey Manuscript Map of the Porco District of the Mining Region of Potosi in Bolivia Remarkably detailed manuscript map of the Porco district, part of Potosi, one of the richest mining regions in the world,...


1663 - Paraguay Verdeelt in zyn voornaamste deelen Volgens de laatste reisbeschryvinge . . .

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Antique Map of the Rio de La Plata Basin Early Dutch edition of this detailed early map of the Rio de la Plata Region, showing Buenos Aires, the source of the Rio de la Plata and Paraguay Rivers and extending west to Chile and Peru. Many major cities...


1732 - Paraquariae Provinciae Soc. Jesu Cum Adiacentibus Novissima Descriptio Post iterata peregrinationes & plures observationes Patrum Missionariorum . . . 1732

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A fine example of the 1760 Rome edition of Juan Francisco D'Avila's rare map of the Jesuit Provinces, first issued in 1726, and then corrected and enlarged in 1732 by Antonio Marchoni and reissued in Novelle interessanti in proposite degli affari del...


1733 - Le Paraguay ou les RR. PP de la Compagnie de Jesus ont repandu leurs Missions . . . 1733

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Fine Example of D’Anville’s Map of Paraguay in Fine Original Color Detailed and scarcely-seen map of the Jesuit missions in central South America, based upon the observations of the Jesuit missionaries and the latest maps. This example is from a...


1745 - Carte du Paraguay du Chili du Detroit De Magellan &c. . . .

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Nice example of Philippe Buache's edition of De L'Isle's map of the southern part of South America. The map shows the routes of a number of 17th century explorers in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, as well as a marvelous and highly annotated...


1842 - The Provinces of La Plata, The Banda Oriental Del Uruguay and Chile, Chiefly from M.S. documents communicated by Sir Woodbine Parish, K.C.H. Late H.M. Charge' d'Affairs &c at Buenos Ayres . . .

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Shows Darwin's expeditions during the second voyage of the Beagle. A highly detailed map of Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay, with an inset of Patagonia, published by John Arrowsmith, London's leading mid-19th century map maker. The map is...


1853 - Carta Esferica de la Confederacion Argentina y de las Republicas del Uruguay y del Paraguay que comprende los Reconocimientos practicados por las Primeros y Segundas Subdivisions Españolas y Portuguesas del mando de los Señores Don Jose Varlea y Ulloa (Co

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A Colonial Rarity Created By Spain's Most Important Boundary Commissioner and Surveyor -- Crucial to Early Argentinian History The earliest surviving example of Don Jose Maria Cabrer's finely executed map of the Argentine Confederation and the...


1905 - Regions des Hauts Plateaux de L'Amerique De Sud (Bolivie, Argentine, Chili, Perou) Parcourues Par La Mission Francaise -- Carte Dressee Par V. Huot d'apres les Travaux des Membres de la Mission, les Sources originales inedites, et les Documents les plus r

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The First Comprehensive Scientific Mapping of the Andes Rare large scale map of the South American Highlands of Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Peru, compiled by Victor Huot as part of a comprehensive study of the region by the Scientific Mission of G....


1719 - Le Perou Dans L'Amerique Meridionale Dressee Sur les Divers Relations de Flibustiers et Nouveaux Voyageurs . . . 1719

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Fine example of De Fer's map of Peru and contiguous parts of the Andes and Upper Amazon River Basin. The striking large format map is the result of some of the most up to date cartographic information coming back to Europe from the Jesuit...


1847 - Carte De La Cote Occle De L'Amerique Comprenant Le Perou, La Bolivie et Le Nord Du Chil Dressee d'apres les travaux du Capitne. Fizt-Roy par Mr. Keller Ingenieur Hydrographe. . . . 1847

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Remarkable sea chart of part of the West coast of South America, published by the French Hydrographic Survey. The chart extends from Guayaquil in the North to the Bay of Coquimbo in Chile, centered on Arica. The map includes large insets plans of:...


1656 - Le Pérou et le cours de la rivière Amazone... 1656

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Finely colored example of Sanson's 1656 double-page engraved map of Peru, extending from the Pacific to the mouth of the Amazon River and tracking the Amazon to its sources in the Andes. A massive mythical Lake Parime is shown. The Rio Paraguay o di...


1671 - Paraquaria Vulgo Paraguay Cum adjacentibus

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Nice full color example of this regional map, extending from the mouth of the Rio De La Plata to San Sebastian and Marambaya in Brazil, and centered on the course of the Rio De La Plata. Embellished with 2 decorative cartouches and sailing ships.


1640 - Paraguay o Prov. De Rio De La Plata cum regionibus adiacentibus Tucuman et Sta. Cruz De la Sierra

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A Decorative Map of Central South America from the Golden Age of Dutch Cartography. A fine example of Blaeu’s atlas map of Paraguay, the Rio de la Plata region, and the surrounding area. The principal focus of this double-page map is the river...


1668 - Le Paraguay Tire des Relations les plus Recentes . . . 1668

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Rare map of the region around the Rio de la Plata, which is shown extending north to Lago de los Xarayes. Extends north on the coast to S. Vicente, Conception and Parnaiba, South to C.S. Antonio and Buenos Ayres and west to Chile. One of the most...