Peru & Ecuador

Antique rare maps of Peru & Ecuador


1619 - [Straits of Le Maire, Nova Guinea, South Pacific]

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The Earliest Printed Map of Le Maire's Voyage Around Cape Horn and Across The Pacific Nice example of Joris van Spilbergen's rendering of Willem Schouten and Jacob Le Maire's map / sea chart of a portion of his circumnavigation of the world, showing...


1660 - Pascaerte van Nova Hispania Peru en Chili . . .

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Rare Golden Age Dutch Sea Chart of the Island of California and Western Pacific Rare Johannes Van Loon sea chart of the Western Pacific. The map appeared in the first edition of Van Loon's Zee Atlas. It derives from Doncker's map of the Western...


1572 - Mexico Regia et Celebris Hispaniae Novae Civitas (and) Cusco, Rengi Peru in Novo Orbe . . .

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Fine old color example of Braun & Hogenberg's views of Mexico City and Cusco, among the earliest printed views of any American City. This view was the only 2 American views in Braun & Hogenberg's Civitatus Orbis Terrarum, the most influential...


1622 - (Colombia & Ecuador) Descripcion Del Audiencia Del Quito

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Amsterdam edition of Antonio de Herrera y Tordesillas' map of the Audiencia of Quito, from his Descripcion de las Indias Occidentalis, first published as part of his Historia General, in Madrid in 1601. This map is the earliest printed Spanish map to...


1864 - [Galapagos] Carte de la Cote Occidentale D'Amerique Comprise Entre Le Golfe de Tehuantepec et le Golfe de Guayaquil (Amerique Centrale, Nlle Grenade, Equateru) . . . .1864

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Scarce sea chart of Central America and the coasts of Colombia, Equador and Peru, published by the French Hydrographical Office. Includes a relatively large treatment of the Galapagos Islands, just five years after Charles Darwin's publication of his...


1646 - Carta particolare del'Peru che comincia con il capo di Guanapo e finisce con il C. S: Francesco . . .

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Fine example of the first state of Robert Dudley's chart of a part of the northwestern coastline of South America, the earliest obtainable chart of the region. The chart is centered on Quayquil and the coast of Ecuador, extending south to the area of...


1790 - Plan Del curso de los Rios Huallaga y Ucayali, y d la pampa del Sacramento. Levantado Por el P. Fr. Manuel Sobreviela, Guardian del Colegio et Ocopa, Dada a luz Por le Sociedad de Amantes del Pais de Lima Ano 1791.

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Extremely rare first edition of this important early map of part of northeastern Peru with the Marañon River at the top, the Ucayali River at right, the Huallaga River in the center and Lima at lower left, prepared from the original manuscript maps of...


1909 - (7 Map Archive -- William Farrabee in Eastern Peru) Mapa Del Rio Ucayali . . . Expedition De La Universidad de Harvard 1908-1909

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Presented to Farabee's Wife An interesting archive of maps drawn to illustrate William Farabee's first expedition to South America, to visit the indigenous peoples of Eastern Peru. Along with the maps enumerated below, the archive includes a book...


1905 - Regions des Hauts Plateaux de L'Amerique De Sud (Bolivie, Argentine, Chili, Perou) Parcourues Par La Mission Francaise -- Carte Dressee Par V. Huot d'apres les Travaux des Membres de la Mission, les Sources originales inedites, et les Documents les plus r

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The First Comprehensive Scientific Mapping of the Andes Rare large scale map of the South American Highlands of Bolivia, Argentina, Chile and Peru, compiled by Victor Huot as part of a comprehensive study of the region by the Scientific Mission of G....


1656 - Terre Ferme ou sont les Governations, ou Gouvernemens de Terre Ferme, Cartagene, Ste. Marthe, Rio de la Hache, Venezuela, Nouvelle Andalusie, Popayan, Nouveau Royme. de Grenade, &c. . . . 1656

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Antique Map of Colombia and Venezuela, etc., Extending To The Famed City of El Dorado Important early map of Columbia and Venezuela, from the most important French map maker of the 17th Century. The map shows the course of the Rio de Paria or...


1702 - La Terre Ferme Et Le Perous avec Le Pays Des Amazones Et Le Bresil Dans L'Amerique Meridionale . . . 1702

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Striking old color example of Der Fer's map of the northern part of South America, from his Atlas Curieux. The map extends south to include Rio Ianeyro (Rio De Janeiro). A number of annotations on the indigenous people of the interior and other features.


1720 - Carte de la Terre Ferme du Perou, du Bresil, et du Pays des Amazones, Dressee sur les Descriptions de Herrera de Laet, et d'P.P. d'Acuña, et M. Rodriguez, et sur plusieurs Relations et Observations posterieures . . .

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Nice example of Coven's & Mortier's edition De L'Isle's maps of the northern part of South America. The map Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Guiana and parts of Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina. De L'Isle was known for his fine...


1779 - Carte du Perou et Brasil Sepl, de Tierre-Firme, de Guyana, et de la Rivieire des Amazones: Ce qui fait la partie Boreal de L'Amerique Meridiole. Par Le Sr. D'Anville . . . 1779

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Finely engraved map of the northern part of South America, from Santini's Venetian edition of d'Anville's map from "Atlas Universel" printed in 1776-84. The map includes Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guayana, northern Peru, and part of Brazil.


1836 - Colombia

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Striking map of Colombia, hand colored by provinces. Includes excellent detail on the River Systems, and shows towns, mountains, lakes, islands, etc. From David Burr's rare Universal Atlas.


1622 - Descripcion Del Audiencia De los Charcas (Chile, Bolivia, Peru)

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Rare early map of the Audiencia of the New Kingdom of Charcas, parts of modern-day Peru, Bolivia and Chile. The map locates rivers and settlements. The earliest map to include information from the previously secret manuscript maps of the Spanish...


1719 - Le Perou Dans L'Amerique Meridionale Dressee Sur les Divers Relations de Flibustiers et Nouveaux Voyageurs . . . 1719

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Fine example of De Fer's map of Peru and contiguous parts of the Andes and Upper Amazon River Basin. The striking large format map is the result of some of the most up to date cartographic information coming back to Europe from the Jesuit...