Antique rare maps of Venezuela


1715 - Novae Hispaniae, Chili, Peruviae, et Guatimalae Littorae Apud F. de Wit

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Nice example of this sea chart of the western coastlines of South and Central America, published by Louis Renard. The map covers the Pacific Coast from Xalisco, Mexico, to Puerta Bairres and Rio Cachapool in Chile, covering over two thirds of the...


1843 - Carte De La Mer Des Antilles Partie Orientale Dressee par M. Keller, Ingenieurs Hydrographe, d'apres les travaux les plus recents . . . .1843

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Chart of the Caribbean Used By French Navigator Nice example of the general Depot de la Marine sea chart of the Caribbean and coast of Venezuela, published in 1843. The chart extends from Jamaica and Santa Domingo to the Lesser Antilles, with Puerto...


1681 - Guiana (El Dorado)

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Rare Miniature English Map of Guiana, Including Manoa or El Dorado Rare map of Guiana, including the Lake Parime region, with the town of Manor or El Dorado shown, published by Sir Jonas Moore in London. The map appeared in Moore's A New Geography....


1601 - Descripcion Del Destricto Del Audiencia Del Nuevo Reino

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Fine example of Herrera's map of Colombia, first published in Madrid in 1601. The map shows numerous settlements on the interior, as well as Cartagena and St. Martha.


1622 - Descripcion Del Destricto Del Audiencia Del Nuevo Reino

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Fine example of Herrera's map of Colombia, which first appeared in Herrera's Descripcion de las Indias Ocidentales, first published in Madrid in 1601. The map shows numerous settlements on the interior, as well as Cartagena and St. Martha. The...


1656 - Terre Ferme ou sont les Governations, ou Gouvernemens de Terre Ferme, Cartagene, Ste. Marthe, Rio de la Hache, Venezuela, Nouvelle Andalusie, Popayan, Nouveau Royme. de Grenade, &c. . . . 1656

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Antique Map of Colombia and Venezuela, etc., Extending To The Famed City of El Dorado Important early map of Columbia and Venezuela, from the most important French map maker of the 17th Century. The map shows the course of the Rio de Paria or...


1702 - La Terre Ferme Et Le Perous avec Le Pays Des Amazones Et Le Bresil Dans L'Amerique Meridionale . . . 1702

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Striking old color example of Der Fer's map of the northern part of South America, from his Atlas Curieux. The map extends south to include Rio Ianeyro (Rio De Janeiro). A number of annotations on the indigenous people of the interior and other features.


1720 - Carte de la Terre Ferme du Perou, du Bresil, et du Pays des Amazones, Dressee sur les Descriptions de Herrera de Laet, et d'P.P. d'Acuña, et M. Rodriguez, et sur plusieurs Relations et Observations posterieures . . .

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Nice example of Coven's & Mortier's edition De L'Isle's maps of the northern part of South America. The map Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Guiana and parts of Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Argentina. De L'Isle was known for his fine...


1749 - Partie Occidentale de la Terre Ferme . . . 1749

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Detailed map of modern Colombia and Venezuela, published during the midst of the the last century of Spanish Colonial rule.


1814 - Charte von Dem Ostlichen Theile von Terra Firma oder dem General-Capitanate von Caracas -- Nach Poirson's Charte diser Gegend ubersezt . . . 1814

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Rare separately published map of the northern part of South America. The map is focused on Venezuela and "Spanische Guyana." The map depicts the region in the year that Dutch Guyana was taken from the Netherlands by Britain.


1822 - Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of Colombia

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One of the first separate maps of the newly independent Colombia and Venezuela, which was still steeped in Revolution under the irrepressible work of Simon Bolivar. The map is surrounded by details on the country, its soil, climate, history,...


1836 - Colombia

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Striking map of Colombia, hand colored by provinces. Includes excellent detail on the River Systems, and shows towns, mountains, lakes, islands, etc. From David Burr's rare Universal Atlas.


1841 - Mapa de una parte del Territorio de Colombia en la America Meridional che comprehende las Nuevas provincias de Coro, Carabobo, Trujillo, Barinas, Achaguas, Caracas, Barcelona y Cumana con parte de lasde Marcaybo, Merida, Casanare y Guayana Por Dn. Felipe

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A Landmark Map of Colombia Spectacular large format map of Colombia and Venezuela, credited to Don Felipe Bauza, son of Felipe Bauza y Canas, who served as the Hydrographer on Alessandro Malaspina's expedition to the Pacific (1788-1794), and would go...


1640 - Guiana Sive Amazonum Regio

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El Dorado on Lake Parimus -- The Fabled City of Gold Nice hand-colored example of Blaeu's decorative map of the coast between the Orinoco River and the Amazon, centered on Parime Lacus. The map tracks the Amazon River into the interior and, most...


1656 - Partie de Terre Ferme ou sont Guiane et Caribane. Augmentée et Corrigée suivant les dernières Relations... 1656

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El Dorado Shown on Lake Parime -- Fine Old Color Example Terrific early regional map of the Northeastern part of South America, extending from Trinidad and Margarita Islands in the north to the mouth of the Amazon and Lac Caribes or Parime. The map...


1760 - A Draught of the Coast of Guiana From the River Oronoque To the River Amazones

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English Sea Chart of The Coast of South America, from the Orinoco River to the Amazon River. Early English sea chart of a portion of the northeastern coast of South America, centered on Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. The map includes two inset...