Antique rare maps of Alaska


1760 - America [Manuscript Map Showing the Sea of the West!]

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Decorative manuscript map of America, illustrating the mythical Sea of the West, apparently prepared in Italy. The map includes a marvelously precise hand and wonderful detail, with fine wash colors.


1780 - Carte D'Amerique Dresssee Pour L'Instruction . . .

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Fine example of Buache's map of America, recently updates and improved to remove the sea of the west, based upon the discoveries of Cook and Russian explorers. This map gives extraordinary treatment to the region, although there is curiously no...


1781 - [Atlantis?] Ristretto Delle Carte presentate all' Academia delle Scienze di Parigi negli anni 1737 e 1752 dal Sig di Buache

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The First Americans Came To America via the Lost Continent of Atlantis?—Rare Italian Map from Work on the Origins of Americans Utilizing The Theories of Philippe Buache Very rare, Italian example of Buache’s theoretical geographic ideas on...


1817 - Charte von America nach den neuesten Materialien Lichersten Ortsbestimungen und der neuesten Eintheilung entworfen von . . . 1810

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Fine-Lewis & Clark era map of America, reflecting the geo-political boundaries immediately after the Louisiana Purchase. Mississippi Territory is shown prior to the creation of Alabama. Massive Indiana Territory pre-dates the creation of Michigan...


1772 - Carte des parties Nord et Est de L'Asie qui comprend Les Costes De Russie Asiatique Le Kamschatka, Le Iesso et Les Isles Japon…[insets of Alaska, West, AZ and Conibas]

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Marvelous depiction of the Northeast Passage, from Norway and Spitsberg Island to the Straits of Anian and Cape Schalaginskoy north of Kamschatka, covering the NE Coast of Asia to south of Japan and Korea. The primary focus of the map is Asiatic...


1782 - Hemisphere Occidental Dresse pour l'usage particulier du Roy . . . Revu, Corrige et Augmente des Nouvelles Decouvertes et des Voyages Capitaine Cook, de ce Celebre Navigaterur avec les Routes . . . 1782

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Scarce late state of Guillaume De L'Isle's map of the Western Hemisphere, updated to include the 3 voyages of Captain James Cook. Dezauche also shows the route of the voyages of Abel Tasman (1642), Quiros, Magellan (1520), Le Maire (1616), Mendana...


1816 - Northern Hemisphere Projected On The Plan of The Horizon of London By Geo. Buchanan

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Interesting and highly detailed map of the Northern Hemisphere, published by John Thomson. Includes an unusual orientation such that all of Asia, Europe, Africa and North America are shown. Includes the tracks from Cook's voyages, along with dates...


1775 - A Chart of North and South America, including the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, with the nearest Coasts of Europe, Africa and Asia. (Northern Sheets)

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One of the Most Detailed and Important Map of the Americas made by a Scandalous Geographer This is a nice example of the northernmost sheets of 1775 edition of this important six sheet chart of North and South America, originally compiled by John...


1661 - Carta particolare della parte Orientale del' Isola di Iezo con Il stretto fra America e la detta Isola . . .

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Fascinating map of the southern coast of Japan (Terra Iezo) and the Northwest Coast of America north of Cape Mendocino (including Quivira), from Dudley's Dell'Arcano del Mare. The map shows one of the great cartographic myths of the period, the...


1850 - Map of North America Exhibiting The recent Discoveries, Geographical and Nautical; Drawn Chiefly from the Authorities of M. De. Humboldt, Lieutt. Pike, Messrs. Lewis and Clarke, Sir. Alexandr. MacKenzie, Mr. Hearne, Coll. Bouchette, Captns, Vancouver. . .

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Rare Large Map of North America from a Royal Library Fine example of the circa 1850 (our dating) edition of Wyld's massive map of North America, which includes the extra panel at the bottom, adding Central America, first issued in 1824. John Wyld was...


1794 - Carte de la Partie Interieure de L'Amerique Septentrionale Ou est Demontree la tres grande Probabilite d'une Navigation Interieure Depuis La Baye D'Hudson Jusqu'a la Cote Nord-Ouest.

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Fine map of the northern part of North America, intended to illustrate the probability of a water course from Hudson's Bay to the Northwest Coast, across the interior of North America. The map was prepared to illustrate the report of Meares expedition...


1859 - British North America. By Permission Dedicated to The Honble. Hudsons Bay Company; Containing the latest information which their documents furnish . . .

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Detailed Map of British Possessions in North America—Rare Late Edition! Highly-detailed state of John Arrowsmith’s map of British possessions in North America, published in multiple editions between 1832 and 1859. This is a late edition, from the...


1776 - Nuove Scoperte de' Russi al Nord del Mare del Sud si nell'Asia, che nell'America . . . 1776 . . .

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An Ostrich, An Elephant and the Northwest Passage! Striking example of Zatta's map of the northern Pacific Coastal regions and one of the best illustrations of a late rendition of the Northwest Passage, here illustrating two wide passages from the...


1593 - Quivirae Regnu cum alijs versus Borea

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The Benevento Copy. The Earliest Printed Map of the Northwest Coast of North America Fine old color example of this rare, important map depicting the west coast of North America, derived from Plancius's world map of 1592. De Jode's map is one of the...


1597 - Limes Occidentis Quivira et Anian. 1597 [Pacific Northwest & Northwest Passage]

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The Second Printed Map of the Northwest of North America, including the Northwest Passage. This is a fine example of Wytfliet's map of the Northwest Coast of North America, the second printed map to focus on the region which would become Alaska and...


1836 - [Pacific Whaling] A New Chart of The Pacific Ocean, Exhibiting The Western Coast of America from Cape Horn to Beerings Strait, The Eastern Shores of Asia Including Japan, China . . . according the most Modern Surveys . . . Additions to 1836 (Large Insets

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With Manuscript Tracks Showing the Course of An American Whaler in the Pacific. Fine example of Norie's monumental sea chart of the Pacific Ocean. The chart is noteworthy for the large insets maps of San Francisco, San Diego, Hawaii, Honolulu and...