Los Angeles

Antique rare maps of Los Angeles


1888 - Map of Forster's Addition to San Juan Capistrano. Los Angeles County California. Surveyed Febr. 1888 by Frank Olmstead, C.E.

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Earliest Printed Map To Detail The Mission San Juan Capistrano and Environs Rare plan of the Forster Addition, within the City of San Juan Capistrano, showing the Mission San Juan Capistrano and surrounding neighborhoods. The lands covered are those...


1888 - [Los Angeles] Southern California. Scenes About Los Angeles.

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Rare double page color printed image of important places in the Los Angeles area, which appeared in The WASP magazine. The views include: The Belmont and Grounds, Summer & Winter Resort. Clark & Patrick Proprietors Philadelphia Brewery,...


1888 - [Los Angeles and San Diego] Southern California. Scenes In and About Los Angeles.

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Rare double-page color-printed image of important places in the San Diego and Los Angeles area, which appeared in The WASP magazine. The views include: The Burbank Villa Hotel 10 Miles from Los Angeles New-United States Hotel Los Angeles Cal....


1890 - Chart of Santa Monica Bay California . . . 1890

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Fine 19th Century Sea Chart of Santa Monica Bay Detailed 4 sheet map of Santa Monica Bay, illustrating a report considering the feasibility of locating a deep water harbor in Santa Monica Bay, conducted by the Army Corps of Engineers in 1890. The...


1892 - Official Map of the City of Los Angeles Cal.

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Scarce early Cram map of Los Angeles, one of the earliest obtainable separately issued maps of Los Angeles, most likely from the Atlas of the Pacific Coast. The city is shown at a much earlier stage in its development than Cram's later map of Los...


1894 - Subdivision Map of Anapauma Showing the Fruit Lands of David Hewes Located in Orange County, California

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Fine example of the original subdivision promotional map for Anapauma, California, a short-lived real estate development in Southern California promoted by David Hewes, who is perhaps most famous for having been the creator of the "Golden Spike."...


1899 - Map of Los Angeles

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One of the Earliest Obtainable Separately Issued Maps of Los Angeles This is the rare Cram map of Los Angeles, showing the city roughly from Echo Park to Alameda. Detail is extensive on this street map, with many roads named in this region. To the...


1907 - Dolgeville Storage Yard Connection at East Ladder Scheme No. 2 Los Angeles Cal. Oct. 16-07

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Manuscript plan for a proposed rail yard in Los Angeles, California, composed in 1907. The rail yard was probably located in the Dolgeville Subdivision of Alhambra, California. Dolgeville was named after the Alfred Dolge Manufacturing Company. This...


1908 - Los Angeles Disputed Boundary Between New Shops Grounds and Stern Tract

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Southern Pacific Railroad Survey showing the boundary between the Stern Tract and the Southern Pacific Shop Ground, in Downtown Los Angeles. Includes the lines surveyed in August 1881, July 1899 and March 1891, the apparent basis for the dispute.


1920 - Industrial Map of Los Angeles Harbor and Vicinity

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Detailed vintage map of San Pedro and western Long Beach, including the Port of Los Angeles terminals, published by the Automobile Club of Southern California. The map includes an inset of the area between Downtown Los Angeles and San Pedro, with...


1920 - Map of the City of Los Angeles

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Detailed vintage street map of the City of Los Angeles, prepared by The Clason Map Company for the Security Trust & Savings Bank, and published in Los Angeles in 1921. The primary map covers the City of Los Angeles north of Manchester and the...


1921 - Los Angeles California The City and County

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This is a fantastic pamphlet detailing Los Angeles during the 1920s. The booklet, replete with many photographs and descriptions, painting a marvelous picture of the region as it lay a century ago. This is the thirty-second edition of this work...


1924 - Improved E-Z Guide Map of Los Angeles

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Rare folding map of Los Angeles and Vicinity, with riveted rotating pointer. Interesting promotional map for Security Trust & Savings Bank, with an Index and direction on how to use the map, which shows the locations of the bank's branches,...


1924 - A Map of the Business Section of Los Angeles

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Detailed map of downtown Los Angeles in 1924, featuring building-level detail and an extensive enumeration of businesses in the area. The map is roughly bounded by Figueroa on the west, Wall Street on the east, First Street in the north, and Twelfth...


1926 - [Catalina / Avalon] The Island for Rest and the Sport You Love Best

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Striking pictorial view of Avalon Bay, promoting the Wilmington Transportation Company's excursions to Catalina. The view provides a fine overview of the Avalon Area, including the residence of William Wrigley Jr. on the hillside at the left and the...


1927 - Major Traffic Street Plan Los Angeles California. Compiled For The Committee On Los Angeles Plan of Major Highways. Frederick Law Olmsted . . . 1927

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Early Los Angeles Transit Planning Rare separately issued folding map, showing the general plan for major streets prepared by the Los Angeles Traffic Commission, with one the commissioners including Frederick Law Olmsted, Harland Bartholomew, and...