San Francisco & Bay Area

Antique rare maps of San Francisco & Bay Area


1876 - College of Notre Dame. San Jose, Cal.

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Fine early birdseye View of the original location of Notre Dame de Namur University (originally called the College of Notre Dame), from Thomson & West's Historical atlas map of Santa Clara County, California. Compiled, drawn and published from...


1926 - Pacific Coast From Point Pinos to Bodega Head California . . . 1868

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Scarce separately issued sea chart of San Francisco Bay and Vicinity, extending from Monterey Bay to Bodega Bay, with large revisions up to 1926. First issued in the mid-19th century, this map was regularly updated well into the 20th century.


1928 - [Berkeley] This Is The Map of Berkeley Town Its Streets Go Winding Up & Down An Oak-Covered Camputs It Wears For A Crown With People & Places of Renown

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Rare pictorial map of the area around the campus of the University of California, Berkeley, published in about 1928 by Thomas Brothers and drawn by Virginia Tooker. The map is centered on the Campanile, with California Memorial Stadium at the east,...


1947 - San Francisco Bay World Aeronautical Chart . . . 1947

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Detailed aeronautical map of the area around San Francisco Bay, and the Northwestern part of California. The chart is a font of information about civil and military aviation in postwar Northern California. It was intended for civil aviators flying by...


1798 - [San Francisco Bay] Plan of Port St. Francisco, in California, Point de Reyes in 37°59' of Latitude North & 124°54' Longitude West

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The Earliest Obtainable Map of San Francisco Bay Highly desirable map of San Francisco from the La Perouse's Voyages, the first obtainable map of San Francisco Bay. During his round the world voyage, La Perouse coasted southward along the California...


1852 - View of Proposed Trinity Church - San Francisco - California. . . .

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Rare early view of the proposed design for Trinity Church, as proposed by Architect Frank Gills, drawn by G.W. Burton and lithographed by Michelin in San Francisco. The Trinity Episcopal Church was organized in 1849, and first held services in a...


1854 - San Francisco 1854

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Rare Early Lettersheet View of San Francisco Panoramic view from Pacific Heights of densely populated city and harbor; Telegraph Hill and Russian Hill at left; Yerba Buena Island and bay in distance; artist sketching, onlookers and workers in...


1860 - Map of the State of California Compiled from the most recent surveys and explorations Containing all the latest discoveries and newest towns. By Vincent (with View of San Francisco)

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The Thomas Winthrop Streeter Copy Rare hand-colored engraved map of California with east at the top. The map includes a very nice inset view of San Francisco ("Panorama of San Francisco and Contra Costa") and a further inset of "San Francisco and its...


1861 - Preliminary Chart of Tomales Bay California . . . 1861

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Rare separately pubilshed thick paper example of George Davidson's copy of the US Coast Survey Chart of Tomales Bay, first published in 1861. Tomales Bay's history is quite interesting, having been discovered by the English in the 16th Century,...


1862 - Upper Part of San Francisco Bay California From a Trigonometrical Survey under the Direction of A.D. Bache . . . Triangulation and Topography by R.D. Cutts & A.F. Rogers . . . Hydrography by the parties under the Command of Commander James Laden & Lieut.

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Rare separately issued chart of "Upper San Francisco Bay," published by the United States Coast Survey in 1862. The most northerly point on the map is Pt. Avisadero, just north of Candlestick Point and extending south to San Jose. The chart provides a...


1862 - Map of the City of San Francisco Published by Britton & Rey . . .

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Presentation Copy! -- One of the Earliest Maps of San Francisco published in the City. Finely detailed map of the populated areas of San Francisco, oriented to the west. The map extends west to Divisadero; south to Alta. The present example is...


1862 - City and County of San Francisco. Compiled From Official Surveys, And Sectionized In Accordance With U.S. Surveys, And Sectionized In Accordance With U.S. Surveys . . .1862.

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San Francisco at the Height of The Litigation over Land Ownership Claims Rare early map of the City and County of San Francisco, prepared by San Mateo County Vitus Wackenreuder and printed by Britton & Co in San Francisco. This is one of the...


1862 - San Francisco, 1862. From Russian Hill. Section 3 Looking East.

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Sheet 3 of Gifford's rare 5-sheet (9 foot) panorama of San Francisco, published by A. Rosenfield in San Francisco, in 1862. The present sheet is centered on Telegraph Hill and Yerba Buena or Goat Island, with Oakland and the East Bay in the distance...


1863 - Railroad Map of the City of San Francisco California. Published by A. Gensoul, Bookseller and Stationer . . .

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First state of "one of the rarest maps of the City of San Francisco" and one of the earliest printed in the city. The map shows the city in remarkable detail. Rumsey notes: Norris: "Very scarce railroad map of San Francisco." Streeter purchased the...


1868 - San Francisco. 1849

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Fine Early View of San Francisco on the Eve of the Gold Rush An important San Francisco view, showing the city just a few months before the explosion in population which came with the Gold Rush. As noted by Deak: "A wide-ranging portrait of San...


1870 - Entrance to San Francisco Bay

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Rare map of the San Francisco Bay, published in New York, using Osborne's Process. The empahsis seems to be on the Railroad Wharves in Oakland and Alameda in the East Bay. We have been unable to determine the source of this map and have never...