San Francisco & Bay Area

Antique rare maps of San Francisco & Bay Area


1872 - Map of the City of San Jose Published By Geo. H. Hare Dealer in Books and Stationery San Jose, 1872 (bound with Hare's Guide To San Jose and Vicinity For Tourists and New Settlers . . . )

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One of the Earliest Printed Maps (and Guides) for San Jose Fine early map of San Jose, lithographed in San Francisco by Britton & Rey in 1872. The map provides a fine early look at San Jose, including street names, early buildings, railroad...


1874 - Railroad Map of the City of San Francisco, California, Published by R.M. Edwards, Late D.E. Appleton & Co., Publisher & Bookseller, 508 & 510 Montgomery Street, San Francisco.

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Scarce folding map of San Francisco, with west at the top, printed in black and red, focusing on the city's budding urban rail system. Rumsey (258) dates his example to 1874 on the basis of the "new mint" at 5th and Mission. The first successful San...


1875 - San Francisco - California

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Unrecorded 1875 edition of Frederick Hess's fine steel engraved view of San Francisco, with 22 vignettes of San Francisco buildings. Very rare steel-engraved view of San Francisco with surrounding vignettes of various architectural landmarks of the...


1878 - The City of San Francisco - 1878 Birdseye View From The Bay Looking South-west

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An early reproduction of Currier & Ives famous view of San Francisco, likely printed about 1920.


1882 - Faust's Map & Guide to San Francisco.

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Very good example of Faust's map of the City of San Francisco. Not to be confused with his similar, but more common, map of the City and County of San Francisco, which extended to the Pacific in the west, and shows slightly less detail. The map...


1889 - [Illustrated San Francisco Advertising Map] Map Business Portion San Francisco Showing Location of Hotels, Theaters, Etc. Etc.

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Rare Illustrated San Francisco Advertising Map Rare illustrated 19th Century San Francisco advertising map, which incorporates a map of the San Francisco Business District with finely illustrated advertisements on the front and back of the map. The...


1890 - [Untitled Map of Pittburg, California & Vicinity] Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce Trade Card

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An interesting trade card map, with promotional info for the Pittsburg Chamber of Commerce on the verso. See verso here: /gallery/enlarge/19402a


1892 - Faust's Map of the City and County of San Francisco California . . . 1892

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Nice example of this early edition of Faust's map of San Francisco, one of the most striking maps of the period, surrounded by promotional information for local merchants, etc. Faust's map provides a highly detailed look at San Francisco at the end of...


1895 - Map of the Main Portion of San Francisco

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Detailed map of San Francisco, showing towns, wharfs, rail lines, street car lines, roads, buildings, etc. Includes a key with points of Interest, Streets, etc.


1898 - Crocker's Guide Map of the City of San Francisco, Compiled From The Official Surveys and Engraved Expressly For Crocker-Langley San Francisco Directory 1898

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A Gorgeous Late 19th Century Map of San Francisco with Brewery Advertising Striking map of San Francisco, published by Crocker in 1898. The map provides a highly detailed look at the city, with marvelous contrasting color. The map is surrounded by...


1900 - The Golden Gate from Berkeley Heights

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An Early Color Photographic View of UC Berkeley and the Bay Area. Attractive photochrome view of Berkeley, California, taken by one of the West's greatest photographers, William Henry Jackson. In the immediate foreground, the first buildings of the...


1906 - The Burning of San Francisco April 18, 19, 20, 1906.

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Striking Cityscape of San Francisco on Fire Detailed and dramatic view of San Francisco on fire after an earthquake in 1906. On the wharf, the lithographic print shows steam ships ready to depart the docks. A crowd is gathered nearby, presumably to...


1906 - Map of City and County of San Francisco. H.A. Candrian, Copyright 1906 -- [Promotional Map for California Art Glass Works] [Map of Oakland, Alameda & Berkeley on verso]

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Striking map of San Francisco, published in 1906. The map includes advertising for California Art Glass Works and Hanson Co. Printing. Includes a fine large map of Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda on the verso.


1907 - Election Precincts of 37th Assembly District Part of 21st Senatorial District and Part of 5th Congressional District City and County of San Francisco 1907

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Rare Election Precinct Map for San Francisco, centered on Buena Vista Park. The map is bounded by Stanyan at the west, Fulton at the north, Octavia Street on the east and Frederick and Dubose Avenues in the south. Places shown include: Panhandle...


1911 - View of the Exposition Site As Seen From San Francisco Bay

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With Early Airplanes and Hot Air Balloon and Early Dirigible Rare panoramic view of the proposed site of the Panama Pacific International Exposition, published by The Owl Drug Company. The image provides an interesting Bird's-eye view of site of...


1912 - The Exposition City -- San Francisco

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Important Early 20th Century View of San Francisco -- Antique Map Promoting the Site of the Future Panama Pacific Exposition Rare Birdseye View of San Francisco, "The Exposition City," copyrighted by North American Press Ass'n 1912 Hearst Bldg. S.F.,...