Antique rare maps of Florida


1792 - The Coast of West Florida and Louisiana . . . 1792

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Striking full color example of scarce 1792 edition of Thomas Jefferys' map of the Gulf Coast, from Jeffreys' West India Atlas. Jeffery's map is one of the earliest obtainable large format map to treat the Gulf Coast region with such remarkable detail,...


1793 - A New Map of the West Indies For The History of the British Colonies By Bryan Edwards, Esqr.

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Fine large map of the South Florida and the Caribbean, published shortly after the American Revolution. The map extends from South Florida and the Florida (Gulf) Stream and the Bahamas in the north to the Yucatan, Mosquito Coast, Windward Islands and...


1794 - A New and General Map of the Southern Dominions Belonging to The United States of America, viz North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia: with the bordering Indian Countries, and the Spanish Possessions of Louisiana and Florida . . 1794

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A Fine 18th Century Map of the Southern United States & Florida with Early Plans of Charleston and St. Augustine Laurie & Whittle's edition of this scarce map of the Southern States and Florida, originally compiled by Bernard Romans for the...


1796 - A General Chart of The West India Islands with The Adjacent Coasts of the Spanish Continent . . . 1796

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Rare Separately Issued Faden Map of the Caribbean &c. Detailed large format chart of the West Indies, Florida, Honduras, Nicaragua, Coast Rica, Panama and the Bahamas drawn by Louis Stanislas Delarochette, and published by William Faden in 1796....


1796 - West Indies from the best Authorities.

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Interesting map of the West Indies and Gulf Coast region, showing Florida, the Yucatan, coast of Central America and South America. Fort Louis and Lake St. Joseph are shown along with St. Louis Bay and Bernard's Bay, near modern Galveston. Nice detail...


1798 - Le Isole Antille Delineate sulle ultime Osservazioni . . . 1798

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Antique Map of the Caribbean and South Florida A striking color example of Cassini's scarce map of the Caribbean and south tip of Florida. The map is outlined in attractive reds, greens and yellows, while the cartouche is fully colored and appears to...


1798 - Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the West Indies, Laid Down from the Observations of Celebrated Geographers . . .

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Large detailed map of Florida and the Caribbean, published by Bowles & Carver. The map extends from Florida, the Yucatan and Central America to the Windward and Leeward Islands. Centered on Cuba and the Bahamas. The map references the "Supposed...


1799 - Carta esférica que comprehende las costas del Seno Mexicano construida de orden del Rey en el Depósito Hidrográfico de Marina: Por disposición del Exmo. Señor Don Juan de Lángara, Secretario de Estado y del Despacho Universal de ella. Año de 1799.

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The foundational Spanish sea chart of the Gulf Coast, Florida, Texas, etc. -- One of the six most important maps of Texas (Streeter). This is the first large-scale printed chart of the Texas coast based upon actual soundings and explorations. The map...


1800 - Carte Du Golfe Du Mexique Et Des Isles Antilles

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Scarce antique map of Florida, the Gulf Coast, and the Caribbean from Mentelle & Chanlaire's Atlas Universel…, engraved by Tardieu and drawn by Valet. Includes nice detail throughout the map.


1800 - Carte Des Cotes Du Golfe Du Mexique Compris entre la Pointe Sud de la Presqu'Ile de la Floride et la Pointe Nord de la Presqu'Ile d'Yucatan . . . An IX.

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The First Modern French Sea Chart of the Gulf of Mexico Important early chart of the Gulf Coast and Florida, issued in the 9th Year of the French Revolution (An. IX.) The map was issued one year after the Spanish Carta Esferica and draws extensively...


1801 - Carte de la Partie Occidentale des Iles Antilles comprenant St. Domingue, la Jamaique, Cuba et les Iles et Bancs de Bahama avec les Debouquemens de toutes ces Iles . . . 1801

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Detailed sea chart of South Florida, the Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Cayman Islands, Puerto Rico, Santa Domingo and the part of the Yucatan Peninsula, published by the Depot De La Marine 1801. The chart is one of the most detailed maps of the region and...


1803 - Vue de la colonie espagnole du Mississipi, ou des provinces de Louisiane et Floride occidentale, en l'année 1802, par un observateur résidant sur les lieux

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First Edition. Contemporary hand-color. First edition (1803) of this detailed work on Louisiana just before its acquisition by the United States in the Louisiana Purchase. The book was authored Pierre-Louis Berquin Duvallon, who was procureur du roi...


1803 - Chart of the West Indies And Spanish Dominions in North America. By A. Arrowsmith. 1803.

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A Seminal Map of Florida, The Caribbean and Texas! First edition of Arrowsmith's map of Mexico & the West Indies, and the only edition to extend to the Pacific, thereby showing modern Texas and parts of New Mexico and Arizona. The map is...


1806 - A New Map of Part of the United States of North America Containing The Carolinas And Georgia. Also The Floridas And Part Of The Bahama Islands &c. . . . 1806

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Fine example of the first edition of Cary's map of the Southern United States and Bahama Islands, extending the East Coast to the Mississippi River and from Tennessee and the Carolinas to Florida, the Bahamas and the Gulf Coast. A massive Georgia...


1807 - Nueva Carta Del Canal De Bahama que comprehende tambien Los Providencia y Santaren con los bajos, islas y donsas al Este y al Oeste De La Peninsula De La Florida . . . 1805. Corregida en 1807

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A Landmark Spanish Chart of Florida and the Bahamas Important early 19th Century Sea chart of Florida and the Bahamas, one of the earliest Spanish Sea Charts to focus on the coast of Florida and the Bahamas. The map offered here is identified as...


1807 - Carte Generale du Golfe du Mexique et de L'Archipel des Antilles . . . 1807

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Detailed French Sea Chart of the Caribbean Fine and intricately-drawn French sea chart of the Spanish Main and the Caribbean, published in Paris in 1807. Drawn for the benefit of French vessels, as the cartouche in the upper right explains, the chart...