Antique rare maps of Florida


1809 - [Florida] Boca y Barra Del Rio Sn. Juan..

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Rare early chart of the lower San Juan (St. Johns) River, Florida, published in the Portulano de la America Septentrional, under the auspices of the Direccion De Hidrografia in Madrid, in 1809. The Portulano de la America Septentrional The...


1809 - Boca y Barra Del Rio Sta. Maria [Florida]

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Rare plan of the Mouth of the St Mary's River. Includes soundings, Ft. Arriando, Sta. Maria, Tiger, Cumberland and Amelia Islands, and a number of other geographical points and topographical details. Issued in the rare Portulano de la America...


1809 - Boca y Barra Del Rio Nasau

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Rare Spanish Chart of the Mouth of the Nassau River and Part of Amelia Island and Talbot Island. Fine example of the first detailed chart of the Nassau Sound and the surrounding islands. Includes soundings, Point del Tenedero, Talbot and Amelia...


1810 - Chart of the West Indies And Spanish Dominions in North America. By A. Arrowsmith. 1803 . . . Additions to 1810

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The Best Early 19th-Century Map of Central America and the Caribbean. Large hand-colored engraved antique map of Florida, the Gulf Coast, West Indies, and Central America, published by Aaron Arrowsmith in London in 1810. The map contains a detailed...


1822 - Geographical, Statistical, and Historical Map of Florida.

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One of the Earliest Maps of Florida Territory An important early map of the Territory of Florida, published by Carey & Lea. This interesting map, issued in 1822, shows Florida only 3 years after it was acquired by the United States from Spain....


1823 - Cuba (with Florida Keys and Bahamas)

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Detailed early American map of Cuba, the Bahamas and Florida Keys, published in Baltimore by Fielding Lucas Jr. The map includes topographical details, roads, and a host of other details. Fielding Lucas's New & Elegant General Atlas included a...


1825 - Carte Geographique, Statistique Et Historique De La Floride

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The Earliest Map of Florida Territory Published in France Very early territorial map of Florida, from the French edition of Carey & Lea's Atlas. Divided into East & West Florida. St. John River still shown in early mythical fashion. Shows...


1830 - West India Islands And Adjacent Coasts of the United Staets, Mexico, Guatimala & Colombia

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Scarce early edition of Lizars map of the Caribbean and contiguous coasts of Florida, the Gulf Coast, Central and South America, with a large inset of Jamaica. East and West Florida still appear, but both Missisippi and Alabama Territories are...


1834 - The Bahama Banks and Gulf of Florida By Edmund Blunt Hydrographer . . 1833. Additions to 1834.

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Rare early state of Blunt's sea chart of Florida and the Bahamas, first published in 1833. Nice coverage of the Bahama Islands. Has a small inset chart of Key West and twelve small recognition views of coastal approaches. The Coastline of Florida is...


1836 - A Map of Part of Alabama & Florida shewing the route of the proposed Columbus & Pensacola Rail Road.

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Detailed map of Alabama and western Florida, showing the route of the proposed Columbus & Pensacola Railroad, which accompanied the report of Major J.D. Graham, February 6, 1836. An early and important railroad map of parts of southern Alabama and...


1842 - West Indies

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Arrowsmith's London Atlas Map of the Florida, the West Indies & Central America Nice example of this fine map of Florida, the Caribbean and Central America, published in Arrowsmith's London Atlas. In Florida, the map notes the "Cape Florida...


1843 - Carte du Golfe du Mexique Dressee par Mr. Keller, Ingenieur Hydrographe, d'apres les travaux les plus recents. . . . 1843

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A Well Used Sea Chart of Florida, Gulf Coast and the Caribbean French Sea Chart of Florida, the Gulf Coast, Mexico, Yucatan, the Bahamas, Cuba and the western Caribbean, published in Paris in 1843. The chart was used as sea, with what appears to be a...


1845 - Florida. Nach den besten Quellen bearbeitent 1845

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Scarce early map of Florida, published in the year was admitted to the Union. Shows early roads, towns, rivers, lakes, islands and other features. Mosquito County extends from Lake George to Lake Macaco and only Monroe, Hillsboro and Dade Counties are...


1853 - A Plat Exhibiting The State of the Surveys in the State of Florida . . . 1853

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Fine example of this large format map of Florida, showing the extent of the surveys in the state of Florida. Shows extensive detail throughout Florida, including towns, forts, lakes, rivers, the Arredondo Grant, swamps, lighthouses, landings, etc....


1855 - Florida

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Detailed map of Florida, colored by counties. Shows railroads, roads, towns, rivers, swamps, lakes, islands, forts, etc. Large inset Plan of the Keys. South Florida consists of Brevard, Manatee, Monroe and Dade Counties only. An excellent pre-Civil War...


1862 - Johnson's Florida

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Fine early map of Florida, hand colored by county, with a large inset of the Florida Keys. Shows towns, railroads, villages, post offices, forts, swamps, Only 5 counties shown in the southern part of Florida, including Dade, Monroe, Brevard, Manatee...