Antique rare maps of Delaware


1822 - Geographical, Historical and Statistical Map of Delaware

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Rich full color example of this early map of Delaware, from the first edition of Carey & Lea's Atlas. Size includes text surrounding map, which includes wonderful contemporary details concerning the topography, indigenous lands, rivers, climate,...


1848 - Map of Delaware Bay and River

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Fine example of this extremely scarce separately issued engraved nautical chart on 3 sheets, covering Delaware Harbor and Bay from the mouth of the harbor to Trenton. While the map appears occasionally on the market bound into an early coast survey...


1852 - A Chart of the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays. Compiled and Published By Fielding Lucas Junr.

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The Most Important Sea Chart of the Chesapeake Published In the 19th Century Scarce and highly desirable chart of the Chesapeake and Delaware Rivers by Fielding Lucas. One of the most decorative and sought after 19th Century charts of the Chesapeake,...


1844 - Maryland and Delaware [with Inset of the District of Columbia]

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Marvelous and highly detailed map, from Morse's important Atlas of North America, the first cerographic atlas. Shows towns, roads, rivers, etc. Includes a plan of Washington, Georgetown, etc. Morse & Breese's North American Atlas was a landmark in...


1861 - Kriegsschauplatz von Nord-America. Theil von Maryland, Distr. Columbia und Theil von Virginien. . . .

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Rare Birdseye View of the Theater of War in the Chesapeake Region Extremely rare birdseye view of the Chesapeake region, centered on Washington DC and the Potomac. The view is very reminiscent of John Bachmann's views of the same region and were...


1862 - Map of Eastern Virginia Compiled from the best authorities and printed at the Coast Survey Office, A.D. Bache, Supdt. 1862

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Fine example of Alexander Bache's map of the Eastern Virginia, published by Philip & Solomons of Washington, D.C. Detailed map of Eastern Virginia and Delaware, engraved by Charles Krebs and compiled by W.L. Nicholson, under the direction of A.D....


1864 - Johnson's Delaware and Maryland [Inset map of Washington DC]

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Detailed map of Maryland and Delaware, hand colored by counties. Includes vignettes of the Post Office, Treasury Building, Patent Office, Harpers Ferry and the Capitol. The map shows towns, railroads, roads, post offices, rivers and a host of other...


1864 - Panorama of the Seat of the War Birds Eye View of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia

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Bachman's Panorama of the Chesapeake Region Striking combination map and view of the northernmost part of the east coast of the Confederacy, and the southernmost areas of the Union, including Washington: this third issue, printed after the smoke that...


1932 - A Descriptive Map of the Region Within One Hundred Miles of the Capital of the United States Portraying the Principal Events and Places of Major Interest in the Nation's Political, Cultural and Religious History Commemorating the Two Hundredth Anniversary

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Beautiful color-printed vintage pictorial map of "the region within one hundred miles of the capital of the United States", showing Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Delaware. The title cartouche illustrates Washington Cathedral, the publisher of the...


1757 - Carte De La Baye Chesapeack et pays Voisins . . .

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An excellent map of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and part of New Jersey. Extends west to the Applachians and shows towns, roads, mountains, rivers, islands, capes, ports and other nice details. A nice French & Indian War map of the Southern...


1834 - (First Artificial Breakwater in the United States) Plan Hydrographique de la partie de la Baie de la Delaware qui avoisine le Breakwater ou Port artificiel que l'on y a construit...

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Building the First Breakwater and Artificial Port of Its Kind in America. Rare engraved map by Guillaume-Tell Poussin, related to the construction of the Delaware Breakwater in the Delaware Bay in the 1820s. The sheet features a map of the mouth of...


1671 - Nova Virginiae Tabula

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Nice example of Ogilby's edition of Smith's map of the Virginia & Chesapeake region. The map is based upon the earlier maps by Hondius and Blaeu, a bit smaller, but with 3 large cartouches, one of which includes fascinating indigenous animals,...


1671 - (First Map of Maryland) Nova Terrae Mariae Tabula

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Second Edition of the First Map of the Province of Maryland -- Prepared To Promote The Newly Created Province Fine example of John Ogilby's rare Lord Baltimore Map, the second edition of the first printed map of Maryland and the first to show the...


1720 - Virginia Marylandia et Carolina In America Septentrionali Britannorum industria exculta repraesentate

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A nice example of JB Homann's map of Virginia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina and South Carolina. Cartouche shows the splendor of the new world and the riches it provides. One of the most decorative maps of the area, intended to promote German...


1747 - A New and Accurate Map of Virginia & Maryland Laid Down from Surveys and Regulated by Astron'l Observatns. . . .

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Scarce map of the Chesapeake region, based upon Augustine Hermann's map of 1673 and Henry Popple's map of 1733. The map includes a number of interesting annotations and place names, including Indian House and Plantations, English Plantations, Black...


1835 - Virginia, Maryland and Delaware

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Scarce full original color map of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware from Bradford's Comprehensive Atlas. Shows counties, towns, rivers, and other details. Bradford's Comprehensive Atlas was one of the most successful commercial atlases of the 1830s, at...