New Jersey

Antique rare maps of New Jersey


1823 - Geographical, Historical and Statistical Map of New Jersey

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Fine old color map of this early map of New Jersey, from the first edition of Carey & Lea's Atlas. Size includes text surrounding map, which includes wonderful contemporary details concerning the topography, indigenous lands, rivers, climate,...


1823 - New Jersey

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Nice example of Fielding Lucas' rare map of New Jersey, hand colored by counties. Shows towns, roads, rivers, lakes, islands, etc. One of the rarest atlas maps of the early 19th Century and one of the first finely engraved American printed maps of New...


1825 - Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique Du New-Jersey

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First Map of New Jersey Printed in France One of the earliest obtainable maps of the State of New Jersey published outside of the United States. The map appeared in Buchon's edition of Carey & Lea's Atlas, which was highly prized not only for its...


1826 - New Jersey

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Striking map of the state of New Jersey, from Finley's New General Atlas. The map is hand colored by counties and showing towns, roads, rivers, mountains and other geographical features.


1834 - (First Artificial Breakwater in the United States) Plan Hydrographique de la partie de la Baie de la Delaware qui avoisine le Breakwater ou Port artificiel que l'on y a construit...

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Building the First Breakwater and Artificial Port of Its Kind in America. Rare engraved map by Guillaume-Tell Poussin, related to the construction of the Delaware Breakwater in the Delaware Bay in the 1820s. The sheet features a map of the mouth of...


1834 - New Jersey Reduced From T. Gordon's Map. By H.S. Tanner.

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A detailed and attractive map of New Jersey, hand-colored by county, showing roads, canals, towns, steamship routes and other interesting details. Includes railroads and proposed railroads and a number of tables of distances, stage routes, canal...


1835 - Pennsylvania and New Jersey

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Early map of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, from an early edition of Bradford's Comprehensive Atlas. The map is colored by counties and shows towns, rivers, lakes, bays, harbors, islands and other important places. Bradford's Comprehensive Atlas...


1836 - Map of the City of Trenton and its Vicinity by T. Gordon.

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A Trenton Rarity One of the earliest printed maps of Trenton, New Jersey, by one its most important early mapmakers. The map was lithographed by "J.F. & C.A. Watson, Lithrs. No. 62 Walnut Street Philadelphia." The map credits "T Gordon." This...


1845 - New Jersey

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Marvelous and highly detailed map of New Jersey. Shows towns, roads, rivers, townships, etc. Morse & Breese's North American Atlas was a landmark in American Cartography, being the first atlas to employ the cerographic printing process, which...


1846 - Neueste Karte von New Jersey . . . 1846

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An elegantly engraved and highly detailed map of New Jersey, based upon Tanner's work in the early 1840s. Shows counties, towns, roads, canals, lakes, etc.


1860 - Colton's New Jersey

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Attractive map of the state, hand colored by counties. Shows towns, rivers, railroads, train stations, islands, some townships, and other fine details. A wide margined example in vivid color. This is the rare 1859 edition which bears Johnson &...


1872 - Topographical Map of Middlesex Co. New Jesey.

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Detailed map of Middlesex County, hand colored by townships.


1872 - Topographical Map of Cumberland Co. New Jersey

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Detailed map of Cumberland County, from Beers Atlas of New Jersey.


1880 - Works of the Singer Manufacturing Company (Works at Elizabeth New Jersey)

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Striking view of the Singer Manufacturing works at Elizabeth, New Jersey. Includes smaller views showing Singer's Silk Mills in Newark, N.J. and its works in Glasgow, Scotland and South Bend, Indiana.


1889 - [Englewood, New Jersey] Commissoner's Sale of Real Estate! By virtue of an order of the Bergen County Orphan's Court . . . Saturday, April 20, 1889 . . . Englewood, N. J . . . Estate of J. L. Cooper . . .

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Early land sale broadside, promoting the sale of Land in Englewood, New Jersey in 1889. The property is located at the intersection of James Street and Palisade Avenue, close to the current location of the Bergen Performing Arts Center.


1913 - Princeton University

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Marvelous early birdseye view of Princeton University. At the turn of the century, Littig & Company commissioned a number of artists, including the accomplished artist Richard Rummell (1848-1924), to create watercolors of some of the nations most...