Antique rare maps of Mid-Atlantic


1814 - Northern Provinces of the United States

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Interesting map of the Northeastern part of the United States, bounded by New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, etc. Indiana appears in northern Virginia. Connecticut reserve appears on the Cuyahoga River. The...


1815 - United States of America, Northern Part

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Fine large format map of the Northeast, at the end of the War of 1812, published by Pinkerton. Large detailed map of the Northeastern United States, from the District of Main to Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and Delaware, including most of the Upper...


1816 - Northern Section of the United States including Canada &c. by John Melish 1816

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Rare map of the Northeastern United States, which first appeared in John Melish's Traveller's Directory… published in Philadelphia. This Northern Sheet, previously titled Map of the Seat of War…extends from the Great Lakes to Nova Scotia, New...


1830 - [Right sheet only of: A New Chart of America Florida to New York with the Principal Harbours on a Large Scale, Drawn from the latest Authorities, by Robt Blachford. 1807.]

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A rare antique sea chart, probably constituting the northernmost sheet of Blachford's chart of the East Coast, but likely a Norie reissue of about 20 years later. The map features insets of Delaware Bay ("Plan of Delaware Bay and River, By Joshua...


1861 - Carte De La Cote Des Etats-Unis Comprise entre la Nouvelle-Ecosse et la Floride . . . par Robiquet Hydrographe . . . 1861

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Rare separately published French chart of the region from Nova Scotia to Florida, with large inset maps of Florida, New York Harbor, Charleston and the Delaware Bay. The map was apparently used either for contemporary navigation or a survey off the...


1876 - Map of the South Mountain and Boston Railroad & Connection Showing Territory Passed Through Rail-Roads and Canals Crossed or Connected…

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Decorative map of the Route of the South Mountain & Boston Railroad, from Harrisburg/Rockville to Boston, with a large decorative title vignette and a vignette showing a the Bridge where the railroad crosses the Hudson River. A relatively rare map...


1756 - A Map of the Eastern part of the Province of New York, with part of New Jersey - &c. -- Drawn from the best Authorities . . .

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French & Indian War Map of New York and New Jersey Detailed map of the Theater of the French and Indian War in 1755. The region depicted includes the Hudson River valley, north to Lake Champlain, including Forts Ticonderoga and Frederick. Also...


1730 - A Chart of the Sea Coast of New Found Land, New Scotland, New York New Jersey with Virginia and Maryland-- Sold By George Grierson at the two Bibles in Essex Street Dublin

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A "Pirated Dublin" Sea Chart of the Northeast Coastlin of North America. A rare chart of the coastline adapted from the work of Cyprian Southack and Mount & Page and published in a Dublin edition of the English Pilot. The Fourth Book. The chart...


1777 - Thomas Pownall Esqr. Member of Parliament, Late Governor Captain General and Commander in Chief; and Vice Admiral of His Majesty's Provinces Massachusetts Bay & South Carolina; & Lieut Governor of New Jersey . . . 1777

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Rare mezzotint portrait of Thomas Pownall, one of the most important figures in the later Colonial history of the British Colonies in North America. Mezzotint portrait engraved by Richard Earlom after a painting by Francis Cotes. Thomas Pownall was...


1776 - A Map of the Province of New-York, Reduc'd from the large Drawing of that Province, Compiled from actual Surveys by Order of His Excellency William Tryon Esqr. Captain General & Governor of the Same, By Claude Joseph Sauthier; to which is added New-Jersey

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Important early Revolutionary War map, published by William Faden shortly after the signing on the Declaration of Independence. This remarkable map is a combination of two of the most important colonial surveys conducted on the eve of the Revolution,...


1813 - Map of Upper Canada, describing all the New Settlements, Townships, &c. with the Counties Adjacent, from Quebec to Lake Huron. Compiled at the Request of His Excellency Major General John G. Simcoe, First Lieutenant Governor. By David William Smyth Esq

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An Early Upper Canada Rarity - Sent To Thomas Jefferson During the War of 1812 Extremely rare separately published map of Upper Canada, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and contiguous parts of New York, Michigan, Vermont and Pennsylvania, published...


1776 - Map of the Progress of his Majesty's Armies in New York, During the late Campaign Illustrating the Accounts Published in the London Gazette.

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Revolutionary War Battle Map for New York City &c. Detailed early Revolutionary War battle plan of the area around New York City, depicting the battles of Long Island and White Plains in 1776. The map shows battle details of General George...


1777 - [A chart of New York Island & North River: East River, showing passage through Hell Gate, and the North Shore of Long Island: Flushing Bay, Hampstead Bay, Oyster and Huntington Bay, Cow Harbor]

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Des Barres's rare general chart of New York and Long Island Sound. Large hand-colored engraved chart of New York City and the water route from New York Harbor to the middle of Long Island Sound, by way of the East River. Des Barres's map was the...


1779 - A Chart of New York Harbour with the Soundings Views of Land Marks and Nautical directions for the Use of Pilotage. Composed from Surveys and Observations of Lieutenants Johyn Knight, John Huntar of the Navy & Others . . . 1779 (with Sailing Directions S

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Des Barres's Map of New York Harbor. The Definitive Revolutionary War Era Chart of the Harbor. Highly important Revolutionary War Era chart of New York Harbor, published in the most important collection of nautical charts of the age: Des Barres's...


1802 - New York From Hobuck Ferry House New Jersey (Rare View of New York City)

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Fine early view of New York City from the Hoboken Ferry in New Jersey, and engraved by Francis Jukes in London. Originally issued as one of a set of four, the views being New York from Hobuck Ferry, Mount Vernon, Passaic Falls, and Hudson River near...


1880 - Map of Mountain Park Observatory Grounds in the Township of West Hoboken, N.J. The Property of John Winkler.

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A Gilded Age Design for an Observatory Overlooking Manhattan. Unrecorded color-lithographed architectural plan for the grounds surrounding the Hoboken observatory overlooking Manhattan. The observatory in Hoboken echoed the Latting Observatory on a...