Antique rare maps of Mid-Atlantic


1779 - A Chart of Delaware Bay and River from the Original By Mr. Fisher of Philadelphia 1776.

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Detailed Revolutionary War era map of the Delaware River. The map extends from Philadelphia and Glocester to Chinlopen and Costen's Inlet, including Cape Map and Cape James. Also names many early Creeks, Rivers, Islands, etc., including, Rehoboth...


1779 - To the American Philosophical Society this Map of the Peninsula between Delaware & Chesopeak Bays with the said Bays and Shores adjacent drawn from the most Accurate Surveys is inscribed by John Churchman

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A Legendary American Rarity: The First State of the Churchman Map of the Chesapeake, One of the Only Maps Published in America During the Revolution. Rare, separately-issued American map of the Delmarva Peninsula, Chesapeake Bay, and Delaware Bay,...


1784 - Sketch of the Surprise of German Town. by the American Forces commanded by General Washington. October 4th 1777 by J. Hills, Lt. 23d. Regt. & Asst.Engr.

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The Very Rare and Authoritative Revolutionary War Plan of the Battle of Germantown The present map showcases the Battle of Germantown, Pennsylvania, an especially dramatic action of the Revolutionary War that occurred on October 4th, 1777, during the...


1786 - Observations sur la Virginie [with the map:] A Map of the country between Albermarle Sound, and Lake Erie, comprehending the whole of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pensylvania, with parts of several other of the United States of America. Engraved for

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First Published Edition of Jefferson's Notes on Virginia, with the Only Map Attributed to Thomas Jefferson. Engraved folding map, folding table. [4], viii, 190, [6], 197-387, 288-290, [5, errata] pages of French text (i.e., complete). 8vo, 8 x 4.75...


1787 - Carte Reduite Du Sud Des Etats-Unis Avec I'Interieur du Pays, Pour Servir a I'Intelligence de cette Histiore . . .Sur le No. 2er. du Neptune-Americo-Sepentrional

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Scarce Revolutionary War period of the Southeastern United States, from Le Boucher's Histoire de la Derniere Guerre, entre La Grande-Bretagne, et les Etas-Unis de l'Amerique, published in Paris in 1787. The map provides a nice treatment of the region...


1787 - Carte Generale des Etats de Virginie, Maryland, Delaware, Pensilvanie, Nouveau-Jersey, New York, Connecticut . . . De Louis Evans et la Carte Anglaise De Thomas - Jefferys

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Nice example of the French edition of the scarce Lewis Evans' map of the Middle British Colonies, one of the most important maps of the British Colonies published in the 18th Century. Evans' map provides a dramatic update in the region covered, based...


1787 - Notes on the State of Virginia [with the map:] A Map of the country between Albemarle Sound, and Lake Erie, comprehending the whole of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pensylvania, with parts of several other of the United States of America. Engraved for

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Engraved folding map, folding table. Title, advertisement and contents leaf, 382 pages of English text (i.e., complete). 8vo, 8 x 4.75 inches, contemporary calf, rebacked to style. First English Edition of Jefferson's Notes on Virginia, with the Only...


1787 - A Map of the country between Albemarle Sound, and Lake Erie, comprehending the whole of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and Pensylvania . . .

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Thomas Jefferson's Map of Virginia Thomas Jefferson's rare and important map of the Mid Atlantic region, engraved from a manuscript draft drawn by Jefferson in 1786, while serving as a United States Minister in Paris. The map was prepared to...


1793 - Carte De La Virginie Et Du Maryland Dressee sur la grande carte Angloise de Mrs. Josue Fry et Pierre Jefferson . . .

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Nice example of the single sheet version of the seminal Fry-Jefferson map of Virginia and Maryland, engraved by Elisabeth Haussard and published in Paris by Robert De Vaugondy for the Atlas Universel. A well executed reduction of Joshua Fry and Peter...


1794 - A Map of the Middle States of America, Drawn from the latest and best Authorities . . .

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Rare map of Western Territory and the Mid-Atlantic regions of the United States in the last decade of the 18th Century. The map extends to the Illinois & Wabash Rivers, Lake Michigan and the confluence of the Ohio and Cumberland Rivers in western...


1794 - A Map of the most Inhabited part of Virginia containing the whole Province of Maryland . . . Drawn by Joshua Fry & Peter Jefferson in 1775 [Extremely Rare Final State]

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The Rarest Fry-Jefferson -- Recorded by Malone in only 2 surviving examples. Extremely rare example of the final state of the Fry & Jefferson's map of Virginia and Maryland, widely regarded as the most important and influential 18th century map...


1794 - A New and Accurate Chart of the Bay of Chesapeak Including Delaware Bay With all the Shoals, Channels, Islands, Entrances, Soundings, & Sailing marks as far as the Navigable Part of The Rivers Patomack Patapsco & N. East. . . .

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The First Large Format Sea Chart of the Chesapeake Published in America Fine large chart of the coastline from New Jersey south to Cape Henry, Virginia, published by William Norman in Boston. The chart includes a detailed treatment of the Chesapeake...


1799 - Carte Reduite des Cotes Orientales De L'Amerique Septentrionale Contentant Partie du Nouveau Jersey, la Pen-sylvanie, le Mary-land, la Virginie, la Caroline Septentrionale, la Caroline Meridionale et la Georgie . . . 1799

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Rare Italian edition of Sartine's map of the Atlantic Coast, from the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays to the mouth of the St. John River. This edition has been completely re-engraved, with some modest changes, although the precision of the copy is quite...


1819 - [Midwest & Northeastern States]

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Detailed map extending from the Mississippi and the Great Lakes to the Chesapeake and Lake Champlain. The map appeared in Darby's A Tour from the City of New-York, to Detroit, in the Michigan Territory, made between the 2d of May and the 22d of...


1822 - Geographical, Historical and Statistical Map of Delaware

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Rich full color example of this early map of Delaware, from the first edition of Carey & Lea's Atlas. Size includes text surrounding map, which includes wonderful contemporary details concerning the topography, indigenous lands, rivers, climate,...


1823 - Delaware

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Rare map of Delaware, hand colored by counties and naming the various Hundreds. Shows towns, roads, political boundaries, and other features. Interesting depiction of shoals, flats and beds in the Delaware Bay. Striking example of Fielding Lucas'...