Antique rare maps of Pennsylvania


1767 - James Hunter his Book of Draughts of his Lands Surveyed Part Pattented & the Remainder on Warranty Orders -- 1767.

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The Real Estate Journal of An Important Philadelphia Colonial Merchant Fascinating small archive, consisting of: James Hunter's Book of Land Draughts (1767 to 1789), consisting of approximately 60 written entries, most of which are finely executed...


1757 - Carte De La Nouvelle Angleterre Nouvelle Yorck et Pensilvanie . . .

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Fine example of Bellin's map of New England and the Northeast Region. An excellent early map of the region bounded by New England, Lake Ontario and the northern Chesapeake River, centered on New York and Connecticut from Bellin's Histoire Generale des...


1876 - Map of the South Mountain and Boston Railroad & Connection Showing Territory Passed Through Rail-Roads and Canals Crossed or Connected…

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Decorative map of the Route of the South Mountain & Boston Railroad, from Harrisburg/Rockville to Boston, with a large decorative title vignette and a vignette showing a the Bridge where the railroad crosses the Hudson River. A relatively rare map...


1756 - A Map of the Eastern part of the Province of New York, with part of New Jersey - &c. -- Drawn from the best Authorities . . .

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French & Indian War Map of New York and New Jersey Detailed map of the Theater of the French and Indian War in 1755. The region depicted includes the Hudson River valley, north to Lake Champlain, including Forts Ticonderoga and Frederick. Also...


1813 - Map of Upper Canada, describing all the New Settlements, Townships, &c. with the Counties Adjacent, from Quebec to Lake Huron. Compiled at the Request of His Excellency Major General John G. Simcoe, First Lieutenant Governor. By David William Smyth Esq

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An Early Upper Canada Rarity - Sent To Thomas Jefferson During the War of 1812 Extremely rare separately published map of Upper Canada, Lake Huron, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and contiguous parts of New York, Michigan, Vermont and Pennsylvania, published...


1750 - [Rare Early State!] Pensylvania Nova Iersey et Nova York cum Regionibus Ad Fluvium Delaware In America Sitis, Nova Delinatione ob oculos posita . . .

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Rare Early State of Seutter's Map of New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania Rare early state of Seutter's map of the Middle British Colonies, based upon Lewis Evans' extremely rare map of 1749. The present example differs by the spelling of...


1756 - Pensylvania Nova Jersey et Nova York cum Regionibus Ad Fluvium Delaware In America Sitis, Nova Delinatione ob oculos posita . . .

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Fascinating Colonial Map of New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania Nice example of T.C. Lotter edition of Seutter's map of the Middle British Colonies, based upon Lewis Evans' extremely rare map of 1749. Seutter's map is a notable...


1779 - A Map of part of the States of New York, New Jersey, & Pennsylvania. for the use Honble. Major Genl. Greene. from the Original of Rt. Erskine F.R.S. by Jno. Eskine May 28th 1779.

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One of a Few Surviving Manuscript Maps Made For The Continental Army To Remain in Private Hands Large manuscript map of northern New Jersey and southern New York (including New York City), “the cockpit of the American Revolution”, drawn by John...


1803 - A Map shewing the relative situation of a tract of Land belonging to I.B. Church Esqr. / . This Tract of Land contains 100,000 Acres, and is situated on the Geneseo River; 22 Miles South of Williamsburgh, 100 East of Presque-Isle, 8 North of the Pennsyl

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Rare early 19th Century map relating to the early settlement of western New York. This undeveloped 100,000-acre tract on the Genesee River in western New York had been used to repay a debt to John Barker Church from financier Robert Morris. Church was...


1823 - A Map Shewing the extent of the Susquehanna Country and its Practicable Canal Routes as designated by the Susquehanna Commissioners (with Report By The Maryland Commissioners on A Proposed Canal From Baltimore To Conewago)

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Fine large folding map, illustrating the work of the Commissioners appointed in December 1822 to survey the route of a Canal which would connect the Susquehanna River with the City of Baltimore. Published by Fielding Lucas Jr. in Baltimore, this rare...


1852 - Map of the Buffalo, Brantford & Goderich Railway, West Canada, with its connections / Map of Lake Huron, Superior & Michigan

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Interesting map of the Buffalo, Brantford and Goderich Railway, likely published either in its earliest incarnations in 1852 or at the time of its reorganization in 1856. The Buffalo, Brantford & Goderich Railway operated between 1852 and 1856,...


1929 - Sectional Map Indicating Main Automobile Roads Between Canada & United States (Great Lakes Sheet)

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Detailed road map of the Great Lakes Region, constructed by Canada's Department of the Interior. Includes Provincial Routes, Federal Routes and State Routes.


1750 - Speciel Land Charte von Pensilvanien, Neu Jersey, Neu York und von denen drey Land-schafften an dem Delaware Fl. In America in Englischer Spr. gedruckt A. 1749 In Europa duffgelegt in Teutsch Spr. zu Francfurt am M. A. 1750.

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Extremely Rare German Edition of Lewis Evans' Landmark 1749 Map Fine example of the German edition of Lewis Evans' important map, A map of Pensilvania, New-Jersey, New-York, and the three Delaware Counties, published on March 25, 1749 in...


1757 - A Map of Maryland with the Delaware Counties and the Southern Part of New Jersey &c.

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Detailed map of Maryland, Delaware, the Chesapeake Bay and parts of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Engraved by Thomas Kitchin. The map shows towns, counties, roads, rivers, bays, and a host of other details. The map accompanied the August 1757 edition...


1776 - A Chart of Delaware Bay and River, Containing a full & exact description of the Shores, Creeks, Harbours, Soundings, Shoals, Sands and Bearings of the most considerable Land Marks, from the Capes to Philadelphia. Taken from the Original Chart Published a

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Fine example of William Faden's important early chart of the Delaware River, prepared on the eve of the American Revolutionary War. Fadens chart is the earliest obtainable derivative of Joshua Fisher's virtually unobtainable map, which has been...


1778 - [Revolutionary War Battle Plan] The Course of Delaware River from Philadelphia to Chester, Exhibiting the several Works erected by the Rebels to defend its Passage, with the Attacks made upon them by is Majesty's Land & Sea Forces . . . 1778

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Revolutionary War Battle Plan -- Fine Original Outline Color First state (of three) of Faden's battle map of the Delaware River, between Philadelphia and Chester. Faden's map depicts the Theater of War on the Delaware River, just below Philadelphia,...