Washington, D.C.

Antique rare maps of Washington, D.C.


1880 - The White House -- Ciampa & Sons Rodi (Italy)

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Rare advertising chromolithographic print of the White House, promoting the F.S. Chiampa & Sons of Rodi, Italy, one of a series of promotional prints published to promote the company's shipping services to America. The image provides a fine image...


1792 - Plan of the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia. ceded by the States of Virginia and Maryland to the United States of America and by them established as the Seat of Government after the year MDCCC.

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Near flawless example of the souvenir edition Hill's Plan of Washington, printed in red on linen. Hill's Plan of Washington is the earliest official map of the City of Washington, pre-dated only by the pirated miniature magazine edition of the Hill...


1796 - Plan of the City of Washington in the Territory of Columbia, Ceded by the States of Virginia and Maryland to the United States of America, and by them Established as the Seat of their Government, after the Year MDCCC.

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Scarce engraved folding map of Washington, D.C., representing one of the earliest derivations of Samuel Hill's version of the Ellicott plan. In January 1791, President Washington announced that the capital district would be a diamond-shaped tract, 10...


1800 - Plan of the City of Washington

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Rare German edition of this finely engraved early plan of Washington DC, based upon Andrew Ellicott's plan of 1792. Shows Georgetown, the street layout, President's House, Capitol, large green, etc. Attractive compass rose. The map is copied from...


1805 - Grundriss von Washington der neuen Haptstadt der Vereinigten Staaten von Nord-America

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Rare German map of Washington DC, based upon Andrew Ellicott's plan, first published in 1792. The map appeared in Zimmermann's rare Taschenbuch der Reisen...


1815 - Territoire de Columbia

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Rare Map of the District of Columbia, "Drawn by Andw. Ellicott" and "Engraved by P.A.F. Tardieu" in Paris. Scarce French edition of Tardieu's detailed map of the Territory of Columbia, showing the extent of the entire Territory, along with an early...


1822 - Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of The District of Columbia

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One of the earliest obtainable maps of the District of Columbia to appear in a commercial atlas. Includes a detailed plan of Washington DC, Georgetown and Alexandria and a number of roads and rivers in the District. Muds Tavern is shown just outside...


1831 - Map of the States of Virginia and Maryland (with DC inset)

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Scarce early map of Virginia and Maryland, showing counties, rivers, towns, mountains, lakes, etc. Includes early roads. This is one of the earliest British publications to show the US by states. Inset of Washington DC.


1836 - City of Washington

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Early map of Washington DC from Tanner's Universal Atlas. Colored by ward, shows streets, buildings, bridges, railroad lines, etc. Key to 76 main buildings and plan of the Capitol. Highly desirable early edition of this town plan.


1844 - Maryland and Delaware [with Inset of the District of Columbia]

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Marvelous and highly detailed map, from Morse's important Atlas of North America, the first cerographic atlas. Shows towns, roads, rivers, etc. Includes a plan of Washington, Georgetown, etc. Morse & Breese's North American Atlas was a landmark in...


1849 - View of Washington City and Georgetown

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Rare birdseye view of Washington, DC, published and sold by Casimir Bohn, in Washington, in 1849, and lithographed by Edward Weber & Co. The view shows the City from the Portico of the Capitol Building, with vignettes of the following...


1861 - The Seat of War. Bird's Eye View of Part of Maryland, Distr of Columbia and Part of Virginia.

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John Bachmann's celebrated series of bird-eye views of the U.S. Civil War, depicting the Virginia-Maryland theatre on the eve of conflict. This magnificent bird's eye view captures the Virginia-Maryland theater of the United States Civil War...


1861 - Kriegsschauplatz von Nord-America. Theil von Maryland, Distr. Columbia und Theil von Virginien. . . .

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Rare Birdseye View of the Theater of War in the Chesapeake Region Extremely rare birdseye view of the Chesapeake region, centered on Washington DC and the Potomac. The view is very reminiscent of John Bachmann's views of the same region and were...


1862 - Map of Eastern Virginia Compiled from the best authorities and printed at the Coast Survey Office, A.D. Bache, Supdt. 1862

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Fine example of Alexander Bache's map of the Eastern Virginia, published by Philip & Solomons of Washington, D.C. Detailed map of Eastern Virginia and Delaware, engraved by Charles Krebs and compiled by W.L. Nicholson, under the direction of A.D....


1864 - Johnson's Delaware and Maryland [Inset map of Washington DC]

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Detailed map of Maryland and Delaware, hand colored by counties. Includes vignettes of the Post Office, Treasury Building, Patent Office, Harpers Ferry and the Capitol. The map shows towns, railroads, roads, post offices, rivers and a host of other...


1864 - Panorama of the Seat of the War Birds Eye View of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and the District of Columbia

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Bachman's Panorama of the Chesapeake Region Striking combination map and view of the northernmost part of the east coast of the Confederacy, and the southernmost areas of the Union, including Washington: this third issue, printed after the smoke that...