West Virginia

Antique rare maps of West Virginia


1835 - Virginia, Maryland and Delaware

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Scarce full original color map of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware from Bradford's Comprehensive Atlas. Shows counties, towns, rivers, and other details. Bradford's Comprehensive Atlas was one of the most successful commercial atlases of the 1830s, at...


1881 - Colton's New Topographical Map of the States of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland & Delaware and Portions of other Adjoining States . . . 1881

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Fine large scale map of Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, published by Colton. This is the second edition of a map originally published in 1866 to supply a detailed representation of the area of the civil war. The geographical data was...


1882 - Map of the Richmond and Louisville R.R. Connecting The Railroads of Virginia with the Railroads of Kentucky on the shortest route East and West from the Mississippi Valley to the Atlantic Ocean

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Fine large map illustrating the route of the Richmond & Louisville Railroad. Exceptionally detailed Railroad map of portions of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee, on a scale of 12 miles per inch. Timber and coal regions are noted,...


1938 - Historic and Scenic Reaches of the Nation's Capital

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Entertaining map of the the Chesapeake Region, topped with portraits of 8 of the founding fathers and vignettes of important places in American history.


1804 - A General Map of the River Ohio. Plate the Second

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Antique Map of a Section of the Ohio River Prepared By A French Spy Important early map of the Ohio River from Maysville, Kentucky to just south of Wheeling, West Virginia, prepared by the French military officer and spy George Henri Victor Collot,...


1836 - Virginia

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Striking full color map of Virginia, which first appeared in David Burr's Universal Atlas, in 1836. Burr is widely regarded as one of the most important names in American Cartographic history. Burr's Atlas was perhaps the most elegant American...


1862 - Lloyd's Official Map of the State of Virginia From actual surveys by order of the Executive, 1828 & 1859 Corrected and revised by J. T. Lloyd to 1862, from Surveys made by Capt. W. Angelo Powell of the U.S. Topographical Engineers of Gen. Rosencrans Staff

  • $21.99

Important Large Map of Virginia With A Vitriolic Testimonial Added Nice example of the 1862 edition of JT Lloyd's large map of Virginia, the most widely distributed and influential map of Virginia during the Civil War period. Lloyd's map of Virginia...


1865 - Colton's Map of the Oil District of West Virginia and Ohio

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Scarce First State of Colton's Map of Some of the Earliest Oil Fields in the United States. Hand-colored lithographed map of the West Virginia oil region off the Little Kanawha River. Colton published the map in New York in 1865. The map shows a...


1868 - Virginia Military Institute Map of Virginia Compiled chiefly from C.L. Ludwig's Map nd from other more recent data . . . by M.F. Maury L.L.D. &c. Dec. 1868 Engd. by C.L. Ludwig Richmond, Va.

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A Mathew Fontaine Maury - VMI - Rarity Nice example of the extremely rare third edition of the so-called Bucholtz-Ludwig map of Virginia. The Bucholtz-Ludwig map was originally based upon work done by Ludwig von Bucholtz, in connection with his...


1869 - Colton's Map of the State of West Virginia and parts of Adjoining States . . . 1869

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Early separately issued map of West Virginia, colored by counties. One of the earliest obtainable separate maps of West Virginia, following its becoming a state in 1863. There are very few separately issued maps of WV.


1875 - White's County and District Map of The State of West Virginia From the most recent Surveys & Authentic sources Published By M. Wood White. Grafton, W. VA. 1875.

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One of the First Large Scale Maps of West Virginia Fine large format map of West Virginia, published by real estate promoter M. Wood White in Grafton, West Virginia, and "Engraved & Printed by H.J. Toudy & Co., Phila. Pa." The map is...


1879 - Military reconnaissance in the vicinity of Gauley Bridge, Department of Western Virginia, Brig. Gen'l W.S. Rosecrans, Comd'g., Sept. 11th to Nov. 15th, 1861

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Color-lithographed map of the area near Gauley Bridge, (present-day) West Virginia. Gauley Bridge was the site of a minor battle during the Civil War, which resulted in a Union victory. "United States forces" are colored blue, and "Confederate forces...


1889 - West Virginia

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Decorative and unusual trading card map from this famous series. Map is surrounded by decorative vignette, showing Oil refinery. Includes population statistics.


1899 - Parkersburg West Virginia 1899

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Striking view of the town of Parkersburg, West Virginia, approximately 40 miles north of Charleston, West Virginia. A stiking and highly detailed view, showing street names, buildings and the river. A classic late 19th Century view.


1925 - Outline Map of Hardy County West Virginia Compiled and Published By John R. Ice Fairmont W. Va. . . 1925

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Rare promotional advertising map of Hardy County. Includes several dozen advertisements for local businesses.


1941 - Recreational Map of West Virginia

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Scarce pictorial map of West Virignia, drawn by Smeltzer for the Conservation Commission of West Virginia, Division of State Parks. On the verso, there is a nice promotional tract for West Virginia's parks and state forests.