Antique rare maps of Chicago


1874 - Map of Riverdale and Surroundings Cook County, Ills. 1874

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Early Promotional Map for Riverdale, Illinois -- One Year After Its First Post Office Was Established An exceptionally rare 1874 survey map of Riverdale, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. The map is centered on a bend in the Little Calumet River just...


1883 - Real Estate Map of the Adjacent Suburbs of Chicago Including The Towns of Evanston, Lake View, Jefferson, Norwood Park, and the east half of Leyden, Cicero, Riverside, and the east half of Proviso, the north half of Hyde Park, the east two thirds of Lyons

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Massive, Detailed Wall Map of Chicago from the 1880s. L.M. Snyder & Co.'s extremely rare lithographed folding map of Chicago, published in Chicago during its major late-19th-century real estate boom. The map has considerable detail for its size;...


1890 - (Auburn Park) Eggleston, Mallette & Brownell's Property

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Rare early subdivision map of the Auburn Park area. Auburn Park Auburn Park is part of the area once known as Cummorn, most of which was owned by William B. Ogden, Chicago's first mayor and early real estate promoter. The first railroad line...


1892 - Lake Front Chicago Illinois From Surveys made under the direction of Captain W.L. Marshall in 1892.

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With Manuscript Annotations Showing Proposed Harbor Improvements Detailed map of part of the City of Chicago, from Jackson Park to the Colehour Yard area, prepared by the United States Corps of Topographical Engineers in 1892. The map is centered...


1933 - [With Original Envelope!] A Geographical Map of the Century of Progress Exposition Held in Chicago, Illinois 1933 Faithfully executed and drawn in a carnival spirit by Tony Sart '33

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Rare large map of the Chicago World's Fair in two parts, published by Tony Sarg in 1933. David Rumsey notes: Two pictorial maps on one sheet, a panorama view of exposition grounds, whimsical sea monsters, whales, planes, and boats in the water....


1855 - New Map of Chicago Comprising The Whole City Taken From Lowe’s Map with all the recent Additions, Subdivisions, Extensions.

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Unknown Variant - One of the Earliest Printed Maps of Chicago Published in Chicago. This lithographed folding map of Chicago, published by Hall & Co. in 1855, and printed by Ed. Mendel at 170 Lake Street, is one of the very first maps of Chicago...


1857 - The City of St. Louis [with] The City of Chicago

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Two detailed maps of the cities of Chicago and St. Louis, published by JH Colton in New York. The maps are each colored by ward, and showing streets, rail lines, parks, buildings and other details.


1858 - Chicago Harbor & Bar, Illinois. From Survey made between 17th of August & the 2nd of September 1858.

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Detailed plan of Chicago, based upon the surveys conducted by the US Topographical Engineers, under the direction of Lieutenant Colonel J.D. Graham in 1857 and 1858. Centered on Downtown Chicago and the Loop, this large format map of Chicago Harbor...


1871 - The Burning of Chicago

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Hand-colored antique lithograph view of the burning of Chicago in 1871, issued by the famed lithography publishers Currier & Ives. The text below the image reads: "This terrible conflagration commenced on Sunday evening, Oct. 8th, 1871, and...


1881 - Gray's New Map of Chicago

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Detailed map of Chicago, published by O.W. Gray & Son. The map is colored by wards and showing streets, rail lines, parks, buildings, stations and a host of other details. One of the earliest maps of Chicago to appear in a commercial atlas.


1909 - Blanchard's Map of Chicago

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Scarce issued map of the City of Chicago by Rufus Blanchard, one of the leading map makers in Chicago during the late 19th Century. Provides a detailed look at the City of Chicago. The present example was apparently re-issued by George Cram and would...


1927 - The Corner of Lake and La Salle Streets, Chicago Marine Bank Building in the Year 1864.

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Fine aquatint view of historic Chicago in 1864, showing a bustling scene of commerce at the corner of Lake Street and La Salle Street, looking toward the Marine Bank Building. Includes a lively street scene, with pedestrians and horse drawn wagons,...


1931 - An Illustrated Map of Chicago Youthful City of the Big Shoulders Restless - Ingenious - Wilful - Violent - Proud To Be Alive

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Charles Turzak's Iconic View of Chicago. Nice example of Charles Turzak's remarkable pictorial map of Chicago, with original pictorial folder. This beautiful map of Chicago by Chicago illustrator Charles Turzak, published two years before the...


1935 - Official Map Chicago Zoological Park

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The Brookfield Zoo Map Shortly After Its Opening. A decorative early map of the Brookfield Zoo. The zoo extends to much the same size that it does today, though it is much less densely built up. The map is designed in an attractive pictorial style,...


1940 - Chicago Motor Coach Pictorial Map of Downtown Chicago

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Fine promotional map of Downtown Chicago, showing profile elevations for Chicago's major landmark buildings. Second map on the verso. Offered with original covers.


1940 - Ye Olde Mappe of Northwestern University

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Rare Pictorial of Northwestern - Only Traced Example. This is a vintage pictorial map of Northwestern, providing a humorous portrayal of the prestigious Evanston university. The campus is easily recognizable, portrayed from the west with Lake Michigan...