Antique rare maps of Illinois


1929 - Sectional Map Indicating Main Automobile Roads Between Canada & United States (Great Lakes Sheet)

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Detailed road map of the Great Lakes Region, constructed by Canada's Department of the Interior. Includes Provincial Routes, Federal Routes and State Routes.


1823 - Kentucky, Tennessee and part of Illinois. By H.S. Tanner

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The Best Kentucky, Tennessee & Southern Illinois Regional Atlas Map of the First Half of the 19th Century -- Early Edition with 9 Unnamed Counties in Western Tennessee Gorgeous example of this rare early edition of Tanner's Map of Kentucky,...


1870 - The Great South West showing the Routes to Kansas issued by the Missouri Riv. Ft. Scott & Gulf R.R. and the Leavenworth Lawrence & Galveston R.R.

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The Neutral Lands and the Race To Construct Railroad Lines from Northern Kansas to Indian Territory Unrecorded railroad map of Texas, the Southern and Mdiwestern States, published by the Missouri River, Fort Scott & Gulf Railroad and the...


1744 - Carte des lacs du Canada. Dressee sur les manuscrits du Depost des cartes plans et journaux de la marine et sur le journal du RP. de Charlevoix ... 1744

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Fine example of Bellin's Landmark map of the Great Lakes region, published in 1744 Bellin's seminal early map of the Great Lakes represented a milestone in the progress of the mapping of the region. It is also one of the earliest appearances of...


1814 - The Upper Territories of the United States

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An Early American Map of the Old Northwest Nice example of the rare 1814 edition of Mathew Carey's map of the old Northwest. The map reflects a very early appearance of Michigan Territory (organized 1805), which had not yet appeared separately on any...


1835 - Illinois & Missouri

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Scarce early map of Missouri & Illinois, also showing Arkansaw Territory to the South and Missouri Territory to the North. A number of early primitive counties still appear, especially in Missouri. Missouri has 38 counties, but lacks the Platte...


1835 - Map of the States of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois with the settled part of Michigan.

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Excellent antique hand-colored engraved map of the eastern Midwest, covering Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and the southern half of Wisconsin. This is a rare later state of Finley's map of eastern Midwest, first issued in 1825, here in the 1835...


1854 - Map of the Racine, Janesville & Mississippi Rail-Road and its Connections 1854 (with First Annual Report)

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A Wisconsin Railroad That Never Was Rare map of the railroad lines of the Racine, Janesville & Mississippi Railroad, published in Racine with the first annual report of the Racine, Janesville & Mississippi Railroad. The map shows the area...


1867 - Colton's Illinois

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Detailed map of Illinois, colored by counties. The map shows roads, railroads, towns, villages, post offices, canals, rivers, lakes, stations and a host of other details. Inset of Chicago vicinity in lower left corner. Decorative border. A terrific...


1822 - Geographical, Statistical and Historical Map of Illinois

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Nice example of this important early map of Illinois from Carey & Lea's Geographical, Statistical and Historical Atlas of North America. Carey & Lea's map of Illinois is one of the earliest obtainable maps of Illinois. This important and...


1825 - Carte Geographique, Statistique et Historique De L'Illinois

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A gorgeous example of Buchon's early map of Illinois Territory, showing very early county configurations and other interesting details. Buchon's atlas was the first foreign atlas to include a separate map of Illinois and is one of the very earliest...


1826 - Illinois

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Great example of this early state of Finley's map of Illinois, hand colored by counties, with much of the northern lands still dominated by Indians. Includes a number of oversized counties and several unnamed counties. Cook County is not yet shown. A...


1831 - (Pocket Map) Illinois and Missouri By H.S. Tanner. 1831

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Significantly revised and updated version of HS Tanner's large format map of Missouri and Illinois Territories, first issued in 1821. The map includes remarkable detail where there had been relatively little detailed cartographic work to date. The...


1832 - Map of the States of Missouri and Illinois

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Scarce early map of Missouri and Illinois, hand colored by counties. Many of the western counties are Indian Lands, such as Kickapoo, Delawares, Shawnees, etc. The Boundy Lands are shown in the North. A massive Wayne County dominates the south. A...


1836 - A New Map Of Illinois with its Proposed Canals, Roads & Distances from Place to Place along Stage & Steam Boat Routes. by H.S. Tanner

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Marvelous example of Tanner's map of Illinois, hand colored by counties. Shows canals, railroads, towns, roads, distances, and tables with steam boat routes and distances. The county configuations are largely complete. Inset of the Lead Region of...


1836 - Illinois By David H. Burr

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Striking full color example of the first edition of David Burr's map of Illinois, which appeared in his Universal Atlas, first issued in 1836. Includes fascinating primitive counties, including an odd Joe Davis County at the top and a number of...