Antique rare maps of Minnesota


1855 - Minnesota

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First Atlas State of Colton's Map of Minnesota Territory First atlas state of Colton's Map of Minnesota Territory, which extends to the Missouri River. Massive Pembina County and Yankton County dominate the western 2/3rds of the map. Only a hand...


1857 - Sectional Map of the Surveyed Portion of Minnesota and the North Western Part of Wisconsin.

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Scarce St. Paul-published pocket map of Minnesota depicting the state from the Lake of the Wood to the Iowa border. The map extends eastward towards Wisconsin's Bayfield Peninsula. Sewall was publishing maps out of St. Paul at the time of statehood....


1838 - Map of the Settled Part of Wisconsin Territory Compiled From the Latest Authorities

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A Foundational Wisconsin Map. This is an important early map of Wisconsin, published only two years after the territory was incorporated. The map centers on the areas now part of southwestern Wisconsin and eastern Iowa. In this area, the most...


1854 - Sketch of the Public Surveys in Wisconsin and Territory of Minnesota

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Antique map of Wisconsin and part of Minnesota Territory, produced by Warner Lewis, Surveyor General of the Dubuque Office, on October 21, 1853. The map shows the plats which had been surveyed and those which were in the process of being surveyed....


1857 - The Minnesota Handbook, for 1856-7 [with] Minnesota Published by J.H. Colton & Co... 1857.

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1857 Edition of Parker's Handbook to Minnesota, along with the Special Edition of Colton's Map, with "Corrections Furnished by N.H. Parker." This Example from the James J. Hill Library. First and only edition of Parker's important early treatment of...


1862 - Johnson's Minnesota and Dakota

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Detailed map of Minnesota and Dakota Territory, colored by county, with only two counties in Dakota and 4 large counties in northern Minnesota. Many Indian Tribal names and notes. Minneapolis is named.


1873 - Geo. B. Wright's Map of Minneapolis Lithographed and published by Rich & Co.

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Rare Early Map of Minneapolis The Year After Annexation of St. Anthony Detailed map of Minneapolis, published by Rice and promoting Alfred Hollister, Wholesale Dealers in Miscellaneous and School Books, Blank Books, Stationery, Printers' Stock,...


1876 - Minnesota

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Detailed map of the state of Minnesota, colored by townships and showing counties, towns, rivers, canals, etc. An excellent large format map of the period from one of the major American map publishers of the 1870s.


1880 - Rice's Township and Rail Road Map of Minnesota 1880 Lithographed and published by G. Jay Rice, St. Paul.

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Final? Edition of Rice's Important Map of Minnesota. Rare 1880 St. Paul-published map of Minnesota, by the state's foremost early map publisher. The map includes an inset titled "Vicinity of St. Paul, and Minneapolis." The inset shows local train and...


1881 - The Davidson & Abbott Map of Minneapolis Drawn by Chas. H. Hart, Civil Engineer. C. Wright Davidson, Publisher.

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Detailed, locally-published antique map of Minneapolis, lithographed by Johnson, Smith & Harrison in Minneapolis in 1881. Three types of boundaries are shown on the map: Fire Limits, Ward Boundaries, and City Limits. Wards are identified with...


1882 - Crookston. Polk Co. Minnesota. 1882. [Stereoview]

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Minnesota Bird's Eye View - Not Recorded by Reps. Small stereoview of Crookston, Minnesota, comprised of two photographic reproductions of an unrecorded bird's eye view of the city. An interesting record of a very rare Minnesota bird's eye, which...


1882 - Map of the Wheat Region Red River Valley and adjoining Countries in Dakota and Minnesota Published by A.J. Harwood, Fargo, D.T.

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Scarce promotional map of the "Wheat Region" of the Red River Valley, published by A.J. Harwood in Fargo, Dakota Territory. The map illustrates the so-called Wheat Region, along with promotional information for three other Fargo based professionals,...


1884 - Map of Minnesota, Compiled from the latest authentic sources. Published by State Board of Immigration. 1884.

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Interesting separately issued map of Minnesota, published by the State Immigration Board. The map is colored by counties and showing County Seats, towns, villages, post offices, railroads, railway stations, townships, lakes, etc. The Northern...


1891 - (Mississippi River Headwaters) Jewett's New Sectional Map of the Upper Mississippi Showing Portions of Itasca, Beltrami, Becker, Hubbard & Cass Counties. Part D.

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The Headwaters of the Mississippi. Interesting and very scarce Minnesota-published map of the headwaters of the Mississippi River (Lake Itasca) and the surrounding region. The map shows the White Earth Indian Reservation, Chippewa Indian Reservation,...


1893 - Minnesota

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Detailed railroad map of Minnesota, published in Chicago by George Cram. The map shows counties, railroad lines, towns, rivers, lakes, post offices, railroad depots, Indian Reservations, and a host of other information. The map shows nearly 30...


1895 - Minneapolis

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Detailed city plan of Minneapolis, showing streets, buildings, train lines, public places, rivers etc. Cram was one of the pre-eminent American Mapmakers of the late 19th Century, relying upon a cerographic printing process first applied to maps by...