Antique rare maps of Wisconsin


1835 - United States. By David Burr

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Shows Huron Territory -- The Future Wisconsin Territory Scarce map of the United States, showing a massive Missouri Territory, Huron Territory and Texas. The map provides fine details in the Northwestern part of the map, corresponding to the old...


1929 - Sectional Map Indicating Main Automobile Roads Between Canada & United States (Great Lakes Sheet)

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Detailed road map of the Great Lakes Region, constructed by Canada's Department of the Interior. Includes Provincial Routes, Federal Routes and State Routes.


1835 - Michigan and the Great Lakes

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Nice example of this early map of Michigan Territory and adjoining regions (including what would become Wisconsin), published by S.A. Bradford. Michigan proper is shown with counties in the southern half, the north being Ottawa and Michilmackinac...


1835 - Map of the States of Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois with the settled part of Michigan.

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Excellent antique hand-colored engraved map of the eastern Midwest, covering Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and the southern half of Wisconsin. This is a rare later state of Finley's map of eastern Midwest, first issued in 1825, here in the 1835...


1838 - Iowa and Wisconsin

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Early Antique Map of Iowa Territory and Wisconsin Territory Important early map of part of Iowa and Wisconsin, with large inset showing all of Iowa Territory and Wisconsin Territory extending to the Canadian Border. Iowa Territory was organized in...


1842 - Sketch of the Public Surveys in Wisconsin Territory . . .

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Fine example of one of the earliest obtainable maps focused on Wisconsin Territory. The map extends west to the Falls of St. Anthony and Fort Snelling, and north to the Headwaters of the Montreal Reiver, Ontonagon River and the area north of Green...


1854 - Map of the Racine, Janesville & Mississippi Rail-Road and its Connections 1854 (with First Annual Report)

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A Wisconsin Railroad That Never Was Rare map of the railroad lines of the Racine, Janesville & Mississippi Railroad, published in Racine with the first annual report of the Racine, Janesville & Mississippi Railroad. The map shows the area...


1861 - County Map of Michigan and Wisconsin

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Attractive map of Michigan and Wisconsin, published by SA Mitchell Jr. The map is colored by counties. Shows early railroads, proposed railroads, towns, rivers, Indian region, etc. Decorative floral border.


1871 - Post Route Map of The States of Michigan and Wisconsin with Adjacent Parts of Ohio Indiana Illinois Iowa and Minnesota Designed and Constructed Under the Orders of Postmaster General John A.J. Cresswell Second Assistant Postmaster General Giles A. Smith..

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Superb and very rare official post route map of Michigan and Wisconsin from 1871. The map shows all of Michigan and Wisconsin, with coverage to adjacent areas including Chicago, the Twin Cities, and Toledo. The map differentiates between seven kinds...


1882 - County & Township Map of the States of Michigan and Wisconsin

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Detailed map of Michigan and Wisconsin, hand-colored by counties. The map was published in S.A. Mitchell Jr.'s New General Atlas, one of the most popular American atlases of the second half of the 19th century.


1838 - Map of the Settled Part of Wisconsin Territory Compiled From the Latest Authorities

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A Foundational Wisconsin Map. This is an important early map of Wisconsin, published only two years after the territory was incorporated. The map centers on the areas now part of southwestern Wisconsin and eastern Iowa. In this area, the most...


1854 - Sketch of the Public Surveys in Wisconsin and Territory of Minnesota

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Antique map of Wisconsin and part of Minnesota Territory, produced by Warner Lewis, Surveyor General of the Dubuque Office, on October 21, 1853. The map shows the plats which had been surveyed and those which were in the process of being surveyed....


1836 - (First Printed Map of Milwaukee) City of Milwaukee

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The Exceptionally Rare First Printed Map of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Unseen on the Market Since 1934. An important American map, being the first printed map of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, executed by Increase Lapham and Byron Kilbourn in 1835-36, and engraved...


1845 - Map of Milwaukee | Population in 18[35] None | In 1843 6068.

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First State of the Second Map of Milwaukee, with Contemporary Property Ownership Annotations. This is an exceedingly rare early map of Milwaukee, made by the important Milwaukee cartographer Increase Lapham. This is the first printed map to show a...


1855 - Wisconsin

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Detailed map of Wisconsin, colored by Counties, with massive Oconto, Marathon, La Point, Douglas, Polk, Burnett and Chippewa counties dominating the north. Inset of Milwaukee. Shows towns, townships, lakes, rivers, post offices, etc. JH Colton was one...


1856 - Chapman's Sectional Map of Wisconsin, with the Most Recent Surveys.

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Identifying the Major Sites from the Blackhawk War: The Battle of Wisconsin Heights, The Battle of Bad Axe, and Fort Atkinson. Early Silas Chapman sectional map of Wisconsin, focusing on the lower half of the state and illustrating the extent of major...