New England

Antique rare maps of New England


1756 - [The First Maps in a la poupée Printed Color] Cartes en Couleur des Lieux Sujets aux tremblements de Terre Dans toutes les parties du Monde Selon le Sisteme de l’impulsion Solaire

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The First a la poupée Color Printed Maps in A Rare Pamphlet On The Relationship Between The Sun and Earthquakes Extremely rare separately published pamphlet by Jean Fabien Gautier D'Agoty, containing a complete set of his maps from his Observations...


1782 - The American Atlas, or a Geographical Description of the Whole Continent of America.

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The First National Atlas of the United States. The Exceptionally Rare 1783 Edition of Jeffery’s American Atlas. Thomas Jefferys' American Atlas was one of the four great atlases of the Colonies available during the Revolution - along with Faden's...


1695 - West Indische PASKAERT waerin de graden der breedde over weder zijden vande middelijn wassende soo vergrooten dat die geproportioneert sijn tegen hunne nevenstaende graden der lengde; Vertonen (behalven Europaes zuydelijcste) alle de Zeekusten van Africa

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"A scientific and artistic document of the first order" -- One of the most important sea charts of the 17th century. Exceptionally rare Johannes Loots issue of Guillaume Blaeu's landmark sea chart of the Atlantic Ocean, America and Africa, printed on...


1782 - The Manner in which the American Colonies Declared themselves Independant of the King of England, throughout the different Provinces, on July 4, 1776

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Lively image of a crowd watching the reading of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. Fine image of the reading of the Declaration of Independence, which appeared in Barnard's New-Completed Authentic History of England. The image is also...


1784 - Sarratoga Le 17 Octobre 1777, le General Burgoine avec 6640 Solats bien disciplines met bas les armesdevant le milices Americaines nouvellement tirees de l'Agriculture et conduite par Haratio Gates . . .

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Rare view showing the surrender of General John Burgoyne at the Battle of Saratoga on October 7, 1777, one of the first important American victories during the American Revolution. The view appeared in Nicolas Ponce and Francois Godefroy's Recueil...


1922 - Sumthin Xtraordinary . . .

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Interesting example of a Rebus -- a puzzle in which words are represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters. The present example was utilized by a church in Keene, New Hampshire, to attract attention to its call for members to attend...


1655 - Pascaerte van Brazil en Nieu Nederlandt van Cuorvo en Flores tot de Barbados nu eerst uyt gegeven door Arnold Colom tot

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An important and very rare early Dutch Sea Chart, focusing on Canada, New England, the Eastern Caribbean, Brazil, Guyana and Venezuela. This attractive sea chart assumes the perspective of the westward direction facing upwards and embraces the Western...


1707 - Les Cotes de la Virginie, les Detroits de Forbisher et de Hudson (Shows discovery of Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard)

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Detailed map of Northeastern America and the Atlantic, illustrating the route from England to Plymouth, Massachusetts, published to illustrate the voyage of Bartholemew Gosnold, who is generally credited with the discovery of Cape Cod and Martha's...


1728 - A New and Correct Chart of the Atlantick Ocean Reduced describing part of the Coasts of Europe Africa and America with their adjacent Islands

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Rare Chart of the Atlantic from an Influential Atlas Scarce early eighteenth-century English sea chart of the East Coast of North America, the Caribbean and the North Atlantic Ocean. The coasts of Europe and North Africa are also shown. The chart is...


1660 - Pascaert van Nieu Nederland, Virginia en Nieu Engelant Nieulycx uytgegeven . . . 1660

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One of the earliest obtainable Sea Charts of the Atlantic Coast of North America. Important early Dutch sea chart of the coast of North America from Trinity Harbor, North Carolina to Cape St. Ann, Massachusetts, from Doncker's Zee-atlas ofte...


1715 - A New and Exact Map of the Dominions of the King of Great Britain on ye Continent of North America . . .

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Finely colored example of Moll's seminal map of the British Colonies in America, the first large-scale map to show English developments in North America and the first to show the American postal routes. Moll's map was the first and one of the most...


1755 - Carte D'Une Partie De L'Amerique Septentrionale Pour servir a L'Intelligence Du Memoire Sur Les Pretentions Des Anglois Au Suiet Des Limites A Regler Avec La France Dans Cette Partie Du Monde . . . 1755

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Rare Dutch Edition of Bellin's Controversial and Highly Important Map Illustrating the French and British Historical Claims to the Canadian Maritimes and Maine, published in Paris on the Eve of the Seven Years' War (1756-63) Rare Amsterdam imprint...


1756 - Carte Des Possessions Francoises et Angloises dans le Canada et Partie de la Louisiane . . . 1756

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Rare, Detailed First Edition of Longchamps’ Map of the North American Colonies—Proof State! Fine example of the first edition of Longchamps’ map of the colonies—Spanish, French, and British—in North America east of the Mississippi River,...


1777 - Carte De L'Amerique Septle. Pour servir a l'intelligence de la Guerre entre les Anglois et les Insurgents . . . 1777

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Mars, the God of War, Witnessing Fame's Proclamation of the Birth of the United States Fine example of Beaurain's important map of The 13 Colonies and the contiguous part of French Louisiana and Florida, one of the earliest maps published in Europe to...


1778 - Carte du Theatre de la Guerre actuel entre les Anglais et les Trieze Colonies Unies de l'Amerique Septentrionale dresse par J.B. Eliot Ingenieurs des Etats Unis 1778

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Nice example of J. B. Eliot's map of the United States, generally regarded as the earliest map to include the title "United States'' on a printed map. Eliot's map, which is drawn from American sources not previously utilized on any printed map, is...


1788 - Generalkarte von Nord America samt den Westindischen Inseln Versasst von Herrn. Pownall . . . MDCCLXXXVIII

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Wide margined example of the northeastern sheet of F.A. Schraebl's 4 sheet wall map of North America, published in 1788. The map extends from Charleston and Hilton Head, South Carolina in the south to Hudson's Bay and Newfoundland, centered on the...