Antique rare maps of Boston


1764 - Plan de la Ville et Du Port de Boston Capitale de la Nouvelle Angleterre

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"This is the earliest detailed plan of the city of Boston published in France." (BPL) Featured on the Cover of Krieger and Cobb's Mapping Boston. Rare French plan of Boston, showing Charlestown to the north, and Dorchester and Roxbury to the south....


1776 - A Map Of The Most Inhabited Part Of New England Containing The Provinces Of Massachusets Bay and New Hampshire. With the Colonies of Conecticut and Rhode Island . . . 1774

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T.C. Lotter Edition of The Most Important Map of New England At The Time of the American Revolution. Fine old color example of the T.C. Lotter edition of Bradock Mead's 4-sheet map of New England & Long Island, the most important general map of...


1780 - [Manuscript Sea Chart of Cape Cod area / Nantucket / Martha's Vineyard / Boston Bay]

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Revolutionary War Era Sea Chart Interesting unsigned hand drawn sea chart, centered on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. The chart tracks the coast of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, with Block Island and Nantucket in the south and Boston Harbor and...


1793 - A Plan of the Action at Bunkers Hill on the 17th of June 1775 between His Majesty 's Troops, Under the Command of Major General Howe, and the American Forces . . .

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Fine Plan of the Battle of Bunker Hill—Illustrating Two Phases of the Action Nice example of William Faden's important Revolutionary War battle plan of the Battle of Bunker Hill, as issued by William Stedman. The present example has a single fold...


1907 - Trolley Wayfinder Birds Eye View of Trolley Routes in New England.

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Attractive color-lithographed bird's-eye view of the eastern part of New England, showing the trolley routes in the area roughly bounded by New Bedford, Providence, Worcester, Concord, and Portland. The map is an impressive work of popular color...


1730 - A Large Draught of New England New York and Long Island -- Sold By George Grierson at the two Bibles in Esses Street Dublin

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A "Pirated Dublin" Sea Chart of New England and Long Island A rare chart of the New England coast adapted from the work of Cyprian Southack and published in a Dublin edition of the English Pilot. The Fourth Book. The chart depicts the northeast...


1775 - A View of the City of Boston the Capital of New England

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A View of Boston at time of the firing of the first shots of the American Revolution. Fine early view of Boston, published in the Universal Magazine, which also comes with the relevant text section describing the ongoing revolt in the British...


1775 - Thirty-Miles Round Boston. 14th August 1775

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One of the Very First American Revolutionary Maps and Battle Plans. Including a Reference to the Boston Tea Party. An unusual map of the Theater of War in Massachusetts, centered on Boston, which appeared in the Scots Magazine in 1775. The circles...


1776 - Plan de Boston . . .

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Fine example of Le Rouge's plan of Boston, issued at the beginning of at the outset of the French & Indian War in his Recueil des plans de l'Amerique septentrionale. Le Rouge's plan has been reduced French from John Bonner's New Plan of ye Great...


1776 - [Massachusetts Bay, with Boston and Part of Cape Cod]

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Exceptional Revolutionary War Era Chart of Massachusetts Bay. One of the better charts from Des Barres' Atlantic Neptune, extending from Cape Ann in the north, through Boston, to Plymouth in the south, and showing Cape Cod from Wellfleet north. This...


1776 - A Plan of Boston, and its Environs, shewing the true Situation of His Majesty's Army. And also those of the Rebels. Drawn by an Engineer at Boston. Octr. 1775.

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An Early Revolutionary War Battle Plan From An German Archive Nice example of perhaps the finest contemporary plan of the Siege of Boston at the outset of the American Revolution, drawn by Lieutenant Richard Williams. Williams' remarkable...


1777 - [Boston -- 4 Views From The Harbor]

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Sailing Into Boston Harbor During The American Revolution Large aquatint and engraved sheet with four profile views of Boston, which were published by J.F.W. Des Barres, which appeared in his Atlantice Neptune. This sheet of views would have used by...


1778 - Plan De Boston Avec les Sondes et les Directions pour Navigation . . .

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Rare French edition of Sayer & Bennett's rare chart of Boston Harbor revised and issued in Le Rouge's Pilote Americain Septentrionale, which was compiled specifically for use by the French Navy during the American Revolution. A note following the...


1780 - [Boston] Carte Particuliere Du Havre De Boston . . . 1780

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Boston & Environs During The American Revolution Finely hand-colored example of this scarce Revolutionary War era plan of Boston Harbor, issued by the Depot General des Cartes, Plans et Journaux de la Marine, based on Des Barres' chart of Boston...


1789 - A North View of Castle William in the Harbour of Boston

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Rare Early American View Early American view of Castle William in Boston Harbor. Castle William's history dates to 1634 when cannons were first deployed to defend Boston Harbor. British officials used the fort as a refuge in the year prior to the...


1825 - S. P. Fuller's Plan of Mansion House Estate, Octo. 19, 1825 (Mansion House Estate --Boston Manuscript Survey - Winthrop Square, etc. - Common Street)

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Detailed map of the area west of Common Street, which is now Winthrop Square and the location of the Freedom Trail, Training Field and Soldier's Monument. The lands owned by Gardiner Green are shown. The map is described on the verso as The map was...