Antique rare maps of Boston


1871 - Odd Fellows Hall Junction of Tremont and Berkley Streets, and Warren Avenue, Boston. Corner Stone laid June 13, 1871

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Striking chromolithographic view of the recently completed Odd Fellows Hall in Boston. The credit includes the name of the architect, J.E. Billings.


1877 - Boston and Adjacent Cities

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Wonderful double page map of Boston and the neighboring cities, published by OW Gray. The map shows marvelous local details throughout. Extends to Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville, Everett, Chelsea, etc. From one of the leading American map publisher...


1892 - Boston

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Detailed city plan of Boston, showing streets, buildings, train lines, public places, rivers etc.


1930 - The Central Part of Boston, Massachusetts, showing transportation lines of the Boston Elevated Railway

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Decorative pictorial map of Boston, with 3 large inset views of various parts of the City. The map shows streets, parks, city blocks, Rapid Transit Lines, surface and underground trolley lines and bus routes, city landmarks, including hotels, Fenway...


1955 - City of Boston Visitor's Map and Directory . . .

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Lively tourist map of Boston, published by Zorigian Studios in Boston. The map was published under the direction of then Mayor, John B. Hynes, who served as mayor of Boston from 1950 to 1960.


1959 - A Scott-Map of Harvard University and of Radcliffe College Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Decorative vintage pictorial birdseye view of the campus and grounds at Harvard, made by Alva Scott Garfield in 1959. The buildings on the Harvard campus at the time are pictured in a bird's eye view style. Note that Leverett Towers at the lower right...


1980 - Boston

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Richly embellished advertising oriented pictorial map / birdseye view of the Boston area, published by Archar Inc. of Canada. Packed with advertising for local businesses, the images shows buildings, tourism and other landmarks, recreational...