Antique rare maps of Maine


1780 - The Coast of Nova Scotia, New England, New-York, Jersey, The Gulph and River of St. Lawrence. The Islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, St. John, Antecosty, Sable &c. and Soundings thereof;

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The magnificent capstone of British mapping of northeastern North America. A rare, monumental and momentous general chart of northeastern North America, representing the capstone of British efforts to map the region after the end of the French and...


1556 - La Nuova Francia

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The First Printed Map of New England and New France A nice example of the first printed map devoted to New England and New France, showing the eastern seaboard from New York Bay to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This map appeared in Ramusio's highly...


1771 - A Map of the most Inhabited part of New England, containing the Provinces of Massachusets Bay and New Hampshire, with the Colonies of Conecticut and Rhode Island, Divided into Counties and Townships . . . 1771

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Nice example Carrington Bowles' scarce map of New England, based upon Braddock Mead's 4-sheet map of 1755. The map is one of the earliest maps to include the names of the townships within New England, a number of which are not yet named. Other...


1785 - A New Map of Nova Scotia and Cape Britain, with the Adjacent Parts of New England and Canada, From The Latest Authorities

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Scarce map of New England and Nova Scotia, published in London. The map is centered on the Provinces of Maine and provides a fine detailed treatment of the region at the conclusion of the American Revolution. The treatment of Lake Champlain is quite...


1785 - Attack of the Rebels upon Fort Penobscot in the Province of New England in which their Fleet was totally destroyed and their Army dispersed the 14th Augst. 1779.

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The Battle of Penobscot Bay, Maine -- Lt. Colonel Paul Revere Commanding An Artillery Detachment Interesting American battle plan, showing the action between the British and American Troops at the Battle of Penobscot, during the American Revolution....


1794 - A Chart of the Coast of America From Wood Island to Good Harbour From Holland's Survey

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Important 2 sheet map of the coast of Maine, the second large format map of the region published in America. The map is exceptionally detailed for the period, with a wonderful primitive engraving style indicative of 18th Century American printing....


1798 - Carte De La Partie Septentrionale Des Etats Unis, comprenant Le Canada, La Nouvelle Ecosse, New Hampshire, Massachuset's Bay, Rhode-Island, Connecticut, avec partie de Pensilvanie et New-Jersey

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Finely detailed map of the Northeast extending from Philadelphia up the coast to Ile d'Anticosti and the mouth of the St. Laurence, published in Paris, shortly after the French Revolution. Extends inland to show part of Lake Ontario with fine detail...


1807 - A New Geographical and Nautical Chart of the Gulf and River St. Lawrence with considerable improvements comprehending the Provinces of Lower Canada, New Brunswick, Part of Nova Scotia the Islands of Prince Edward, Cape Breton the Magdalenes, Anticosti &c.

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The Best Printed Survey of the St. Lawrence River To Date. Only Two Other Examples Traced, With None in Canada. Rare wall-map of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the River St. Lawrence, in six sheets, drawn by famed British Colonial Surveyor, Astronomer...


1844 - Map of the State of Maine with the Province of New Brunswick By Moses Greenleaf . . . 1844

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1844 Edition of Moses Greenleaf Junior's Important Early Antique Map of Maine Moses Greenleaf’s wall map of Maine is a continuation of his tradition of important early wall maps. Greenleaf's map is without question the largest and most detailed map...


1853 - Lower Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Id., Newfoundland, and a large portion of the United States

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Scarce later state of this interesting large scale map of Eastern Canada and New England, published by John Arrowsmith in London. The map includes the area around the St. Lawrence River, along with New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Id., with a...


1730 - A Large Draught of New England New York and Long Island -- Sold By George Grierson at the two Bibles in Esses Street Dublin

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A "Pirated Dublin" Sea Chart of New England and Long Island A rare chart of the New England coast adapted from the work of Cyprian Southack and published in a Dublin edition of the English Pilot. The Fourth Book. The chart depicts the northeast...


1730 - A Chart of the Sea Coast of New Found Land, New Scotland, New York New Jersey with Virginia and Maryland-- Sold By George Grierson at the two Bibles in Essex Street Dublin

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A "Pirated Dublin" Sea Chart of the Northeast Coastlin of North America. A rare chart of the coastline adapted from the work of Cyprian Southack and Mount & Page and published in a Dublin edition of the English Pilot. The Fourth Book. The chart...


1776 - [Cape Elizabeth to Moose Point, Maine]

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The best Revolutionary War chart of southern Maine. Large, two-sheet hand-colored engraved sea chart of part of the Maine coastline. The map illustrates the length of the Kennebec River to Fort Halifax. It also shows Fort Western (now Augusta),...


1776 - [Coast of Maine from Moose Cove to Gouldsboro Bay]

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Important early map of the Coast of Washington County, Maine, from J.F.W. Des Barres Atlantic Neptune. The map includes the areas which would later include the towns of Steuben, Cherryfield, Milbridge,, Harrington, Addison, Jonesport, Beals Jonesboro,...


1776 - The Coast of New England

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By far the finest 18th-century depiction of the Coast of New England issued in The Atlantic Neptune to meet the needs of British navigators during the American Revolution. This monumental chart depicts the complex coast of New England from...


1802 - Map of the District of Maine Massachusetts Compiled From Actual Surveys made by Order of the General Court and under the inpsection of Agents of their appointment. By Osgood Carleton

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A Landmark Map of Maine Carleton's map of Maine is one of the most important early maps of the State. Drawn at a scale of 2.5 miles to the inch, the map illustrates in fine detail the intricate coastline and complex system of rivers, streams, lakes...