Antique rare maps of Massachusetts


1857 - Boston

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Fine view of Boston engraved by Charles Mottram, based upon a painting by John W. Hill. Originally published by Smith Brothers & Co. in 1857, the view is one of the finest 19th Century views of Boston and its harbor, with the statehouse dome...


1857 - Map of Massachusetts & Rhode Island: Published By Thomas Cowperthwait & Co.

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Striking map of Massachusetts and Rhode Island, hand colored by counties, from Charles Desilver's New Universal Atlas. The map names towns, rivers, lakes, islands, etc. and shows roads with distances, railroads and other details. Large inset of Boston.


1858 - Bird's Eye View of Harvard College, And Old Cambridge

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Finely colored early view of Harvard College, published in Boston in 1858. Includes a fine overview of Harvard, with 5 smaller views showing: Residence of Prof. Longfellow, formally Genl. Washington's Headquarters Observatory Law School Divinity...


1859 - A Plan of the State Encampment Concord. Mass. Sept 7th 8th & 9th Embracing Key to Bachelder’s Picture of the Review, Sept. 9th. 1859.

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Scarce plan of the 1859 military procession of the Massachusetts Volunteers, published to accompany Bachelder's fine lithographed view of the same, titled: REVIEW OF THE MASS. VOLUNTEER MILITIA, at Concord, Sept. 9th, 1859. An inscription below the...


1860 - Encampment of the 2d Div of M.V.M. on Winter Island, Salem Harbor.

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Large colored lithograph showing a Military encampment on island and shore with soldiers on horseback, troops parading, tents and carriages. Overlooking body of water with many ships. "Drawn from nature by JNO. B. Bachelder, assisted by photographs...


1866 - (Boston) Plan of Fort Hill Showing Improvements as Proposed by the Committee on Laying out and Widening Streets . . . 1886

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Fascinating large format map of part of downtown Boston, published for the Common Council. Detailed planning map showing part of downtown Boston, near the modern day Aquarium, Harbor Towers, Norman B. Leventhal Park, and Boston Harbor Sailing Club....


1872 - Plan of Lands Belonging to the Arlington Land Company Situated at Arlington Heights Mass. Whitman and Breck, Engineers & Surveyors . . . Sept. 1872

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Rare early development map of Arlington Heights, Massachusetts. The map is oriented with Southwest at the top. The Park Circle Water Tower site is located. The Lexington Branch Railroad is shown looping around a Pond near the present site of the...


1872 - Map of the City of Somerville Compiled and Revised by Frost Brothers Engineers & Surveyors, Union Square Somerville 1872.

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Wonderful separately issued map of Somerville, Massachusetts, in the Boston metropolitan area. Tufts College is shown on the border between Somerville and Medford. The Mystic Reservoir is named and illustrated. College Hill Station is labeled....


1874 - Chart of the Vineyard Sound and Nantucket Shoals, Surveyed by George Eldridge Hydrographer.

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Fine large format sea chart of the waters around Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket, by George Eldridge, the leading private American chartmaker of the era. This mammoth chart depicts, in detail, the waters around the Elizabeth Islands, Martha's...


1875 - Boston

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Fine example of OW Gray's map of Boston and the neighboring cities, showing marvelous local details throughout. Extends to Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville, Everett, Chelsea, etc. From one of the leading American map publisher's of the 1870s.


1880 - The Point of Pines. Revere, Mass.

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Rare view of The Point of Pines, in Revere Massachusetts, promoting this beach resort 8 miles northeast of Boston. The view shows two hotels (The Pines and the Goodwood) and a Cafe, along with the a horse racing track, the local train depot and scenes...


1880 - Medford W. Medford Distillery and U.S. Bonded Warehouses. Massachusetts 1880

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Rare bird's-eye view of Medord, Massachusetts, published by O.H. Bailey in Boston. The view shows a booming commercial town on the banks of the Mystic River, looking northward from the general direction of Tufts University (which would be just below...


1880 - Map of Property of the Surf Side Syndicate, Nantucket, Mass.... Lots for Sale by Robert Appleton, Jr. East Grange, N.J.

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An extremely rare 1880s plat of lots for sale in Surfside on Nantucket’s South Shore. Note: This plat was acquired in partnership with Boston Rare Maps as part of an archive of some 150 Nantucket real estate maps and plats. The group includes...


1889 - Knowles Loom Works. Worcester, Mass. U.S.A. Established 1862. Erected 1889.

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Rare view of the Knowles Loom Works in Worcester, Massachusetts, with the town and rail road line in the background. OCLC locates no other examples of the view.


1892 - Shirley, Massachusetts . . . 1892

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Fine antique birdseye view of Shirley, Massachusetts, published in Boston. Below the view, smaller images of Sampson Cordage Works, Conant Brothers General Store, and C.A. Garton & Son Suspenders Manufactory. At the top are images of churches,...


1910 - Walker's Bird's-Eye View of Provincetown

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Rare pocket map version of Walker's view of Provincetown, published in Boston in 1910. As noted on the Leventhal Center website: Looking in a northwesterly direction toward Cape Cod Bay and the distant Boston shoreline, this bird's eye view portrays...