New England

Antique rare maps of New England


1790 - Carte Pour Le Voyage dans les Parties interieures de L'Amerique

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Fine map of the British Colonies, illustrating General Burgoyne's march from Saratoga, New York, to Charlottesville, Virginia, which appeared in the French edition of Thomas Anburey's Voyages dans les parties interieurs de l'Amerique by Thomas Anburey,...


1780 - The Coast of Nova Scotia, New England, New-York, Jersey, The Gulph and River of St. Lawrence. The Islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, St. John, Antecosty, Sable &c. and Soundings thereof;

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The magnificent capstone of British mapping of northeastern North America. A rare, monumental and momentous general chart of northeastern North America, representing the capstone of British efforts to map the region after the end of the French and...


1556 - La Nuova Francia

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The First Printed Map of New England and New France A nice example of the first printed map devoted to New England and New France, showing the eastern seaboard from New York Bay to the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This map appeared in Ramusio's highly...


1561 - [East Coast & Canada ] Tierra Nueva

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One of the Earliest Printed Maps of the Northeastern Part of America Final state of Ruscelli's map of the East Coast of North America, extending from the Mid-Atlantic to the Canadian Coastline. The map shows the discoveries of Cartier and Verrazzano....


1597 - Norumbega et Virginia 1597

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One of the Earliest Printed Maps of the East Coast of the United States. First state (left latitude written "30" instead of "39") of Cornelis van Wytfliet's Norumbega et Virginia, the highly important map of the Atlantic Seaboard of North America from...


1609 - Figure De La Terre, Neuve, Grande Riviere De Canada, Et Côtes De L’Ocean En La Nouvelle France

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The First Detailed Map of Canada (and the Coast of New England) Lescarbot's seminal map is the first detailed map of Canada and New England (extending south to Cape Cod) based on a systematic exploration of the area. The present example includes some...


1617 - New England. Die Mercklichsten Dheile, also Genennet durch den Durchl: und Mechtigen Prinzen und H.H. Carolus, Prinzen von Gross Britannien

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The Earliest Obtainable Smith Map of New England Finely engraved example of the Levinus Hulsius edition of John Smith's map of New England, published one year after the original London edition of 1616. Hulsius' map of New England is one of the...


1625 - Nova Anglia, Novum Belgium et Virginia

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Quite Possibly The Most Important Map of the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Published in the First Half of the 17th Century. Johannes De Laet's highly influential map of the East Coast of North America is a cartographic landmark, depicting the region...


1636 - Nova Anglia Novum Belgium et Virginia

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First State of Jansson's highly influential map of the East Coast of North America, from the Carolinas to Nova Scotia. Jansson based his map upon Johannes De Laet's map of 1630 (created and engraved by Hessel Gerritsz of the Dutch East India Company),...


1638 - Nova Belgica Et Anglia Nova

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A Landmark Early Map In the Mapping of the Dutch and British Colonies in North America Nice example of the Blaeu's seminal map of New England and the Northeast. Blaeu's map of New England is one of the most important advances in the printed mapping...


1650 - Pascaerte van Nieu Nederlant, Virginies, Nieu Engelant en Nova Francia, van C. of Faire tot C. Forchu

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The First Dutch Sea Chart of The East Coast of North America Rare Dutch Sea Chart, extending from the Outer Banks of the Carolinas to Nova Scotia, first published in about 1650. There has been significant controversy over the dating of this map....


1651 - Belgii Novi Angliae Novae et Partis Virginiae Novissima Delineatio

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A Foundational Map of the Northeastern United States Nice old color example of one of the fundamental prototype maps of America. Jansson's map is the prototype for the famed Jansson-Visscher series and the model for the mapping of the northeast...


1656 - Pascaarte van Nieu Nederlandt uytgegeven door Arnold Colom

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The First Sea Chart of the New Netherlands Fine example of Arnold Colom's sea chart of New Netherlands, the Chesapeake, Virginia, etc., first published by Arnold Colom in about 1656. Colom's sea chart is a landmark in the mapping of the region,...


1656 - Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae Nec Non partis Virginiae Tabula multis in locis emendata . . .

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Visscher's Landmark Map of the Northeast -- Early View of New York City Finely colored example of Nicolaes Visscher's important map of the Northeast, with a large inset view of New York City. This is the first map containing the famous inset view of...


1656 - Le Canada ou Nle. France a receuson nom des Francois, le Pais est plein de bois et fort froid . . .

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"[A] Rare Curiosity"-- Burden A little, very rare, gem of a map of eastern Canada and New England, stretching westwards past the Great Lakes. Many places throughout this region are named, and colonial claims are shown. The long title devotes itself to...


1664 - Le Canada faict par le Sr. de Champlain. ou sont La Nouvelle France, La Nouvelle Angleterre, La Nouvelle Holande, La Nouvelle Suede, La Virginie &c. Avec les Nationes voisines . . . 1664

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One of the Most Important Early Maps of Canada and the Great Lakes. Fine example of this highly important map of Canada, the Great Lakes and Northeastern United States, originally engraved for Samuel de Champlain's 1619 Les Voyages. Du Val's Le...