New England

Antique rare maps of New England


1798 - Carte De La Partie Septentrionale Des Etats Unis, comprenant Le Canada, La Nouvelle Ecosse, New Hampshire, Massachuset's Bay, Rhode-Island, Connecticut, avec partie de Pensilvanie et New-Jersey

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Finely detailed map of the Northeast extending from Philadelphia up the coast to Ile d'Anticosti and the mouth of the St. Laurence, published in Paris, shortly after the French Revolution. Extends inland to show part of Lake Ontario with fine detail...


1799 - Carta Delle Provincie Settentrionli. degli Stati-Uniti

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Interesting map of the Northern Part of the United States, from a scarce Italian Edition of La Rochefoucault-Liancourt's Travels in the United States, one of the most popular travel guides of the period. The map extends west to the Ohio River,...


1799 - Map of the Northern Provinces of the United States

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Detailed map of the Northeastern United States, extending south to Maryland and the Upper Chesapeake. The map includes excellent treatment of the early US roads throughout the region. The map appeared in La Rochefoucault-Liancourt's Travels Through...


1801 - Carte De La Partie Septentrionale Des Etats-Unis

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Highly detailed map of the northern part of the United States, which appeared in Voyage Dans la Haute Pennsylvania by Michel Guillaume de Crevecoeur. The map extends from the northern reaches of Chesapeake Bay to Maine and eastward to show most of...


1807 - A New Geographical and Nautical Chart of the Gulf and River St. Lawrence with considerable improvements comprehending the Provinces of Lower Canada, New Brunswick, Part of Nova Scotia the Islands of Prince Edward, Cape Breton the Magdalenes, Anticosti &c.

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The Best Printed Survey of the St. Lawrence River To Date. Only Two Other Examples Traced, With None in Canada. Rare wall-map of the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the River St. Lawrence, in six sheets, drawn by famed British Colonial Surveyor, Astronomer...


1809 - New England by Athur Adams

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Scarce antique engraved map of New England, published by Thomas and Whipple, for Morse and Parish's History of New England. That map extends from New York City to Maine. The name "ATHUR ADAMS" in the cartouche is a spelling error that persists in all...


1814 - Northern Provinces of the United States

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Interesting map of the Northeastern part of the United States, bounded by New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, etc. Indiana appears in northern Virginia. Connecticut reserve appears on the Cuyahoga River. The...


1814 - Connecticut From the best Authorities

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Inscribed to a Top Student! Nice example of the Mathew Carey's map of Connecticut, engraved by Amos Doolittle, which first appeared the 1795 edition of Carey's American Atlas. Carey's American Atlas was the first atlas published in the United States,...


1815 - United States of America, Northern Part

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Fine large format map of the Northeast, at the end of the War of 1812, published by Pinkerton. Large detailed map of the Northeastern United States, from the District of Main to Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and Delaware, including most of the Upper...


1816 - Northern Section of the United States including Canada &c. by John Melish 1816

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Rare map of the Northeastern United States, which first appeared in John Melish's Traveller's Directory… published in Philadelphia. This Northern Sheet, previously titled Map of the Seat of War…extends from the Great Lakes to Nova Scotia, New...


1823 - Map of the Southern Part of New England Compiled for Prest. Dwitghts Travels by George Gillet Esq. 1823.

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Scarce map of Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Long Island, prepared to illustrate Timothy Dwight's Travels in New York and New England. Dwight was a president of Yale Collector.


1826 - Map of Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, Compiled From The Latest Authorities

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Scarce folding example of the map of New England from Finley's New American Atlas, published in 1826. The atlas was a response to the success of Tanner's seminal 1822 New American Atlas, which re-defined the standard for American Commercial...


1830 - [Right sheet only of: A New Chart of America Florida to New York with the Principal Harbours on a Large Scale, Drawn from the latest Authorities, by Robt Blachford. 1807.]

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A rare antique sea chart, probably constituting the northernmost sheet of Blachford's chart of the East Coast, but likely a Norie reissue of about 20 years later. The map features insets of Delaware Bay ("Plan of Delaware Bay and River, By Joshua...


1831 - Map of Massachusetts Connecticut and Rhode Island Constructed from the Latest Authorities . . . 1831

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Highly detailed large format map of New England, from a folding version of Mitchell's rare American Atlas, published in 1831. The map is hand colored by counties and shows towns, rivers, roads, lakes, mountains, islands, canals, etc. Excellent...


1836 - Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut

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Burr's atlas was perhaps the most elegant American commercially published atlas of its time, utilizing wonderful wash colors and elegant engraving style. Burr studied under Simeon DeWitt in New York. His first atlas was an Atlas of New York State, the...


1837 - Chart of George's Shoal & Bank, Surveyed By Charles Wilkes, Lieut Commandant . . . in the U.S. brig Porpois, schoolers Maria & Hadassah. By order of the Hon. Mahlon Dickerson, Secretary of the Navy. . . 1837

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Rare chart of Charles Wilkes' final command prior to embarking upon his famous Expedition in 1838. The first recorded contact with George's Shoal was by Giovanni da Verrazzano, a Florentine navigator, who sailed in 1524 under the flag of France in an...