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New York city

Antique rare maps of New York city


1796 - A Map of a Farm situate in Bloomingdale belonging to Herman Le Roy of New York surveyed Feb. 6. 1796 by Cassimir T. Goerck City Surveyor

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Rare, separately-issued, circa 1885 photolithographed copy of an 18th-century survey of the Upper West Side of Manhattan. The present map incorporates the work of two of Manhattan's greatest surveyors: Casimir Goerck and Joseph Bridges. The map shows...


1800 - New York From Long Island

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Fine early Acquatint view of New York City, engraved by William Rollinson. In this fine view, the artist, John Wood, records the city from the Battery to about Chambers Street as seen across the East River from Long Island. The horizon is punctuated...


1802 - New York From Hobuck Ferry House New Jersey (Rare View of New York City)

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Fine early view of New York City from the Hoboken Ferry in New Jersey, and engraved by Francis Jukes in London. Originally issued as one of a set of four, the views being New York from Hobuck Ferry, Mount Vernon, Passaic Falls, and Hudson River near...


1803 - [Greenwich Village] New York Octbr 29, 1803 Surveyed by Charles Loss City Surveyor

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Greenwich Manuscript Survey By New York City Surveyor Charles Loss Finely executed hand drawn survey map of the area between Herring Street, Barton Street and Houston Street (then called Village Street, and later Hamersly Street, before later becoming...


1813 - [Brooklyn] A Map of ten Lots of land bounded on high water mark as the same was deemed to be on the 20th day of May 1761 on the East River now Brooklyn Ferry in Kings County._ Resurveyed according to the original Map thereof on the first day of May 1813.

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Cornerstone Brooklyn manuscript map -- the genesis of the first official map of Brooklyn. Highly important watercolor and ink manuscript map of a portion of the Village of Brooklyn, by the first official surveyor of Brooklyn. The map depicts what...


1820 - Vues de L'Amerique du Nord - Niagara - Vue de New-York - West Point

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Fascinating early lithograph, intended to illustrate New York City from across the Hudson River. The view is one of a series of very early lithographs intended as a wall paper sequence.


1834 - Vue De New York. Prise de Weahawk. A View of New-York, taken from Veahawk.

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Rare first state of this finely executed aquatint view of New York City and Harbor as seen from Weehawken, New Jersey, based upon original artwork by Ambroise-Louis Garneray. The present example bears the imprint of Basset, with later editions bearing...


1834 - Map of the State of New-York with parts of the adjacent Country, Embracing Plans of the Cities, and some of the larger Villages: By David H. Burr . . . 1834

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The First Official Map of New York State with a large Inset Map of Manhattan. Fine case map edition of David Burr's wall map of New York with a large inset Plan of New York City, published in 1834. Burr's map was essentially the first official state...


1834 - Map of the Country Twenty Five Miles Round The City of New-York

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A Desirable Map of the New York City Metropolitan Area Striking full color example of David Burr's map of New York City, which was issued separately and also appeared in his Universal Atlas, first issued in 1836. The map covers the areas of Kings...


1840 - New York City

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Detailed mid-19th Century New York City plan, from the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge (SDUK). Extends north to around 40th Street and includes parts of Brooklyn, Williamsburgh, Jersey City and Governor's Island. The Harlem Railroad is...


1842 - Geological Map of Long & Staten Islands with the Environs of New York, by W.W. Mather ... from the Topographical Surveys of J. Calvin Smith, Endicott, New York, 1842

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Remarkable large format map of Long Island and Staten Island, with contiguous parts of Manhattan, Westchester County and Southern Connecticut, published by WW Mather in connection with his important work on the geology of the region. Published prior...


1844 - Panoramic View of New York, From the East River.

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Havell Aquatint View of New York From the East River Rare separately published view of New York City, painted and engraved by Robert Havell. The ships were drawn by J. Pringle. Beginning in the second quarter of the 19th century, a significant...


1848 - [Midtown, Manhattan] Map of Real Estate in the 12th Ward of the City of New York Belonging to the Estate of Jacob Harsen, Decd.

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Laying Out Plots in Midtown, including the Location of Studio 54. Two highly finished large manuscript maps of real estate in Midtown West, comprising land between 9th Avenue and Bloomingdale Road (i.e., Broadway), bounded by 53rd Street on the south...


1848 - [Mount Morris Park - Central Harlem]  Map of Property belonging to Samson Adolphus Benson Lying in the 12th War of the City of New-York.

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Mount Morris Park - Central Harlem A fine example Francis Nicholson's rare 1848 cadastral map of the Mount Morris Park historic district - the only specific map of this area to appear in the 19th century. The map depicts the region from Eighth Avenue...


1850 - Nieu Amsterdam. . . New Amsterdam a small City on Manhattan Island, New-Holland, North America. now called New-York & is a part of the English Colonies. about 1667.

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Attractive two-stone lithographed view of New Amsterdam, circa 1667, extracted from Valentine's Manual. 1667 marked the end of the Second Anglo-Dutch War, which was concluded with the Treaty of Breda. In that treaty, the United Provinces agreed with...


1850 - Madison Cottage Corporal Thompson Proprietor Cor. Broadway and 23rd Street New York. N.B. Stages Leaves Every 4 Minutes

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A Famous Resort of the Riders and Drivers from the City -- The Future Home Fine early image of the Madison Cottage, shortly after it was acquired by William Thompson in 1841. The Madison Cottage is the iconic New York landmark which gave rise to the...