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New York city

Antique rare maps of New York city


1853 - Map of the City of New-York 1854

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Detailed map of the City, colored by Wards and Fire Districts. Shows public and private piers, streets, parks, and other details, with a larger plan of the Island of Manhattan at the top.


1854 - Panorama of Manhattan Island, City of New York and Environs.

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Fine large format panoramic view of New York City, published in New York. Drawn from nature & on stone by John Bornet. Printed by Nagel & Weingartner, N.Y. Forty-seven locations noted above the title, and twenty-four locations in the top...


1855 - New York With The City of Brooklyn In The Distance. From the steeple of St. Paul's Church, looking East , South and West

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A Rare mid-19th Century View of New York City Rare birdseye view of New York with the City of Brooklyn in the distance, drawn by J. W. Hill and engraved by Henry Papprill in New York. The view shows various commercial buildings in New York City,...


1857 - New York and its Environs

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A rare map of New York and its surroundings, from Rogers & Johnston's Atlas of the United States. This map is on a much larger scale than most other maps in this atlas, with the field of view occupying approximately 25 miles. The map shows the...


1858 - A View of Fort George with the City of New-York from the S.W. 1740

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Fine mid-19th Century edition of this rare early view of Fort George, originally engraved by George Carwitham, circa 1736. In 1624 the Dutch West India Company established the colony of New Netherland. It grew to encompass all of present-day New York...


1860 - New-York Taken From Fort Columbus, Governor's Island 1816.

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Striking view of New York City from Governors Island, as it appeared in 1816. The view shows a harbor teaming with ships and commerce, with the fortifications at Fort Columbus illustrated, as it appeared at the close of the War of 1812, with soliders...


1865 - Map of the Strikers Bay Farm Estate of Mrs. Ann Rogers Decd. Part of the Estate of John Glendining and Part of the Herman Leroy Farm. Accurately Made From The Most Reliable Data

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Detailed cadastral map of the Upper West Side, between 96th Street and 109th Street, and present-day Central Park West and the Hudson River. As with his other Manhattan neighborhood maps, Holmes shows old plots, roads, and buildings transposed over...


1865 - [Collect Pond and Tribeca, Manhattan] Map of Property Lying on Each Side of Broadway Formerly Known as the Calk Hook Accurately made from Old Deeds Maps and other Reliable Sources.

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Fascinating map of the Collect Pond, Canal Street, and Tribeca by one of New York's most eccentric mapmakers. Superb large format, separately issued map of part of Tribeca in Manhattan, by one of New York's most fascinating mapmakers, John Bute...


1868 - Interior view of Tammany Hall, decorated for the National Convention July 4th, 1868.

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"This is a white man's country, Let white men rule." -- 1868 Democratic Campaign Motto Color-lithographed view of the interior of Tammany Hall, the site of the 1868 Democratic National Convention, widely considered to be the worst mainstream party...


1868 - Map of the West Bayard Farm The Property of Nicholas & Stephen Bayard and the John Dyckman Dcd. Property as surveyed and laid out into lots in the year 1788 by Casimir Th. Goerk, City Surveyor.

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Antique Map of Soho, New York City. Superb large format, separately issued map of Soho in Manhattan, by one of New York's most fascinating mapmakers, John Bute Holmes. The map covers the exclusive retail and residential neighborhood of Soho, bounded...


1869 - [Nolita -- Lower Manhattan] Map of Bayard's East Farm, Accurately Made From Old Maps, [not in Register's Office,] From Conveyances on Record from Nicholas Bayard, Sheriffs Sales, Lottery Lots &c. &c.

  • $21.99

Fascinating Historical Map of Nolita, with the area between Prince, Broadway, the Bowery, and Bayard Street. Superb large format, separately issued map of part of Soho in Manhattan, by one of New York's most fascinating mapmakers, John Bute Holmes....


1869 - Map of the Franklin & Robinson. Janet De Kay. Mary Clarke & Clement C. Moore Estates.

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A rare and highly detailed separate issue 1869 John Bute Holmes map of the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. The map covers from the Hudson River to 7th Avenue and from 19th to 29th street. Like all of Holmes' important neighborhood...


1870 - Topographical Map of New York and Vicinity Embracing Fifteen Cities and above 1700 Square Miles. Showing Rapid Transit Routes Railroads Roads Canals Soundings Buoys &c. . . .

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Detailed hand-colored lithographed map of the New York Metropolitan area, published in New York by Matthew Dripps. The map shows metropolitan New York and its environs, extending as far east on Long Island as Oyster Bay. Shows rapid transit system,...


1871 - Map Of that Part of the Harlem Commons East of the 5th Ave & Central Park. Copied from the Original map made by Joseph F. Bridges, City Surveyor, January 1826, now in possession of a Gentleman who purchased it through A. R. Morgan.

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Rare Antique Map of Part of Harlem, New York City. Superb large format, separately issued map of parts of the Upper East Side and Harlem in Manhattan, by one of New York's most fascinating mapmakers, John Bute Holmes. This map shows a strip of land...


1872 - [Hells Kitchen / Midtown West] Map of the Hermitage Farm and the Norton Estate Compiled From Authentic Data.

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Hells Kitchen / Midtown West 1872 John Bute Holmes cadastral map of the modern-day neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. The map depicts the neighborhood from the Hudson River to Broadway (labeled as...


1873 - Map of Delancy's Farm Western Part.

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Hand-colored lithographed map of part of Chinatown, New York City, published by Spielmann & Brush in their very rare atlas Certified Copies of Original Maps of Property in New York City (1881). The last copy of that atlas was on the market with a...