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New York city

Antique rare maps of New York city


1938 - Panorama of New York World's Fair 1939

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Rare pictorial map of the 1939 New York World's Fair, drawn by John Wenrich. Includes key with 28 points of interest. Rarity This is the first time we've ever seen the map.


1939 - A Chart neither too Literal nor too Emotional, shewing the city New York replete with the wondrous Spectacles, Mysteries, and Pastimes of the natives... Done in the year of the New York World's Fair ~ 1939

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Fabulous Pictorial Map of Manhattan Published for the 1939 World's Fair. Fine vibrantly colored example of this scarce pictorial map of Manhattan published by Macy's department store (which is prominently featured on the map) and made by Russell...


1939 - Map of the New York World's Fair and Approaches . . . Approved by New York World's Fair 1939 . . . / Rapid Transit Map of Greater New York. Text: List of sights and skyscrapers

  • $14.99

Dawn of a New Day -- New York City -- The Wonder City Rare pictorial view and map of the World's Fair and Rapid Transit map of New York, published by C.S. Hammond for the World's Fair. The World's Fair side of the map provides a marvelous futuristic...


1950 - Nouvelle Angleterre - New - York

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Decorative pictorial map of New England and New York, published by Children's book illustrator JP Pinchon. The map was used to educate primary school children in France in the first half of the 20th Century.


1950 - Wonders of New York

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One of the Rarest and Most Sought After New York City Pictorial Maps Rare Large Pictorial Map of New York City, published by Nils Hansell and lithographed by Lutz & Sheinkman. Hansell's map is a whirlwind of whimsical imagery, focused on the...


1981 - New York City

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Richly embellished advertising oriented pictorial map / birdseye view of Dallas, Texas, published by Archar Inc. of Canada. Packed with advertising for local businesses, the images shows buildings, tourism and other landmarks, recreational...


1985 - Artropoly East Village 85. A guide. A documentary

  • $14.99

A Humorous Look At The East Village Art Scene, circa 1985. Promotional poster for Roland Hagenberg’s book East Village ’85. Text by Carlo McCormick, in collaboration with Walter Robinson and Paul Benney. Drawings by Mark Kostabi. The poster was...


1750 - [Rare Early State!] Pensylvania Nova Iersey et Nova York cum Regionibus Ad Fluvium Delaware In America Sitis, Nova Delinatione ob oculos posita . . .

  • $14.99

Rare Early State of Seutter's Map of New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania Rare early state of Seutter's map of the Middle British Colonies, based upon Lewis Evans' extremely rare map of 1749. The present example differs by the spelling of...


1755 - Plan of Fort Frederick at Crown Point

  • $9.99

Detailed contemporary plan of Fort Frederick, issued at the outset of the French & Indian War. The map appeared in the November 1755 edition of the Gentleman's Magazine. The text describes the fort and the surrounding area, with a smaller map...


1755 - Partie De L'Amerique Septentrionale, qui comprend Le Cours De L'Ohio, La N.lle Angleterre, a Nlle York, le New Jersey , La Pensylvanie, Le Maryland, Le Virginie, La Carolina . . . 1755

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Detailed map of the Ohio Valley and regions to the East Nice example of Robert de Vaugondy's map of the Northern British Colonies, French interests to the North of the Great Lakes, and contested "Back Settlements," including a fine detailed treatment...


1756 - Pensylvania Nova Jersey et Nova York cum Regionibus Ad Fluvium Delaware In America Sitis, Nova Delinatione ob oculos posita . . .

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Fascinating Colonial Map of New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania Nice example of T.C. Lotter edition of Seutter's map of the Middle British Colonies, based upon Lewis Evans' extremely rare map of 1749. Seutter's map is a notable...


1758 - [Niagara Falls] Wasserfall von Niagra

  • $14.99

Fine small image of Niagara Falls. The image is a close derivative of the first image of Niagara Falls by Louis Hennepin, which originally appeared in 1697. The main difference is that the image has been reversed. Also, one of Hennepin's four...


1759 - A Perspective View of Lake George

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Fine view of Lake George and Fort Ticonderoga, with a map identifying important points of interest.


1776 - [Long Island & Vicinity] Der Teufels Belt gemeiniglich genannt der Lange Insels Sund

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Extremely rare separately printed map of Long Island, New York City and the area north of the City and Long Island. Includes the contiguous Connecticut Coastline to just beyond Stonington Bay and Fisher's Island and to just north of Tappen Zee and...


1777 - Province De New-York en 4 Feuilles par Montressor a Paris . . . 1777

  • $14.99

The Most Important Map of The British Colony of New York on the Eve of the American Revolution, With Revisions Added By The French For Use During the American Revolution. Fine example of the George Louis Le Rouge edition of John Montressor's...


1778 - Carte Des Troubles De L'Amerique Levee par Ordre Du Chevalier Tryon Capitaine General et Gouverneur De la Province de New-York Ensemble la Province de New-Jersey . . . 1778

  • $14.99

Rare French edition of this important early Revolutionary War map, published to illustrate the Northern Theater of War in the early years of the American Revolution, shortly after the French entered the conflict in alliance with the American...