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New York State

Antique rare maps of New York State


1766 - (Pitt the Elder and the Stamp Act) Common-Wealth, The Colossus

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Sedition in New York in 1766, The Stamp Act, "America's Nabob", and the Origins of "Yankee Doodle". Rare engraved caricature of William Pitt the Elder, Earl of Chatham, represented as a Colossus straddling the Atlantic Ocean and attempting to gain...


1900 - [Site of A Presidential Assassination] Plan of the Pan American Exposition to be held at Buffalo, New York (May 1 - Nov. 1, 1901)

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The Site of William McKinley's Assassination in September 1901 Finely executed plan of the Pan American Exposition grounds, which were to be held in Buffalo in 1901. As noted, the map shows the revisions of the plan as of August 15, 1900. The map...


1796 - Bowles's New One-Sheet Map of the Independent States of Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pensylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut & Rhode Island. &c. Comprehending also the Habitation & Hunting Countries of the Confederate Indians; by Lewis Evans.

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Rare Map of the Mid-Atlantic Issued Shortly After The 1783 Treaty of Peace. A nice example of the Bowles & Carver post-Revolutionary War edition of Lewis Evans' seminal map of the British Colonies in North America, including early references to...


1776 - (American Revolution) [Manuscript Map of New York City and Northern New Jersey]

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An American Revolutionary War Manuscript Map -- From the Collection of One of the First U.S. Frigate Captains Manuscript map in pen and ink on laid paper of New York City and northern New Jersey, "the cockpit of the American Revolution". The map was...


1780 - The Coast of Nova Scotia, New England, New-York, Jersey, The Gulph and River of St. Lawrence. The Islands of Newfoundland, Cape Breton, St. John, Antecosty, Sable &c. and Soundings thereof;

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The magnificent capstone of British mapping of northeastern North America. A rare, monumental and momentous general chart of northeastern North America, representing the capstone of British efforts to map the region after the end of the French and...


1625 - Nova Anglia, Novum Belgium et Virginia

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Quite Possibly The Most Important Map of the Northeast & Mid-Atlantic Published in the First Half of the 17th Century. Johannes De Laet's highly influential map of the East Coast of North America is a cartographic landmark, depicting the region...


1638 - Nova Belgica Et Anglia Nova

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A Landmark Early Map In the Mapping of the Dutch and British Colonies in North America Nice example of the Blaeu's seminal map of New England and the Northeast. Blaeu's map of New England is one of the most important advances in the printed mapping...


1651 - Belgii Novi Angliae Novae et Partis Virginiae Novissima Delineatio

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A Foundational Map of the Northeastern United States Nice old color example of one of the fundamental prototype maps of America. Jansson's map is the prototype for the famed Jansson-Visscher series and the model for the mapping of the northeast...


1656 - Pascaarte van Nieu Nederlandt uytgegeven door Arnold Colom

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The First Sea Chart of the New Netherlands Fine example of Arnold Colom's sea chart of New Netherlands, the Chesapeake, Virginia, etc., first published by Arnold Colom in about 1656. Colom's sea chart is a landmark in the mapping of the region,...


1656 - Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae Nec Non partis Virginiae Tabula multis in locis emendata . . .

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Visscher's Landmark Map of the Northeast -- Early View of New York City Finely colored example of Nicolaes Visscher's important map of the Northeast, with a large inset view of New York City. This is the first map containing the famous inset view of...


1666 - Pas caerte van Nieu Nederlandt en de Engelsche Virginies van Cabo Cod tot Cabo Canrick

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Fine wide margined example of one of the finest and most beautiful regional 17th-century charts of America, from De Zee Atlas ofter Water-Weereld, first published by Goos in 1666. The map illustrates the Atlantic coast of America from Cape Cod to Cape...


1684 - Pas-Kaart vande Zee Kusten van Niew Nederland anders Genaamt Niew York tusschen Renselaars Hoek en de Staaten Hoek . . .

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Early Appearances of Manhattan Island, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Block Island. Important early Sea Chart of the region around New York City, Long Island and the Connecticut and southern Massachusetts coastlines, first published by Johannes Van...


1684 - Novi Belgii Novaeque Angliae Nec Non Pennsylvaniae et Partis Virginiae Tabula multis in locis emendata . . .

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Danckerts Edition of Visscher's Landmark Map of the Northeast Second state of Justus Danckert's map of New Netherlands, including a view of New Amsterdam, now also called "Nieuw Yorck." A very attractive example from this famous and much sought...


1685 - A New Map of New England New York New Iarsey Pensilvania Maryland and Virginia

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Spectacular Contemporary Color Example of An Important Map of the British Colonies with the First Printed Plan of New York Harbor Remarkable old color example of the final edition of Thornton, Morden & Lea's important map of the English Colonies...


1732 - New England, New York, New Jersey and Pensilvania

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Highly detailed regional map of the Northeastern United States, from Moll's Atlas Minor. A fine early regional map of the American Colonies.


1757 - Carte De La Nouvelle Angleterre Nouvelle Yorck et Pensilvanie . . .

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Fine example of Bellin's map of New England and the Northeast Region. An excellent early map of the region bounded by New England, Lake Ontario and the northern Chesapeake River, centered on New York and Connecticut from Bellin's Histoire Generale des...