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New York State

Antique rare maps of New York State


1770 - [Vermont / New Hampshire Grants]

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Manuscript Map Showing the New Hampshire Grants Which Would Become The State of Vermont Finely executed manuscript map delineating the New Hampshire Grants, the first meaningful delineation of the future state of Vermont. The map extends north to...


1775 - The Provinces of New York, and New Jersey; with part of Pensilvania, and the Governments of Trois Rivieres, and Montreal; Drawn by Capt. Holland. Engraved by Thomas Jefferys, Geographer to His Majest.

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Rare First Edition, Second State, of Samuel Holland's Map of New York, Vermont, New Jersey, etc. Important colonial map of the Hudson River and its tributaries, including the Mohawk, and also with New Jersey and the upper course of the St. Lawrence...


1776 - The Provinces of New York, and New Jersey; with part of Pensilvania and the Province of Quebec. Drawn By Major Holland, Surveyor General, of the Northern District of America. Corrected and Improved, from the Original Materials, By Govern. Pownall, Member

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Rare Final State of Samuel Holland's Map of New York, Vermont, New Jersey, etc. Nice example of this important colonial map of the Hudson River and its tributaries, including the Mohawk, and also with New Jersey and the upper course of the St....


1777 - A Map of the Provinces of New-York and New-Jersey, with a part of Pennsylvania and the Province of Québec . . . 1777

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German edition of Sauthier's important map of the Provinces of New York and New Jersey, published at the outset of the American Revolution. A highly detailed extending from Delaware Bay, New Jersey in the South to New York-Canada border, and including...


1780 - (Theater of War in North America) Schauplatz des Krieges in Nord America

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Unrecorded German map of the Theater of War in the northeast during the American Revolution. The towns of Boston, Providence, Newport, New York and Philadelphia are underlined in red. This is the first time we have ever seen the map and we can find...


1780 - Connecticut, and Parts adjacent . . .

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Bernard Romans' Map of Connectiuct -- A Revolutionary War Era Rarity Important early map of Connecticut and Long Island, originally published in New Haven by Bernard Romans and later in Amsterdam. This map was one of four Romans maps parts of the...


1799 - Carta Delle Provincie Settentrionli. degli Stati-Uniti

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Interesting map of the Northern Part of the United States, from a scarce Italian Edition of La Rochefoucault-Liancourt's Travels in the United States, one of the most popular travel guides of the period. The map extends west to the Ohio River,...


1799 - Map of the Northern Provinces of the United States

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Detailed map of the Northeastern United States, extending south to Maryland and the Upper Chesapeake. The map includes excellent treatment of the early US roads throughout the region. The map appeared in La Rochefoucault-Liancourt's Travels Through...


1814 - Northern Provinces of the United States

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Interesting map of the Northeastern part of the United States, bounded by New England, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, etc. Indiana appears in northern Virginia. Connecticut reserve appears on the Cuyahoga River. The...


1816 - Northern Section of the United States including Canada &c. by John Melish 1816

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Rare map of the Northeastern United States, which first appeared in John Melish's Traveller's Directory… published in Philadelphia. This Northern Sheet, previously titled Map of the Seat of War…extends from the Great Lakes to Nova Scotia, New...


1876 - Map of the South Mountain and Boston Railroad & Connection Showing Territory Passed Through Rail-Roads and Canals Crossed or Connected…

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Decorative map of the Route of the South Mountain & Boston Railroad, from Harrisburg/Rockville to Boston, with a large decorative title vignette and a vignette showing a the Bridge where the railroad crosses the Hudson River. A relatively rare map...


1730 - A Large Draught of New England New York and Long Island -- Sold By George Grierson at the two Bibles in Esses Street Dublin

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A "Pirated Dublin" Sea Chart of New England and Long Island A rare chart of the New England coast adapted from the work of Cyprian Southack and published in a Dublin edition of the English Pilot. The Fourth Book. The chart depicts the northeast...


1756 - A Map of the Eastern part of the Province of New York, with part of New Jersey - &c. -- Drawn from the best Authorities . . .

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French & Indian War Map of New York and New Jersey Detailed map of the Theater of the French and Indian War in 1755. The region depicted includes the Hudson River valley, north to Lake Champlain, including Forts Ticonderoga and Frederick. Also...


1776 - A Survey of Lake Champlain, including Lake George, Crown Point and St. John, Surveyed by Order of His Excellency, Major General Sr. Jeffery Amherst . . . 1762.

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An Important Revolutionary War Period map of Lake Champlain & Lake George, based upon William Brassier's survey of the region during the French & Indian War. Sayer & Bennett's map is the first separately published map to focus on Lake...


1776 - A Map of the Province of New-York, Reduc'd from the large Drawing of that Province, Compiled from actual Surveys by Order of His Excellency William Tryon Esqr. Captain General & Governor of the Same, By Claude Joseph Sauthier; to which is added New-Jersey

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Important early Revolutionary War map, published by William Faden shortly after the signing on the Declaration of Independence. This remarkable map is a combination of two of the most important colonial surveys conducted on the eve of the Revolution,...


1794 - Plan of the Position which the Army under Lt. Gen. Burgoine took at Saratoga on the 10th of September 1777 and in which it remained till the Convention was signed.

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An important early battle plan, showing the position of the British and American Troops following the second battle of Saratoga. Following the first battle, Burgoyne took a defensive position, while the Americans withdrew to wait for his next move....