Antique rare maps of Plains


1844 - Ball-Play Dance (From Catlin's N.A. Indian Collection)

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Remarkable image showing Choctaw Indians playing lacrosse, from George Catlin's North American Indian Portfolio. In 1834, George Catlin witnessed Choctaw lacrosse in Indian Territory near present-day Oklahoma, and was captivated by the game. Ball-play...


1876 - Historical Atlas of the World Illustrated Giving Histories and Maps of all the Countries in Their Geographical Statistical and Commercial Aspects

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An interesting post-Civil War American atlas of the world, published by Higgins, Bros. & Co. in Chicago and authored by Charles H. Jones with the assistance Theodore F. Hamilton. This edition includes the rare L.W. Wight "New Section and Township...


1690 - Partie Occidentale du Canada ou de la Nouvelle France ou sont les Nations des Ilinois, de Tracy, les Iroquois, et Plusieurs autres Peuples; avec la Louisiane Nouvellement Decouverte etc. . . .

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The First Printed Map Devoted to The Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi Region Nice example of Jean-Baptiste Nolin's landmark map of the Midwest, presenting for the first time on a printed map the evidence of the robust and multi-faceted exploration of...


1720 - Amplissimae Regionis Mississipi Seu Provinciae Ludovicianae A R.P. Ludovico Hennepin Francisc Miss In America Septentrionali Anno 1687 . . .

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Striking full-color example of Homann's map of the Course of the Mississippi River, based upon the reports of Hennepin, who explored the upper Mississippi and Great Lakes regions as a Jesuit Missionary in the late 1600s. The map follows the work of De...


1737 - Le Cours du Fleuve Missisipi, selon les Relations les plus moderns. A Amsterdam chez J.F. Bernard . . . 1737

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Important early derivative of Louis Hennepin's seminal map of North America. Benard's map provides an excellent treatment of the region from the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes eastward to the eastern seaboard. Along the Mississippi, Benard...


1804 - Louisiana (Louisiana Territory)

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The First American Map of Louisiana Territory Nice example of Arrowsmith & Lewis's map of Louisiana Territory, first published shortly after the completion of the Louisiana Purchase and about the time Lewis & Clark set out to explore the...


1805 - Charte von Den Vereinigten Staaten von Nord-America nebst Louisiana . . . 1805 [Rare 1st State of Gussefeld's Louisiana Purchase Map]

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Rare first state of Gussefeld's map of the United States, published in the same year as the Louisiana Purchase and highlighting Jefferson's United States on the eve of the expedtitions of Lewis & Clark, Zebulon Pike, etc. Following the Louisiana...


1815 - Carte Encyprotype, de l' Amerique Septentrionale . . . 1815 . . . Revue & Augmentee par l'Auteur en Avril 1819

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Adams-Onís Treaty Edition of Brué's Important Map of North America Fine example of Brué's impressive four-sheet map of North America, published only two months after the signing of the Adams-Onís Treaty in February 1819 and one of the first...


1817 - A Map of Lewis and Clark's Track Across the Western Portion of North America, from the Mississippi to the Pacific Ocean. By Order of the Executive of the United States in 1804, 5 & 6. . . . (bound in:) Travels to the Source of the Missouri River, and Acr

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London edition of Lewis & Clark's map of the Northwestern US, based upon William Clark's original manuscript map of the expedition, along with the complete 3 volume text and maps of the 1817 London edition of Lewis & Clark's Travels to the...


1818 - Vereinigte Staaten in Nord America….

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Scarce & interesting map of the United States, published in the decade following the Louisiana purchase. Among the more notable features of the map are the many interesting mountain ranges in the Plains regions, the early appearance of Michigan...


1821 - [Missouri named Jefferson] Etats-Unis par A.M. Perrot

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Missouri as the state of Jefferson Fascinating early map of the United States, which names the present state of Missouri as Jefferson. The outline color clearly delineates Missouri, as formed in 1821. Other features include a 54-40 or fight boundary...


1839 - Map to Illustrate the Route of Prince Maximilian of Wied in the Interior of North America from Boston to the Upper Missouri, etc, in 1832, 33, & 34

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One of the Finest Early Maps of The Missouri Valley & American Plains Nice example of this remarkable map illustrating the account of the travels of Prince Alexander Phillip Maximilian, of Wied's, in the Plains and Rocky Mountain regions, in the...


1858 - Mitchell's New National Map, Exhibiting The United States with the North American British Provinces, Sandwich Islands, Mexico and Central America, Together with Cuba and the other West India Islands . . . 1858

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Fine Example of Mitchell's National Map of the United States Fine wall map of the United States, illustrating the transitional western Territorial and State borders, published by S A Mitchell in 1858. First published in 1856, Mitchell's remarkable...


1865 - Map of the United States And Territories, Together with Canada &c. (Wyoming Territory delineated, but Attached to Dacotah)

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An Early Appearance of Wyoming Territory Rare intermediate state of Mitchell's map of the United States, the first map to include the territory of Wyoming, 3 years before it's official creation, based upon a failed 1865 congressional act. The map...


1867 - The Hannibal & St. Joseph Rail Road Company Offer For Sale nearly 400,000 Acres of the best Prairie, Timber, and Coal Lands in Northern Missouri Located on or mostly within 10 Miles of the Railroad . . .

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Advertising broadsheet map published by the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad, promoting land in Northern Missouri. The map notes the Railroad offering more than 400,000 acres of land for sale along the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad in...


1868 - [The Mississippi-Missouri: A Geographical Blunder -- An Illustrated Argument For Renaming The Lower Mississippi River Put Forth By A Prominent American Educator To The Author of a Best Selling American School Geography]

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"The Geographer who shall first have the boldness to teach the truth . . . will be opposed for a time by interested book publishers and conservative pedagogues, but will triumph as Galileo did in the end." The Mississippi-Missouri: A Geographical...