Antique rare maps of Iowa


1870 - The Great South West showing the Routes to Kansas issued by the Missouri Riv. Ft. Scott & Gulf R.R. and the Leavenworth Lawrence & Galveston R.R.

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The Neutral Lands and the Race To Construct Railroad Lines from Northern Kansas to Indian Territory Unrecorded railroad map of Texas, the Southern and Mdiwestern States, published by the Missouri River, Fort Scott & Gulf Railroad and the...


0 - Neuer praktischer Wegweiser fur Auswanderer nach Nord-Amerika in drei Abtheilungen mit karten, planen und Ansichten . . .

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An Extremely Rare German Emigrant Guide to California, Oregon, Texas, Iowa and the Midwest -- Especially So With All Maps & Plans Second extended German edition, adding the view of St. Louis and with the often missing maps of Iowa and the United...


1825 - Amer. Sep. No. 49. Partie des √Čtats Unis [Missouri, Illinois, Indian Territory, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa]

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Important Early Mapping of the Missouri River, Upper Mississippi and Indian Regions Remarkable map of the central part of the Mississippi Valley and Lower MIssouri River Valley, only a few years after Missouri gained its statehood. The detail along...


1838 - Iowa and Wisconsin

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Early Antique Map of Iowa Territory and Wisconsin Territory Important early map of part of Iowa and Wisconsin, with large inset showing all of Iowa Territory and Wisconsin Territory extending to the Canadian Border. Iowa Territory was organized in...


1854 - Map of the Racine, Janesville & Mississippi Rail-Road and its Connections 1854 (with First Annual Report)

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A Wisconsin Railroad That Never Was Rare map of the railroad lines of the Racine, Janesville & Mississippi Railroad, published in Racine with the first annual report of the Racine, Janesville & Mississippi Railroad. The map shows the area...


1970 - The Holy Road Log of the Pioneer Mormon Company Nauvoo to Salt Lake City 1846-1847 From Panorama at Pioneer Village Museum Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Rare historical / pictorial map of the Mormon Route from Navoo to Salt Lake, drawn by Robert A. Hanson. The map was likely published by the Western Cover Society, a California based society which published the Western Express. Hanson's maps were...


1838 - Map of the Settled Part of Wisconsin Territory Compiled From the Latest Authorities

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A Foundational Wisconsin Map. This is an important early map of Wisconsin, published only two years after the territory was incorporated. The map centers on the areas now part of southwestern Wisconsin and eastern Iowa. In this area, the most...


1842 - Map Showing The Disputed Boundary of Missouri and Iowa (with original text)

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The Iowa-Missouri Boundary Dispute Detailed map illustrating the boundary dispute between Missouri and Iowa, drawn by George A. Leakin, accompanied by the report to the House of Representatives dated December 31, 1842, regarding the Northern Boundary...


1837 - Map of the Des Moines Rapids of the Mississippi River. Drawn by Lt. M.C. Meigs & Henry Kayser

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Finely detailed map of the section of the Mississippi River, showing the Des Moines Rapids in the area of Fort Des Moines, based upon the surveys of Lieutenant Robert E. Lee of the US Corps of Engineers. The Des Moines Rapids was one of two major...


1842 - Iowa

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Rare early map of the surveyed portions of Iowa, from an early example of Morse's Cerographic Atlas of the United States. Includes a number of counties, towns, rivers, etc. The map shows the settled portions of Iowa Territory, four years after it...


1853 - Sketch of the Public Surveys in Iowa

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Nice example of the 1853 public survey map of Iowa prepared by Warner Lewis, Surveyor General of Iowa. The map shows the progress of township and baseline surveys in Iowa. The northern part of the state is still largely unsurveyed, as is a section...


1854 - Map of Iowa

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A Stunning Early Map of Iowa Fine early map of Iowa during its initial period of rapid settlement, showing the land office locations, a table of population by county in 1840 and 1850, and the settled areas of adjoining states. Rare first...


1855 - Karte des Staates Iowa nach den besten Hulfsmittlen bearbeitet von Th. Olshausen. . . 1855

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Rare separately issued map of Iowa, published in Kiel in a promotional tract, Der Staat Iowa geographisch und statistisch beschrieben von Theodor Olshausen in St. Louis in Staate Missouri . . ., published in 1855. Olshausen is also known to have...


1855 - A Township Map of the State of Iowa Compiled from the United States Surveys, official information and personal reconnaissance, showing the Streams, Roads, Towns, Post Offices, County Seats, Works of Internal Improvements, &c &c. . . . 1855

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Nice example of the second state of Henn, Williams & Co.'s large format map of Iowa. The evolution of the Henn, Williams & Co. map of Iowa over the first 3 years of its publication provides a remarkable visual depiction of the rapid growth of...


1855 - Iowa 1855 (Pocket Map)

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Scarce early separately issued map of Iowa, pre-dating the first edition Colton's atlas map of Iowa. An attractive and detailed map of Iowa with an ornate border. It is colored by counties and shows cities, towns, railroads, rivers, and lakes.


1856 - Parker's Sectional & Geological Map of Iowa Exhibiting her Iron Lead Copper Coal and other Geological Resources and all Rail Roads Completed in progress and projected . . . 1856

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The First Commercially Published Geological Map of Iowa A fine large format map of Iowa, published by Nathan H. Parker in Clinton, Iowa and printed by J. H. Colton in New York and Keen & Lee in Chicago. This is one of the earliest appearances of...