Antique rare maps of Missouri


1821 - [Missouri named Jefferson] Etats-Unis par A.M. Perrot

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Missouri as the state of Jefferson Fascinating early map of the United States, which names the present state of Missouri as Jefferson. The outline color clearly delineates Missouri, as formed in 1821. Other features include a 54-40 or fight boundary...


1868 - [The Mississippi-Missouri: A Geographical Blunder -- An Illustrated Argument For Renaming The Lower Mississippi River Put Forth By A Prominent American Educator To The Author of a Best Selling American School Geography]

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"The Geographer who shall first have the boldness to teach the truth . . . will be opposed for a time by interested book publishers and conservative pedagogues, but will triumph as Galileo did in the end." The Mississippi-Missouri: A Geographical...


1862 - Map of the Rebel Fortifications At Columbus Ky. Surveyed Under The Direction of Brig. Genl. Geo. W. Cullum . . .

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Rare plan showing the Rebel Fortifications at Columbus, Kentucky on the Mississippi River. Detail includes a town plan, tracks of the Mobile and Ohio R.R., Road to Elliott's Mill and Ft. Holt, Road to Blandville, Clinton Road to Milburn, Paducah &...


1870 - The Great South West showing the Routes to Kansas issued by the Missouri Riv. Ft. Scott & Gulf R.R. and the Leavenworth Lawrence & Galveston R.R.

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The Neutral Lands and the Race To Construct Railroad Lines from Northern Kansas to Indian Territory Unrecorded railroad map of Texas, the Southern and Mdiwestern States, published by the Missouri River, Fort Scott & Gulf Railroad and the...


1810 - The First Part of Captn. Pike's Chart of the Internal Part of Louisiana . . .

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A Foundational American Map An exceptional Trans-Mississippi West map, showing the first portion of Zebulon Pike's exploration of the American Southwest. The map shows Pike's route through the region from the west of the Mississippi, from the...


1831 - Map of the State of Missouri and Territory of Arkansas complied from the Latest Authorities . . . 1831

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Nice example of the 1831 Mitchell edition of Finley's map of Arkansas and Missouri, being one of the earliest separately issued regional maps to show Arkansas in its double-width configuration (including most of Oklahoma). A number of counties in the...


1829 - Missouri

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Nice example of the first state of Finley's map of Missouri, first published in 1824. The map is hand colored by counties and shows towns, rivers, mountains and other geographical features. One of the earliest obtainable maps of Missouri, with...


1835 - Illinois & Missouri

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Scarce early map of Missouri & Illinois, also showing Arkansaw Territory to the South and Missouri Territory to the North. A number of early primitive counties still appear, especially in Missouri. Missouri has 38 counties, but lacks the Platte...


1831 - (Pocket Map) Illinois and Missouri By H.S. Tanner. 1831

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Significantly revised and updated version of HS Tanner's large format map of Missouri and Illinois Territories, first issued in 1821. The map includes remarkable detail where there had been relatively little detailed cartographic work to date. The...


1832 - Map of the States of Missouri and Illinois

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Scarce early map of Missouri and Illinois, hand colored by counties. Many of the western counties are Indian Lands, such as Kickapoo, Delawares, Shawnees, etc. The Boundy Lands are shown in the North. A massive Wayne County dominates the south. A...


1857 - The City of St. Louis [with] The City of Chicago

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Two detailed maps of the cities of Chicago and St. Louis, published by JH Colton in New York. The maps are each colored by ward, and showing streets, rail lines, parks, buildings and other details.


1814 - Missouri Territory formerly Louisiana.

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The First American Atlas Map of the Transmississippi West -- Based Upon Lewis & Clark's Reports Nice example of Mathew Carey's highly important map of Missouri Territory. Published shortly after the return of Lewis & Clark, Mathew Carey's...


1842 - Map Showing The Disputed Boundary of Missouri and Iowa (with original text)

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The Iowa-Missouri Boundary Dispute Detailed map illustrating the boundary dispute between Missouri and Iowa, drawn by George A. Leakin, accompanied by the report to the House of Representatives dated December 31, 1842, regarding the Northern Boundary...


1855 - Map No. 1 From the Western Boundary of Missouri to the Mouth of Trap Creek: from Explorations and Surveys made under the direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis Secretary of War by Capt. J.W. Gunnison Topl. Engrs. assisted by Capt. E.G. Beckwith . . . R.H.

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Detailed survey map of the region centered on the course of the Missouri River, published as part of the Surveys to find the most practicable routes from the Mississippi River to the Pacific Ocean. The present map is one of the first maps created by...


1872 - Martial Law. As Exemplified In The Desolation of Border Counties of Missouri , Issued By Brigadier General Ewing, Of the Federal Army, From His Head Quarters, Kansas City, Augt. 25th 1863. . . .

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Proof state of this large mezzotint of George Caleb Bingham's painting "Martial Law," an artistic protest against the Federal Goverment's declaration of martial law on the Kansas-Missouri border. This iconic image shows the evacuation of civilians...


1865 - County Map of the States of Iowa and Missouri

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Attractive map of Iowa and Missouri, colored by counties. Shows towns, roads, railroads, rivers, etc.