Antique rare maps of Nebraska


1876 - Historical Atlas of the World Illustrated Giving Histories and Maps of all the Countries in Their Geographical Statistical and Commercial Aspects

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An interesting post-Civil War American atlas of the world, published by Higgins, Bros. & Co. in Chicago and authored by Charles H. Jones with the assistance Theodore F. Hamilton. This edition includes the rare L.W. Wight "New Section and Township...


1810 - The First Part of Captn. Pike's Chart of the Internal Part of Louisiana . . .

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A Foundational American Map An exceptional Trans-Mississippi West map, showing the first portion of Zebulon Pike's exploration of the American Southwest. The map shows Pike's route through the region from the west of the Mississippi, from the...


1858 - Military Map of Nebraska and Dakota by Lieut. G.K. Warren . . .

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1875 Edition of Warren's Pivotal Map of the American Plains -- Early Reference To the Colorado / Kansas Gold Regions 1875 edition of Gouverneur Kemble Warren's large format map of Kansas, Nebraska, Dakota and part Colorado and Wyoming, based upon...


1875 - Map of the Central Pacific Railroad and its Connections

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Decorative map of the route of the Central Pacific from the midwest to San Francisco, illustrated with 24 images of the west, primarily of California and Nevada. Decorative and highly detailed map, with vignettes of major points of interest in the...


1970 - The Holy Road Log of the Pioneer Mormon Company Nauvoo to Salt Lake City 1846-1847 From Panorama at Pioneer Village Museum Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • $21.99

Rare historical / pictorial map of the Mormon Route from Navoo to Salt Lake, drawn by Robert A. Hanson. The map was likely published by the Western Cover Society, a California based society which published the Western Express. Hanson's maps were...


1814 - Missouri Territory formerly Louisiana.

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The First American Atlas Map of the Transmississippi West -- Based Upon Lewis & Clark's Reports Nice example of Mathew Carey's highly important map of Missouri Territory. Published shortly after the return of Lewis & Clark, Mathew Carey's...


1836 - [Western Territory]

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Antique Map of the Plains and Indian Territory, Extending the Rocky Mountains Rare and important map from the 1835 Dodge-Kingsbury expedition (only 500 copies printed). The map identifies place names as far west as Santa Fe New Mexico, Pike's Peak...


1855 - The Territories of Kansas and Nebraska: Being An Account of Their Geography, Resources, and Settlements . . . (with two early maps of Kansas & Nebraska)

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First edition of this fine early guide book to Kansas Territory and Nebraska Territory by Joseph F. Moffette, embellished with rare variant editions of two maps of Kansas and Nebraska, published by J.H. Colton & Company in New York. Pocket guide...


1855 - Nebraska and Kanzas

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First State of Colton's Map of Kanzas and Nebraska Colton's highly sought after regional map of Nebraska and Kanzas, first published in 1855. Nebraska extends to Canada and the Rockies, taking up large portions of Montana, Wyoming and Utah. Kanzas...


1857 - Territory of Nebraska [includes parts of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Dakota]

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Rare map of the Territory of Nebraska, from Rogers & Johnston's Atlas of the United States. Rogers & Johnston's map is the only commercial atlas map to show Nebraska Territory on a single map. The map was derived from the monumental and...


1861 - Johnson's Nebraska & Kansas

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Early map in the series of Johnson's maps of this region, the first edition to include Colorado Territory. In this edition, Kansas extends to the Rocky Mountains and Nebraska extends to Oregon Territory and Canada. In the next edition, Kansas gives...


1862 - Map of Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado

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Excellent early map of the regional map of the Plains and Rocky Mountains, published by S.A. Mitchell Jr. Kansas counties cover only the eastern third of the state. Nebraska counties cover only a very small fraction of the state, which stretches all...


1887 - Map of Nebraska and Eastern Colorado Published by the Burlington Route. 1887. (with original Promotional Pamphlet)

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Fine railroad promotional map, stretching from Denver, Ft. Collins and Cheyene in the west to the Missouri River. Scarce promotional booklet for lands being opened up by the Burlington Route of the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad Company....


1855 - Nebraska and Kansas

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First edition, second state of this rare and important separately issued map of Kansas and Nebraska, published by J.H. Colton in New York. Colton's map is the first printed map to show the configurations of Nebraska and Kansas after the creation of...


1856 - Map No. 2 From The Mouth of Trap River To The Santa Fe Crossing; from Explorations and surveys made under the direction of the Hon. Jefferson Davis Secretary of War by Capt. E.G. Beckwith 3d. R.H. Kern Topographer in the Field . . . . 1855

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Detailed map of large portions of Kansas and Nebraska, prepared in connection with the Surveys to determine the most practicable routes for Transcontinental Railroads in the the 1850s. The map provides a detailed treatment of the region between the...


1859 - Colton's Kansas and Nebraska

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Vibrant example of this early map of Kansas and Nebraska, which was only issued in the vertical format for a few years. Primitive County configurations in the west and south. Multiple proposed railroad routes throughout the map.