Oklahoma & Indian Territory

Antique rare maps of Oklahoma & Indian Territory


1844 - Ball-Play Dance (From Catlin's N.A. Indian Collection)

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Remarkable image showing Choctaw Indians playing lacrosse, from George Catlin's North American Indian Portfolio. In 1834, George Catlin witnessed Choctaw lacrosse in Indian Territory near present-day Oklahoma, and was captivated by the game. Ball-play...


1813 - (Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma) Eerst Gedeelte der Kaart van de binnelanden van Louisiana, door Z.M. Pike . . .

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Rare Dutch edition of this highly important map the region, from Pike's account of his expedition to the West . The map shows Pike's route through the region from the west of the Mississippi, from the Missouri River to the Red River, and extending...


1870 - The Great South West showing the Routes to Kansas issued by the Missouri Riv. Ft. Scott & Gulf R.R. and the Leavenworth Lawrence & Galveston R.R.

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The Neutral Lands and the Race To Construct Railroad Lines from Northern Kansas to Indian Territory Unrecorded railroad map of Texas, the Southern and Mdiwestern States, published by the Missouri River, Fort Scott & Gulf Railroad and the...


1878 - Post Route Map of the State of Texas with Adjacent Parts of Louisiana, Arkansas, Indian Territory, and the Republic of Mexico Designed and Constructed Under the Orders of Postmaster General D. M. Key . . . 1878

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A Texas Sized Postal Map Without Post Routes! First state of this important early map showing the Official Post Offices and Postal Routes in Texas in the last decade of the 19th Century. The Key indicates that the map include Railroads, Mail...


1810 - The First Part of Captn. Pike's Chart of the Internal Part of Louisiana . . .

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A Foundational American Map An exceptional Trans-Mississippi West map, showing the first portion of Zebulon Pike's exploration of the American Southwest. The map shows Pike's route through the region from the west of the Mississippi, from the...


1831 - Map of the State of Missouri and Territory of Arkansas complied from the Latest Authorities . . . 1831

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Nice example of the 1831 Mitchell edition of Finley's map of Arkansas and Missouri, being one of the earliest separately issued regional maps to show Arkansas in its double-width configuration (including most of Oklahoma). A number of counties in the...


1846 - (Republic of Texas) Texas Nach den besten Quellen entw. U. Gez. Vom Hauptm. Radefeld. 1846.

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A German Map of the Republic of Texas Detailed map of the Republic of Texas at the start of the Mexican War. The massive stovepipe configuration is shown here, extending to Wyoming in the north, the Rio Grande in the west and the Red River and...


1846 - A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California with the Regions adjoining Compiled from the most recent authorities . . . 1846

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Including Manuscript Additions of the Overland Route To California and Other Important Points. Nice example of Mitchell's seminal map of Texas, Oregon, Upper California, Missouri Territory and a massive Indian Territory (covering most of Kansas and...


1857 - Map of Texas and Part of New Mexico compiled in the Bureau of Topographical Eng'rs. chiefly for military purposes. 1857

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One of the Rarest Great Modern Maps of Texas First edition of this remarkable separately issued map of Texas and part of New Mexico, prepared by the United States Topographical Engineers in 1857 and issued in very small numbers, likely only for use...


1906 - Carte du Reseau Projete de la Compagnie des Chemins de Fer Cherryvale, Oklahoma & Texas

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Promoting Railroads To French Investors Fine example of this rare promotional map centered on Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas, published to attract French investors in the issuance of bonds to construct the Cherryvale, Oklahoma & Texas Railway. This...


1920 - Gallup's Map of the Central-Southern Oil Fields of the United States | Showing Holdings of Roxoline Petroleum Company, Grain Exchange Bldg., Oklahoma City, Okla.

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Early Texas Oil Map. Scarce oil map covering all of Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas along with portions of New Mexico, Missouri, Arkansas, and Louisiana. It prominently shows oil fields, gas fields, and "oil indications" in red overprinting with large...


1814 - Missouri Territory formerly Louisiana.

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The First American Atlas Map of the Transmississippi West -- Based Upon Lewis & Clark's Reports Nice example of Mathew Carey's highly important map of Missouri Territory. Published shortly after the return of Lewis & Clark, Mathew Carey's...


1836 - [Western Territory]

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Antique Map of the Plains and Indian Territory, Extending the Rocky Mountains Rare and important map from the 1835 Dodge-Kingsbury expedition (only 500 copies printed). The map identifies place names as far west as Santa Fe New Mexico, Pike's Peak...


1858 - Boundary of the Creek Country Surveyed Under The Direction of the Bureau of Topl. Engs. . . 1849 (with text report)

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Detailed survey of the lands in Indian Territory occupied by the Creek Indians by agreement with the United States Government. The map shows the results of the earliest surveys of the watershed of the Canadian River and Red Fork of the Arkansas River...


1898 - Indian Territory. Compiled under the direction of Charles H. Fitch, Topographer in Charge of the Indian Surveys. . . 1898

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Detailed map of Indian Territory, during the short-lived period where Oklahoma was divided into two Territories, Oklahoma Territory and Indian Territory. The map shows the progress of the Indian Territory survey in the first year of the survey. The...


1902 - Map of the Creek & Seminole Nations Indian Territory . . . 1899

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Striking map of the Creek & Seminole Nation lands in Indian Territory, showing the coal regions for the Department of the Interior. The map depicts the various land classifications in the Creek & Seminole Nations, including Agricultural,...