South Dakota

Antique rare maps of South Dakota


1865 - Map of the United States And Territories, Together with Canada &c. (Wyoming Territory delineated, but Attached to Dacotah)

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An Early Appearance of Wyoming Territory Rare intermediate state of Mitchell's map of the United States, the first map to include the territory of Wyoming, 3 years before it's official creation, based upon a failed 1865 congressional act. The map...


1807 - Karte von Missouri -- aufgenomen und berichtigt in ihrem ganzen Umfange von Frrois Perin du Lac

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Fine example of the German edition of Perrin du Lac's seminal map of the course of the Missouri River. As noted by Wagner-Camp, Wagner states that the map . . "is the earliest published map of the trans-Missisisppi region which can be said to display...


1855 - Minnesota

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First Atlas State of Colton's Map of Minnesota Territory First atlas state of Colton's Map of Minnesota Territory, which extends to the Missouri River. Massive Pembina County and Yankton County dominate the western 2/3rds of the map. Only a hand...


1858 - Military Map of Nebraska and Dakota by Lieut. G.K. Warren . . .

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1875 Edition of Warren's Pivotal Map of the American Plains -- Early Reference To the Colorado / Kansas Gold Regions 1875 edition of Gouverneur Kemble Warren's large format map of Kansas, Nebraska, Dakota and part Colorado and Wyoming, based upon...


1857 - The Minnesota Handbook, for 1856-7 [with] Minnesota Published by J.H. Colton & Co... 1857.

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1857 Edition of Parker's Handbook to Minnesota, along with the Special Edition of Colton's Map, with "Corrections Furnished by N.H. Parker." This Example from the James J. Hill Library. First and only edition of Parker's important early treatment of...


1862 - Johnson's Minnesota and Dakota

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Detailed map of Minnesota and Dakota Territory, colored by county, with only two counties in Dakota and 4 large counties in northern Minnesota. Many Indian Tribal names and notes. Minneapolis is named.


1882 - Map of the Wheat Region Red River Valley and adjoining Countries in Dakota and Minnesota Published by A.J. Harwood, Fargo, D.T.

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Scarce promotional map of the "Wheat Region" of the Red River Valley, published by A.J. Harwood in Fargo, Dakota Territory. The map illustrates the so-called Wheat Region, along with promotional information for three other Fargo based professionals,...


1814 - Missouri Territory formerly Louisiana.

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The First American Atlas Map of the Transmississippi West -- Based Upon Lewis & Clark's Reports Nice example of Mathew Carey's highly important map of Missouri Territory. Published shortly after the return of Lewis & Clark, Mathew Carey's...


1857 - Territory of Nebraska [includes parts of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Dakota]

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Rare map of the Territory of Nebraska, from Rogers & Johnston's Atlas of the United States. Rogers & Johnston's map is the only commercial atlas map to show Nebraska Territory on a single map. The map was derived from the monumental and...


1863 - Ceded Part of Dakota Territory Showing Progress of US Land Survey during 1862 Under The Direction of Surveyor General G.D. Hill . . . 1864

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Interesting early map of part of Dakota Territory. The map is focused on the township surveys and the various Indian reserves along the Missouri River, including the Yankton Reserve, Ft. Randall Military Reserve and Ponka Reserve, along with an Indian...


1867 - Map showing the scene of General Hancock's operations in the Indian Country, the Forts, Military Stations, Pacific Railroads, etc. [Harper's Weekly. June 15,1867]

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Fine map of the Western United States, published in Harper's Weekly The map focuses on General Hancock's military operations against the Native Americans in Indian Territory. The map highlights the the forts, military stations, and railroads in the...


1892 - Great Northern Railway and Connections / Red River Valley / The Bread Basket of America!

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The Bread Basket of America! -- You Are Not Going To the Frontier! Fine large promotional map for the Great Northern Railway, promoting the Government lands available in the Red River Valley. The map shows the railroad lines of the Great Northern,...


1862 - Johnson's Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado & Kansas

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Massive Dakota Territory -- Pre-dating Wyoming and Montana. This is the third map in the series of Johnson's maps of this region and the first to include Colorado. Kansas gives way to Colorado, Nebraska is truncated by Dakota, but still extends to...


1882 - Territory of Dakota. 1879

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Detailed map of Dakota Territory, prepared by the General Land Office. The map shows early evidence of the township surveys in the west. The dates and details of the creation of a number of Indian Reservations are shown, including: Arikares,...


1882 - County and Township Map of Dakota

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Detailed map of Dakota Territory, published by William Bradley Jr., in a late edition of SA Mitchell Jr's Atlas. The map is colored by county, and shows state surveys, forts, towns, railroads, etc. Extremely detailed in the southwest corner in the...


1883 - Gray's New Map of Dakota with part of Manitoba etc.

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Highly detailed map of Dakota Territory, published by OW Gray & Son. The map is colored by counties and showing towns, roads, railroads, Post Offices, etc. Many counties not yet formed.