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Antique rare maps of Montana


1863 - Mexique, Antilles, Etats-Unis (Early Depiction of Idaho Territory & Montana Territory)

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A Fascinating French convolute of Shoshone, Idaho & Montana Territories. Finely colored large format map of the United States, depicting the evolution of the Western Territories, as they were created in the 1860s. Includes marvelous ephemeral...


1846 - A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California with the Regions adjoining Compiled from the most recent authorities . . . 1846

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Including Manuscript Additions of the Overland Route To California and Other Important Points. Nice example of Mitchell's seminal map of Texas, Oregon, Upper California, Missouri Territory and a massive Indian Territory (covering most of Kansas and...


1858 - Military Map of Nebraska and Dakota by Lieut. G.K. Warren . . .

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1875 Edition of Warren's Pivotal Map of the American Plains -- Early Reference To the Colorado / Kansas Gold Regions 1875 edition of Gouverneur Kemble Warren's large format map of Kansas, Nebraska, Dakota and part Colorado and Wyoming, based upon...


1814 - Missouri Territory formerly Louisiana.

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The First American Atlas Map of the Transmississippi West -- Based Upon Lewis & Clark's Reports Nice example of Mathew Carey's highly important map of Missouri Territory. Published shortly after the return of Lewis & Clark, Mathew Carey's...


1855 - Nebraska and Kanzas

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First State of Colton's Map of Kanzas and Nebraska Colton's highly sought after regional map of Nebraska and Kanzas, first published in 1855. Nebraska extends to Canada and the Rockies, taking up large portions of Montana, Wyoming and Utah. Kanzas...


1857 - Territory of Nebraska [includes parts of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Dakota]

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Rare map of the Territory of Nebraska, from Rogers & Johnston's Atlas of the United States. Rogers & Johnston's map is the only commercial atlas map to show Nebraska Territory on a single map. The map was derived from the monumental and...


1867 - Map showing the scene of General Hancock's operations in the Indian Country, the Forts, Military Stations, Pacific Railroads, etc. [Harper's Weekly. June 15,1867]

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Fine map of the Western United States, published in Harper's Weekly The map focuses on General Hancock's military operations against the Native Americans in Indian Territory. The map highlights the the forts, military stations, and railroads in the...


1876 - Williams New Trans-Continental Map of The Pacific R.R. and Routes of Overland Travel To Colorado, Nebraska, The Black Hills, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Montana California and the Pacific Coast . . . 1876

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Rare first edition of this striking large format map of the West, published by Henry T. Williams, with handwritten notes, including a note relating to the notorious stagecoach robber, Black Bart, who operated in northern California and southern Oregon...


1892 - Great Northern Railway and Connections / Red River Valley / The Bread Basket of America!

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The Bread Basket of America! -- You Are Not Going To the Frontier! Fine large promotional map for the Great Northern Railway, promoting the Government lands available in the Red River Valley. The map shows the railroad lines of the Great Northern,...


1862 - Johnson's Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado & Kansas

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Massive Dakota Territory -- Pre-dating Wyoming and Montana. This is the third map in the series of Johnson's maps of this region and the first to include Colorado. Kansas gives way to Colorado, Nebraska is truncated by Dakota, but still extends to...


1864 - Johnson's Nebraska, Dakota, Colorado Idaho & Kansas (First Appearance of Idaho Territory / Including The Future Montana & Wyoming Territories!)

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The Earliest Appearance of Idaho Territory--Including The Future Montana & Wyoming Territories Third in series of Johnson maps showing evolution of the mapping of these western territories. The most notable feature of the map is the massive...


1923 - Guide To the Blazed Trails of Montana and Wyoming . . . [Montana, Wyoming, NW Colorado, Eastern Idaho, Northern Utah, NE Nevada] Rand McNally Offical 1923 Auto Trails Map [Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park on verso]

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Early Automobile Road Map Detailed map of [Montana, Wyoming, NW Colorado, Eastern Idaho, Northern Utah, NE Nevada, published by the Automobile Club and prepared fkr Kilmer & Sons of Spokane, Washington, The map is scarce -- this is the first...


1875 - Map of Washington Territory and Oregon with portions of adjoining Territories with the Route of the Seattle & Walla Walla Rail Road

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The First Map Printed in Seattle -- Seattle & Walla Walla Rairoad Map With Manuscript Corrections Likely In the Hand of the Maker Fine example of this rare map of the Pacific Northwest, illustrating the proposed route of the Seattle & Walla...


1911 - [Heavily Annotated] Great Shoshone and Twin Falls Water Power Company Map Showing Location of Power houses, Substations and Transmission Lines

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Heavily Annotated Blue Print Copy of One of the Earliest Large Scale Hydro-Electric Power Companies in Idaho Wall map of a portion of the Northwestern United States, centered on Twin Falls and Shoshone Falls, illustrating the area proposed to be...


1825 - [Montana, Calgary, Edmonton, Saskatchewan] Amer. Sep. No. 32. Partie De La Nouvelle Bretagne

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Highly detailed map, extending from the area around Kalispell Lake and Flathead Lake, Montana in the southwest, to Calgary and Edmonton to the north and Prince Albert Saskatchewan in the northeast. The map includes a number of early factories of the...


1838 - Map of the United States Territory of Oregon West of the Rocky Mountains . . . 1838

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Important Map Showing Oregon Territory used during Congressional Debates about the Status of Oregon Country Hood's landmark map of the Oregon Country was integral to political debates about the area, its place in the growing United States, and its...