Antique rare maps of Louisiana


1775 - The Coast of West Florida and Louisiana . . . [with] The Peninsula and Gulf of Florida or Channel of Bahama with the Bahama Islands . . .

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Florida and the Gulf Coast at the outset of the American Revolution Nice example of this important early 2-sheet map of Florida and the Gulf Coast, from Jeffreys' West India Atlas. Jeffery's map is the earliest obtainable large format map to treat...


1792 - The Coast of West Florida and Louisiana . . . 1792

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Striking full color example of scarce 1792 edition of Thomas Jefferys' map of the Gulf Coast, from Jeffreys' West India Atlas. Jeffery's map is one of the earliest obtainable large format map to treat the Gulf Coast region with such remarkable detail,...


1803 - Vue de la colonie espagnole du Mississipi, ou des provinces de Louisiane et Floride occidentale, en l'année 1802, par un observateur résidant sur les lieux

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First Edition. Contemporary hand-color. First edition (1803) of this detailed work on Louisiana just before its acquisition by the United States in the Louisiana Purchase. The book was authored Pierre-Louis Berquin Duvallon, who was procureur du roi...


1938 - Map your trip South By Greyhound

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Whimsical map of the American South, promoting Greyhound's routes to Florida and the Gulf Coast in 1938. The image is dominated images of Florida tourist attractions, as well as other southern sites. Further north, the residents of the Midwest,...


1718 - (Rare Second State -- First Map to Name New Orleans) Carte De La Louisiane Et Du Cours Du Mississipi . . . Juin 1718

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First Map To Name New Orleans -- "The Mother and Main Source of All the Later Maps" of the Mississippi River and Interior Parts of the United States and The First Map to Name Texas Second state of De L'Isle's seminal map, one of the most important and...


1760 - An Accurate Map of Louisiana, and the Territory in Dispute between the English & French

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The "Territory In Dispute East" of The Mississippi River Rare map centered on the Mississippi River, showing the "Territory in Dispute" between France and England. The map is centered on the Mississippi River valley and the Gulf Coast, showing the...


1797 - Map of the Southern Parts of the United States of America By Abraham Bradley Junr.

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Early Map of the America's Southern States and Territories Early American printed map of the Southern portion of the United States, extending from the Atlantic to the Mississippi and showing part of Kentucky. Georgia is now truncated near its current...


1813 - (Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma) Eerst Gedeelte der Kaart van de binnelanden van Louisiana, door Z.M. Pike . . .

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Rare Dutch edition of this highly important map the region, from Pike's account of his expedition to the West . The map shows Pike's route through the region from the west of the Mississippi, from the Missouri River to the Red River, and extending...


1814 - Louisiana (Louisiana Territory)

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An Early Louisiana Purchase Map Extremely rare little map centered on the Mississippi, apparently based upon the map used to illustrate Berquin-Duvallon's Vue de la Colonie Espagnole du Mississippi, ou des Provinces de Louisiane et Floride...


1820 - Louisiana and Mississippi By H. S. Tanner.

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First Appearance of Cherokee Boundary and Choctaw Boundary Fine example of this early state Henry Schenk Tanner's spectacular map of Louisiana and Mississippi. Drawn from Darby's remarkable map of the region and other contemporary sources, the map...


1825 - [Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and part of Tennessee and Western Florida] Amer. Sep. No. 56 Partie des États Unis

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Fine Map of Mississippi and Alabama from the Distinctive Atlas Universel Highly-detailed regional map focusing on Mississippi and Alabama published in Vandermalean’s important Atlas Universel shortly after they were split into separate territories...


1858 - Plantations on the Mississippi River From Natchez to New Orleans 1858.

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Fine limited edition copy of Norman's Chart of the Mississippi River from Natchez to New Orleans, also known as the Persac map. The map shows the divisions of land with owners’ names, vignettes of New Orleans, Baton Rouge and plantations, the...


1862 - Map of the States of Arkansas Mississippi and Louisiana Exhibiting the Counties, Cities & Villages; Rivers, Rail ways, & Common Roads including the Forts, Landings, Stations &c.

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Extremely rare map of the states of the lower Mississippi, focusing on the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, published by Edward Mendenhall, in Cinncinnati during the Civil War. The map labels the counties and parishes of the three...


1870 - The Great South West showing the Routes to Kansas issued by the Missouri Riv. Ft. Scott & Gulf R.R. and the Leavenworth Lawrence & Galveston R.R.

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The Neutral Lands and the Race To Construct Railroad Lines from Northern Kansas to Indian Territory Unrecorded railroad map of Texas, the Southern and Mdiwestern States, published by the Missouri River, Fort Scott & Gulf Railroad and the...


1764 - Plan De La Nouvelle Orleans Sur les Manuscrits du Depot des Cartes De la Marine . . .

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Bellin's important early map of New Orleans, first issued in Xavier Charlevoix's Histoire de la Nouvelle France. The present example is the second state of the map. The first state is distinguishable from subsequent states by the inclusion of the...


1796 - Plan of Fort Baton Rouge

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One of the Earliest European Settlements on the Mississippi River Rare engraved plan of early Baton Rouge, Louisiana (then Spanish West Florida), by famed French cartographer and spy Victor George Henri Collot. This is probably the earliest printed...