Antique rare maps of Georgia


1755 - A Map of Virginia, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Maryland with part of New Jersey, &c.

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Scarce map of the Southeastern portion of the British Colonies, extending tothe Mississippi River and lower Missouri River, based upon John Mitchell's Map of the British Colonies, also issued in 1755. The map extends to West of the Mississippi River...


1747 - A New & Accurate Map of The Provinces of North & South Carolina, Georgia, &c. Drawn from the lastest Surveys and regulated by Astronomical Observations

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Striking example of Bowen's detailed map of the Carolinas, Georgia and most of Florida, extending west to the Country of the Cherokees and French Louisiana. The map is highly detailed and show many towns, forts, Indian Tribes, mountains, rivers,...


1806 - A New Map of Part of the United States of North America Containing The Carolinas And Georgia. Also The Floridas And Part Of The Bahama Islands &c. . . . 1806

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Fine example of the first edition of Cary's map of the Southern United States and Bahama Islands, extending the East Coast to the Mississippi River and from Tennessee and the Carolinas to Florida, the Bahamas and the Gulf Coast. A massive Georgia...


1938 - Map your trip South By Greyhound

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Whimsical map of the American South, promoting Greyhound's routes to Florida and the Gulf Coast in 1938. The image is dominated images of Florida tourist attractions, as well as other southern sites. Further north, the residents of the Midwest,...


1797 - Map of the Southern Parts of the United States of America By Abraham Bradley Junr.

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Early Map of the America's Southern States and Territories Early American printed map of the Southern portion of the United States, extending from the Atlantic to the Mississippi and showing part of Kentucky. Georgia is now truncated near its current...


1805 - Georgia

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Nice example of Carey's map of Georgia, prior to the creation of Mississippi Territory. A highly detailed map, which includes towns, roads, rivers, mountains, and many other details.


1861 - Johnson's Georgia and Alabama

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Detailed map of Georgia and Alabama, hand colored by counties, from one of the leading American map makers of the Civil War Period.


1871 - County Map of Georgia and Alabama

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Detailed map of Georgia and Alabama, published by SA Mitchell Jr. The map is colored by counties and shows towns, roads, railroads, forts, proposed railroads, etc. Includes a decorative grapevine border.


1878 - County Map of the States of Georgia and Alabama [Insets of Atlanta and Savannah]

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With Early Map of Atlanta! Nice full color map of Alabama and Georgia, published by SA Mitchell Jr. This is the first atlas map to include a plan of Atlanta. The map is hand colored by counties, and shows towns, roads, railroads, stations,...


1610 - Virginiae Item et Floridae Americae Provinciarum, nova Descriptio

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Early Seventeenth Century Map of Carolina and Virginia Fine old color example of Jodocus Hondius's important map of Virginia and the Carolinas, from the Mercator-Hondius A tlas Sive Cosmographie . . . Hondius utilized John White's map of Virginia and...


1640 - [Carolinas, Georgia, etc] Virginiae Partis australis, et Floridae partis orientalis, interjacentiumqus regionum Nova Descriptio

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The Second Earliest Dutch Map of the Carolinas, Southern Virginia & Georgia. Fine old color example of Blaeu's map of the Southeast. This map is based on the 1606 Mercator-Hondius map, but with significant improvements. The map covers an area...


1684 - Pas Kaart Van de Kust van Carolina Tusschen C de Canaveral en C Henry . . .

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Striking full color example of Van Keulen's map of the coastline from Cape Charles and the mouth of the Rappahanock River to Cape Canaveral, with a large inset of the region around Charleston Harbor, extending to C. de S. Romano. Nice early...


1839 - Continuation of The Survey of Cape Fear River Executed in 1839 Lieut. James Glynn, U.S Navy

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Rare 2-sheet map of a section of the Cape Fear River, prepared under the direction of James Glynn in 1839, as part of the US Navy's search for a suitable port for the establishment of a Southern Navy Yard and printed by P. Haas, Lithy., Washington...


1780 - Vue du Port de Savanah dans L'Amerique . . .

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Rare view of the Port of Savannah, engraved by Claude Joseph Vernet in London. Vernet's separately published views were offered for sale individually and in albums. His American views are largely fanciful in nature, but very rare. One of the earliest...


1780 - A Plan of the Harbour of St. Augustin in the Province of Georgia Composed & Published from Surveys deposited in the Office of the Right Honourable the Lords of Trade . . .

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Striking, Intricate Map of St. Augustine, From the Atlantic Neptune Fine example of Des Barres’ massive two-sheet plan of St. Augustine, which featured in his famed and rare sea atlas, the Atlantic Neptune. The town is the oldest...


1814 - The State of Georgia

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One of the Earliest Obtainable Maps of Georgia in its Modern Configuration. Rare full wash color example of Matthew Carey's second map of Georgia, first issued in 1814. Following the creation of Mississippi Territory in 1798, the borders between...