Antique rare maps of Southwest


1849 - Map of the Gold Regions of California. Showing the Routes via Chagres and Panama, Cape Horn &c.

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Striking example of Ensign & Thayer's rare promotional broadside map showing the routes from the east coast to the Gold Regions of California. The broadside consists of a large map of Upper California, a second map of America showing the various...


1703 - Carte Du Mexique et de la Floride des Terres Angloises et des Isles Antilles du Cours et des Environs de la Riviere Mississipi . . . Rue Des Canettes . . . 1703 [1st State]

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A Cartographic Landmark -- The First Map To Accurately Depict the Course and Mouth of the Mississippi River Rare first state of the first printed map to accurately depict the course and mouth of the Mississippi River, published by Guillaume De L'Isle...


1705 - Tabula Mexicae et Floridae, Terrarum Anglicarum, et Anteriorum Americae Insularum; Item Cursuum et Circuituum Fluminis Mississipi Dicti

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Antique Map of The Future United States and the Spanish Main -- Important Early Depiction of the Mississippi River and the Great Lakes Fine example of Schenk's decorative map of the Southeastern part of North America, Gulf Coast and the Spanish Main,...


1708 - A Map of Mexico or New Spain, Florida now called Louisiana and Part of California &c. By H. Moll Geographer

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Antique map of the southern half of North America, from the Island of California to Florida by London's most famous cartographer of the early 18th Century. The map shows remarkable detail for a map of its size, including very nice detail in modern-day...


1720 - Amplissimae Regionis Mississipi Seu Provinciae Ludovicianae A R.P. Ludovico Hennepin Francisc Miss In America Septentrionali Anno 1687 . . .

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Striking full-color example of Homann's map of the Course of the Mississippi River, based upon the reports of Hennepin, who explored the upper Mississippi and Great Lakes regions as a Jesuit Missionary in the late 1600s. The map follows the work of De...


1804 - Louisiana (Louisiana Territory)

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The First American Map of Louisiana Territory Nice example of Arrowsmith & Lewis's map of Louisiana Territory, first published shortly after the completion of the Louisiana Purchase and about the time Lewis & Clark set out to explore the...


1852 - [Mormon State of Desert] Die Vereinigten Staaten von Nord America nebst Canada . . . 1852

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A Rare Depiction of Deseret Detailed map of the United States, including the Mormon State of Deseret and an alternative name for Utah Territory, which is also shown newly divided from New Mexico Territory, to the south. Kiepert's map depicts "Alta...


1858 - Mitchell's New National Map, Exhibiting The United States with the North American British Provinces, Sandwich Islands, Mexico and Central America, Together with Cuba and the other West India Islands . . . 1858

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Fine Example of Mitchell's National Map of the United States Fine wall map of the United States, illustrating the transitional western Territorial and State borders, published by S A Mitchell in 1858. First published in 1856, Mitchell's remarkable...


1867 - Distribution de l'or et de l'Argent Aux Etats Unis Par Jules Marcou

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Scarce map of the United States, showing the distribution of Gold (red) and Silver (blue) in the United States. The map appeared in the November 1867 edition of the Bulletin de la Societe de Geographie, published in Paris. Jules Marcou was perhaps...


1867 - The Hannibal & St. Joseph Rail Road Company Offer For Sale nearly 400,000 Acres of the best Prairie, Timber, and Coal Lands in Northern Missouri Located on or mostly within 10 Miles of the Railroad . . .

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Advertising broadsheet map published by the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad, promoting land in Northern Missouri. The map notes the Railroad offering more than 400,000 acres of land for sale along the Hannibal & St. Joseph Railroad in...


1887 - Map Showing The Pacific Railways and Their Branches. Prepared for the United States Pacific Railway Commission.

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Mapping the Railroads of the Transmississippi West. Highly detailed map of the Western United States, illustrating the railroads in operation and under construction west of the Mississippi River. The key at the lower left identifies the Central...


1915 - The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad System. 1915

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Fine example of The Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railroad's general promotional map for 1915. Includes all the routes and train stations along the route in fine detail.


1946 - It's Colorado Calling.

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An Interesting Part of U.P.R.R. Advertising and Mapmaking History. This is a circa 1946 manuscript proof for a print advertisement promoting Union Pacific rail service from Chicago, Illinois to Denver, Colorado on the Union Pacific Streamliner 'City...


1660 - Mexique ou Nole. Espagne

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Nice example of Du Val's map of New Spain, extending from the American Southwest and Florida to Costa Rica and Panama.


1803 - Chart of the West Indies And Spanish Dominions in North America. By A. Arrowsmith. 1803.

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A Seminal Map of Florida, The Caribbean and Texas! First edition of Arrowsmith's map of Mexico & the West Indies, and the only edition to extend to the Pacific, thereby showing modern Texas and parts of New Mexico and Arizona. The map is...


1810 - Chart of the West Indies And Spanish Dominions in North America. By A. Arrowsmith. 1803 . . . Additions to 1810

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The Best Early 19th-Century Map of Central America and the Caribbean. Large hand-colored engraved antique map of Florida, the Gulf Coast, West Indies, and Central America, published by Aaron Arrowsmith in London in 1810. The map contains a detailed...