Antique rare maps of Arizona


1849 - Map of the Gold Regions of California. Showing the Routes via Chagres and Panama, Cape Horn &c.

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Striking example of Ensign & Thayer's rare promotional broadside map showing the routes from the east coast to the Gold Regions of California. The broadside consists of a large map of Upper California, a second map of America showing the various...


1843 - Mexique par Th. Duvotenay…1843 [Republic of Texas]

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Detailed map of Texas, Upper California, the Plains and Mexico, published in Paris. The map prominently shows the Republic of Texas, a mythological Lake Teguayo and pre-Fremont Western United States. Western border of Texas includes an odd eastern...


1846 - A New Map of Texas, Oregon and California with the Regions adjoining Compiled from the most recent authorities . . . 1846

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Including Manuscript Additions of the Overland Route To California and Other Important Points. Nice example of Mitchell's seminal map of Texas, Oregon, Upper California, Missouri Territory and a massive Indian Territory (covering most of Kansas and...


1848 - Mexico, California & Texas

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Excellent map of California, Mexico, Texas and the Southwest, published by A&C Black. The map covers all of Upper California and shows the missions, early forts and information immediately prior to the discovery of gold. Several settlement and...


1852 - Carte de la Concession Des Terres Obtenues a Chihuahua par decret du 11 Avril 1850 . . .

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A French European Colony In Sonora and Chihuahua To Resist US Expansionism Scarce map of the borderlands between the United States and Mexico, illustrating the colonization scheme of Frenchman Hippolyte du Pasquier de Dommartin. The map provides a...


1863 - [Arizona below New Mexico] Mexique d'apres le grand Atlas Dresse Par A.H. Dufour Grave par ch Dyonet Pubie par A. Le Chevalier . . . 1863

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Scarce map of Mexico and the American Southwest, etc., published in Paris. The map provides nice detail in Texas and along the Rio Grande, with emphasis on the roads and towns. The French Colony In Texas (Col. Francaise) is shown, along with a number...


1969 - The Butterfield Overland Mail Route San Francisco to El Paso 1858-1861

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Rare historical / pictorial map of Western portion of the Butterfield Mail Route, drawn by Robert A. Hanson. The map was likely published by the Western Cover Society, a California based society which published the Western Express. Hanson's maps were...


1867 - Map showing the scene of General Hancock's operations in the Indian Country, the Forts, Military Stations, Pacific Railroads, etc. [Harper's Weekly. June 15,1867]

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Fine map of the Western United States, published in Harper's Weekly The map focuses on General Hancock's military operations against the Native Americans in Indian Territory. The map highlights the the forts, military stations, and railroads in the...


1876 - Williams New Trans-Continental Map of The Pacific R.R. and Routes of Overland Travel To Colorado, Nebraska, The Black Hills, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, Montana California and the Pacific Coast . . . 1876

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Rare first edition of this striking large format map of the West, published by Henry T. Williams, with handwritten notes, including a note relating to the notorious stagecoach robber, Black Bart, who operated in northern California and southern Oregon...


1849 - [New Mexico Territory] Map of the Route pursued by US Troops under the command of Bvt. Lieut. Col. Jno. M. Washington, Governor of New Mexico, in an expedition against the Navajos Indians. . . .1849

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Important early map of parts of New Mexico and Arizona, prepared during the survey explorations and military campaigns in New Mexico and West Texas in 1849. Prepared by Topographical Engineer James H. Simpson and the artist Edward Kern, the map...


1855 - Map No. 2 From the Pimas Villages to Fort Fillmore.

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U.S. Mexican Boundary Commission map of Arizona and New Mexico's border with Mexico. Hand-colored lithographed folding map of the southern part of modern-day Arizona and New Mexico, by one of the great cartographers of the Southwest, John G. Parke....


1856 - Sketch of Public Surveys in New Mexico to Accompany Report of Surveyor General 1856

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Interesting early map of New Mexico and Arizona, published by the General Land Office. The map extends from the confluence of the Colorado and Gila Rivers to Nicollet River in the northwest, the Rio Pecos in the southwest and Bent's Fort, the...


1856 - California Utah, Lr. California and New Mexico

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Nice example of the Ettling / Weekly Dispatch map of California and the Southwest, one of first atlas maps published in Europe to focus on the Territories of Utah and New Mexico. The map includes an excellent post Gadsden Purchase treatment of...


1858 - Map No. 2. Rio Colorado of the West explored by 1st. Lieut. Joseph C. Ives, Topl. Engr . . .

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The Earliest Scientific Mapping of the Grand Canyon and Environs. This map is the centerpiece of one of the most important exploring efforts of the American Southwest. The map is one of three maps which accompanied the Report upon the Colorado River,...


1865 - Arizona: Its Resources and Prospects.

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Very early Arizona Territory promotional pamphlet including an unusual pre-1866 map of Arizona inclusive of Mojave County, which would be ceded to the State of Nevada shortly thereafter. Folding map. 22 pages. 8vo, original printed wrappers with...


1865 - Johnson's California, with Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona

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Interesting map of the southwest, hand colored by counties and showing a number of interesting territorial anomalies. Nevada has its lower corner truncated, leaving Las Vegas in Arizona. In each of the states and territories, the county configurations...