Antique rare maps of Utah


1856 - Sketch of Public Surveys in New Mexico to Accompany Report of Surveyor General 1856

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Interesting early map of New Mexico and Arizona, published by the General Land Office. The map extends from the confluence of the Colorado and Gila Rivers to Nicollet River in the northwest, the Rio Pecos in the southwest and Bent's Fort, the...


1856 - California Utah, Lr. California and New Mexico

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Nice example of the Ettling / Weekly Dispatch map of California and the Southwest, one of first atlas maps published in Europe to focus on the Territories of Utah and New Mexico. The map includes an excellent post Gadsden Purchase treatment of...


1865 - Johnson's California, with Utah, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona

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Interesting map of the southwest, hand colored by counties and showing a number of interesting territorial anomalies. Nevada has its lower corner truncated, leaving Las Vegas in Arizona. In each of the states and territories, the county configurations...


1876 - Bancroft's Map of California, Nevada, Utah & Arizona . . . 1876

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Rare 1876 edition of Bancroft's map of California & the Southwest. The map is hand colored by counties and shows tremendous detail, one of the best maps of the Western United States published West of the Mississippi during the period. Early roads,...


1848 - Map of Oregon and Upper California from the surveys of John Charles Fremont and others authorities drawn by Charles Preuss . . . 1848

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The Second Issue of Fremont's Map of the West--Issued Following the Discovery of Gold in California Nice example of Fremont's seminal map of the West, which focuses on California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada. Wheat dedicates 13 pages and 2...


1857 - Territories of New Mexico and Utah

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A cornerstone map, exceptionally detailed and showing many routes and places of interest in the settlement of the American West. This map was published several times from the mid-1850s through the 1870s. This map shows Fremont's 1844 and 1845 routes,...


1870 - Map showing Detailed Topography of the Country Traversed by the Reconnaissance Expedition through Southern & Southeastern Nevada in charge of Lieut Geo. M. Wheeler US. Engineers Assisted by Lieut. O.W. Lockwood Corps of Engineers USA 1869.

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A Nevada & Grand Canyon Rarity -- The Foundation Map for Southern Nevada A remarkable map of the Eastern Half of Nevada, including Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Great Salt Lake and Sevier Lake (then called Preuss Lake), being the first scientific...


1877 - New Map of the Territory of Arizona Southern California and Parts of Nevada, Utah and Sonora Compiled from the latest authentic data by Lietenant J.C. Mallery, A.M., US. Engineers Corps, and J.W. Ward, Civil & Topographical Engineer. 1876-77

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The Finest Large Format Map of Arizona, Southern California and Southern Nevada from the 1870s. Large and striking map centered on Arizona with pieces of the adjacent states and territories, at a time when Arizona was undergoing a mineral boom, and...


1881 - Map of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah . . .

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Detailed map of California and the Southwest, colored by Counties.


1889 - Denver and Rio Grande Railroad System

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Detailed railroad map of Colorado and part of Utah. Promotional map for the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. The border of Grand and Unitah Counties suggests a date of 1889 to 1890. The map was produced in numerous editions over the decades.


1923 - Guide To the Blazed Trails of Montana and Wyoming . . . [Montana, Wyoming, NW Colorado, Eastern Idaho, Northern Utah, NE Nevada] Rand McNally Offical 1923 Auto Trails Map [Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Park on verso]

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Early Automobile Road Map Detailed map of [Montana, Wyoming, NW Colorado, Eastern Idaho, Northern Utah, NE Nevada, published by the Automobile Club and prepared fkr Kilmer & Sons of Spokane, Washington, The map is scarce -- this is the first...


1850 - (California Gold Rush and Mormon Coins) New Varieties of Gold and Silver Coins, Counterfeit Coins, and Bullion; With Mint Values.

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One of the Great American Numismatic Books of All Time, with Special Relevance for the California Gold Rush and Mormon Coins. Superb book on gold and coinage, by the official assayers of the Philadelphia Mint, Jacob R. Eckfeldt and William E. Du Bois....


1852 - [Mormon State of Deseret] Nord America mit Westindien

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Detailed map of North America, published in Weimar in 1852. The map identifies the newly formed Territories of the western United States. Most notable is the location of the massive Utah oder Deseret Terr. (Utah or Deseret Territory). To the south,...


1858 - Map of the Great Salt Lake and Adjacent Country in the Territory of Utah [with] The Great Salt Lake (Mormon) City And Surrounding Country

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The Earliest Atlas Map To Focus on The Salt Lake City Region and Mormon Settlements Two excellent early regional maps of the Salt Lake area. The upper map extends a bit west of the Lake to the Uintas and South to Lake Utah, as well as considerably...


1863 - [Salt Lake City] La Nouvelle Jerusalem, ou La Grande Ville du Lac Sale (Amerique) . . .

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Large panoramic view of Salt Lake City, which appeared in a French Newspaper in 1863.


1866 - Map of the Territory of Utah . . . 1866

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Important early map of Utah engraved by Major & Knapp for the General Land Office. This is perhaps the most detailed and accurate of all early Utah maps. The extent of the township surveys are noted. Gold, Iron & Lead mines are noted. Very...