Antique rare maps of Utah


1867 - County Map of Utah and Nevada

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Detailed map of Nevada and Utah, colored by counties and showing towns, mountains, rivers, railroad lines, Indian Tribes, mining districts, etc. The first map of the region to appear in a commercial atlas. Decorative floral border.


1870 - Map of the Territory of Utah [with] Great Salt Lake Valley [with] Plat of Salt Lake City Utah

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Scarce early promotional map of Utah, published shortly after the completion of the Transcontinental Railroad on May 10, 1869. The map includes large insets of the Salt Lake Valley and early Plat of the town, including a key locating 12 points of...


1870 - Great Salt Lake, Utah

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Interesting lithographic view of Salt Lake City, published by America's most famous 19th Century print makers. The town of Salt Lake unfolds in the foreground, published a bit more than 20 years after it was first settled.


1871 - Froiseth's New Sectional & Mineral Map of Utah Compiled from the latest U.S. Government Surveys and other authentic sources. Exhibiting the Sections, Fractional Sections, Counties, Cities, Towns, Settlements, Mines, Railroads and other Internal Improvemen

  • $29.99

"A Pioneer Masterpiece -- Wonderful In Its Detail" (Carl Wheat) An exceptional large map of Utah, published by B.A.M. Froiseth in Salt Lake City and printed by A.L. Bancroft in San Francisco. The map is remarkably detailed, with particular artistry...


1873 - Gray's New Map of Utah

  • $14.99

The First Atlas Map of Utah Territory in its Modern Configuration. Historically important early map of Utah, published by OW Gray. The map is colored by counties and showing early roads, rivers, mountains, railroads, mines, Indians, forts, etc....


1875 - Map of Washington Territory and Oregon with portions of adjoining Territories with the Route of the Seattle & Walla Walla Rail Road

  • $14.99

The First Map Printed in Seattle -- Seattle & Walla Walla Rairoad Map With Manuscript Corrections Likely In the Hand of the Maker Fine example of this rare map of the Pacific Northwest, illustrating the proposed route of the Seattle & Walla...


1881 - County And Township Map Of Utah And Nevada

  • $14.99

A detailed map of Utah and Nevada, colored by counties and showing towns, roads, railroads, rivers, lakes, and a host of other details. While earlier editions of the map include all of Utah but lack the southern tip of Nevada, this 1884 edition adds...


1889 - Utah

  • $9.99

Decorative and unusual trading card map from this famous series. Map is surrounded by decorative vignette, showing Great Salt Lake and Mormon Temple. Includes population statistics.


1890 - The Principal Places of Interest -- Salt Lake City

  • $14.99

Decorative promotional map of Salt Lake City, published by the Wilson Hotel. The map includes an extensive promotional tract on the verso and a number of early photographs on either side of the map.


1895 - Utah

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Detailed map of Utah, published in Rand McNally's Business Atlas. The map shows railroads, towns, cities mountain ranges. Includes significant progress in the General Land Office township surveys. A list of 8 railroads is shown at the top right.


1899 - Post Route Map of The State of Utah Showing Post Offices With the Intermediate Distances on Mail Routes In Operation On the 1st of June, 1899. . . .

  • $14.99

Highly detailed map of Utah, focusing on the post roads and postal details as of June 1899. All the post offices and discontinued post offices in Utah are noted. The routes on the map are color coded to note delivery schedules, including: Purple:...


1911 - [Heavily Annotated] Great Shoshone and Twin Falls Water Power Company Map Showing Location of Power houses, Substations and Transmission Lines

  • $14.99

Heavily Annotated Blue Print Copy of One of the Earliest Large Scale Hydro-Electric Power Companies in Idaho Wall map of a portion of the Northwestern United States, centered on Twin Falls and Shoshone Falls, illustrating the area proposed to be...


1916 - Clasen's Guide Map of the State of Utah / State Bureau of Immigration, Labor and Statistics

  • $14.99

Rare Early Automobile Road Map of Utah Scarce map of the state of Utah, published by Clason for the Utah Bureau of Immigration, Labor and Statistics. The map shows County Seats, County Boundaries, Townships Unsubdivided and National Forest...


1920 - Thomas Bros. Map of Provo City, Utah (Ogden on Verso)

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Detailed maps of Ogden and Provo, Utah, published by one of America's leading 20th Century map firms.


1946 - Salt Lake City The Center of Scenic America

  • $14.99

Fine promotional view map of Salt Lake, published for The Grayline. The Legend identifies 8 different tourism lines within the city.