American Revolution

Antique rare maps of American Revolution


1778 - L'Amerique Independante Dediee au Congres des Etats unis de l'Amerique

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A Tribute To Benjamin Franklin and an Independent America: dedicated to the Congress of the United States of America Second state of this fine engraved allegorical image of an Independent United States of America, engraved by Jean Charles Le Vasseur...


1781 - Portrait & Uniform of An American General (and) A real representation of the Dress of an American Rifle-man.

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A contemporary depiction of American Revolutionary War figures set within a decorative border, engraved by Roberts. From "Barnard's New Complete & Authentic History of England."


1777 - (Revolutionary War Atlas) Atlante Dell'America

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First Separate Edition of this Atlas of the Americas, issued on the Advent of the American Revolution. The maps and text in this atlas were first published during the French and Indian War, in Il Gazzettiere Americano, published by M. Coltenllini in...


1775 - North America from the French of Mr. D'Anville Improved with the English Surveys made Since the Peace . . . June 1775

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The third state of Jefferys map of the British Colonies, based upon D'Anville's map. This third state was issued after the conclusion of the French and Indian War. The map shows the Colonies on the eve of the American Revolutionary War. A note in the...


1775 - An Accurate Map of North America, Describing and Distinguishing The British and Spanish Dominions . . . According To The Definitive Treaty Concluded At Paris 10th Feby. 1763

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Striking 4-sheet map of North America on the eve of the American Revolution. The map is one of the best large format representations of the British Colonies, from a British perspective, on the eve of the Revolution. The claims of the Carolinas,...


1776 - The Theatre of War in North America, with the Roads and a Table of the Distances [with] A Compendious Account of the British Colonies in North-America.

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Nice example of the rare first state of Sayer & Bennett's Broadside Map and Account of the War in North America, one of the first widely distributed news accounts of the American Revolution in Great Britain. Following a brief peace attempt between...


1776 - [Revolutionary War Broadside Map] Allgemeine Charte von Nord America als den Sitz des Krieges zwischen den Konigl. Engl. Truppen u:den Provinzialen

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Rare, Early German Broadside Map of the North American British Colonies—First State! First state of an remarkably rare German broadside map showing the British colonies in North America, one of the earliest separately-issued broadside maps of the...


1776 - Carte Generale du Canada, de la Louisiane, de la Floride, de la Caroline, de la Virginie, de la Nouvelle Terre Par Le Sr. D'Anville . . . 1776

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Second edition of Santini's map of the British & French Colonies in North America, based upon D'Anville's seminal map of 1746. The map provides a highy detailed treatment of Great Lakes and Mississippi Valley, on the eve of the American...


1777 - A New and Correct Map of North America, with the West India Islands, Divided according to the last Treaty of Peace, Concluded at Paris, 10th Feby. 1763, wherein are particularly Distinguished, The Several Provinces and Colonies which Compose The British

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First "Pownall" edition of this influential wall map of North America, issued shortly after the commencement of the Revolutionary War in 1777, and including the revisions compiled by Governor George Pownall. Originally issued separately by Bowen &...


1777 - Carte De L'Amerique Septle. Pour servir a l'intelligence de la Guerre entre les Anglois et les Insurgents . . . 1777

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Mars, the God of War, Witnessing Fame's Proclamation of the Birth of the United States Fine example of Beaurain's important map of The 13 Colonies and the contiguous part of French Louisiana and Florida, one of the earliest maps published in Europe to...


1777 - Theatre De La Guerre En Amerique . . . 1777

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Antique Map of The Theater of The American Revolution on the Eve of the French Joining the War Coming the year after the creation of the United States and signing of the Declaration of Independence, this antique map illustrates the British Colonies...


1778 - Carte du Theatre de la Guerre actuel entre les Anglais et les Trieze Colonies Unies de l'Amerique Septentrionale dresse par J.B. Eliot Ingenieurs des Etats Unis 1778

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Nice example of J. B. Eliot's map of the United States, generally regarded as the earliest map to include the title "United States'' on a printed map. Eliot's map, which is drawn from American sources not previously utilized on any printed map, is...


1778 - [United States] Il Canada Le Colonie Inglesi Con La Luigiana E Florida di nuova Projezione . . . 1778

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Striking map of the United States and Canada, which includes references to the Upper and Lower English Colonies of Louisiana. One of the very few maps we have seen from the period which treat the regions east of the Mississippi as being Upper or...


1780 - Carta Della Florida, Luigiana E Laghi Del Canada

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Albany called Albania! Rare Italian map of the United States, Florida, Louisiana and Canada, which appears to have been issued during the American Revolutionary War. The US is called Province Unite, with Albany, New York called Albania. The city (or...


1784 - Carte Des Etats-Unis De L'Amerique Suivant le Traite de Paix de 1783. Dediee et Presentee A.S. Excellence M. Benjamin Franklin Ministre Pleinipotentaire des Etats-Unis. . . Ancien President de la Pensilvanie et de la Societe Philosophique de Philadelphie

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Dedicated to Benjamin Franklin -- The First Map of The United States Published After Ratification of the Treaty of Paris Lattre's map of the United States appeared in June 1784, just two months after the United States gained official independence...


1787 - Carte D'Une Partie De L'Amerique Septentrionale pour servir a l'Histoire derniere Guerre

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Fine example of this highly detailed set of maps illustrating the British Colonies in North America at the conclusion of the American Revolution, published by Soules in his Histoire des Troubles de Amerique Anglaise. The primary map shows the British...