Civil War

Antique rare maps of Civil War


1861 - Desilver's Steel Plate Military Map of the United States Showing The Location of the Military Posts, Arsenals, Barracks, Batteries, Navy Yards, Rail Roads, &c. &c.

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Rare Civil War era map of the United States, published in Philadelphia by Charles Desilver. The map includes inset maps of Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, and the Vicinity of Annapolis. Includes a list of all the Military Forts and...


1861 - Map of the United States of North America, Upper & Lower Canada, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia & British Columbia Mexico Cuba, Jamaica, St. Domino and the Bahama Islands

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This is a scarce map of the United States, issued as a supplement to the Illustrated London News in 1861. The map is well detailed and shows the US split according to slave and free states. The map was clearly prepared in anticipation of the Civil War,...


1863 - The Question Settled

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Rare Allegorical Civil War Broadside Fascinating allegorical broadside, showing 3 cats in a milk saucer, superimposed over a map of the South. The center white cat, Old Abe, is a reference to Abraham Lincoln. To the right, the gray cat represents...


1890 - Inns of Court Rifle Volunteers 1890. Sketch Map To Illustrate Campaigns of 1861-1865 in America.

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Published for the Inns of Court Regiment--Fighting Lawyers & Judges--By A Future Military Science Expert Unusual separately published map of the United States, illustrating the "Campaigns of 1861-1865 in America," published by the Court of Rifle...


1863 - The New War Map of Maryland Part of Virginia & Pennsylvania. Published by B.B. Russell . . .

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Rare separately issued map of the Mid-Atlantic theater of the American Civil War, published in Boston by Mayer & Co. The map extends south to Fredericksburg and Fairfax and north to Harrisburg and Reading and East to Philadelphia and Delaware Bay,...


1861 - The Seat of War. Bird's Eye View of Part of Maryland, Distr of Columbia and Part of Virginia.

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John Bachmann's celebrated series of bird-eye views of the U.S. Civil War, depicting the Virginia-Maryland theatre on the eve of conflict. This magnificent bird's eye view captures the Virginia-Maryland theater of the United States Civil War...


1862 - Map of Eastern Virginia Compiled from the best authorities and printed at the Coast Survey Office, A.D. Bache, Supdt. 1862

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Fine example of Alexander Bache's map of the Eastern Virginia, published by Philip & Solomons of Washington, D.C. Detailed map of Eastern Virginia and Delaware, engraved by Charles Krebs and compiled by W.L. Nicholson, under the direction of A.D....


1866 - Map of the Field Operations of the Army of Virginia During the Months of July and August 1862

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Detailed map of the Theater of War in Virginia. Washington D. C. is at the upper right. Charlottesville, Virginia is at the lower left. Shows roads, railroads, place names and terrain features. General Pope was the new commander of Federal forces in...


1867 - Map of the Vicinity of Richmond and Part of the Peninsula From Surveys Made by Order of Maj. Gen. J.F. Gilmer Chief Engineer. C.S.A

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Rare map of the area between the Pamunkey and Ames Rivers, showing the Vicinity of Richmond, Virginia, as surveyed by Jeremy Francis Gilmer, surveyor for the Confederate States of America. The map bears some relationship to Albert H. Campbell's Map of...


1872 - South Mountain showing the positions of the forces of the United States and the enemy during the battle fought by the Army of the Potomac under the command of Major General G. B. McClellan, Sept. 14th 1862

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Large, detailed lithographed map of the Battle of South Mountain, a somewhat mixed Union Victory, which set the stage for the Battle of Antietam three days later. The Civil War Trust says of the Battle of South Mountain: After his success at Second...


1893 - Battle Field of Sharpsburg or Antietam

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Fine sketch map of the Battlefield at Antietem, which appeared in The Soldier In Our Civil War, published by Frank Leslie. The map shows Confederate and Federal Works, various positions naming commanding officers, Roads and other important battle...


1862 - Lloyd's Official Map of the State of Virginia From actual surveys by order of the Executive, 1828 & 1859 Corrected and revised by J. T. Lloyd to 1862, from Surveys made by Capt. W. Angelo Powell of the U.S. Topographical Engineers of Gen. Rosencrans Staff

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Important Large Map of Virginia With A Vitriolic Testimonial Added Nice example of the 1862 edition of JT Lloyd's large map of Virginia, the most widely distributed and influential map of Virginia during the Civil War period. Lloyd's map of Virginia...


1879 - Military reconnaissance in the vicinity of Gauley Bridge, Department of Western Virginia, Brig. Gen'l W.S. Rosecrans, Comd'g., Sept. 11th to Nov. 15th, 1861

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Color-lithographed map of the area near Gauley Bridge, (present-day) West Virginia. Gauley Bridge was the site of a minor battle during the Civil War, which resulted in a Union victory. "United States forces" are colored blue, and "Confederate forces...


1861 - Colton's Map of the Southern States. Including Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Kentucky Tennessee, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas. Showing Also Part of Adjoining States & Territories

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Second edition of Colton's detailed large format map of the Southern Plains and Midwestern States, at the outset of the American Civil War. Finely detailed map, one of the most commercially successful maps published by Colton during the 1860s.


1862 - Map of the Rebel Fortifications At Columbus Ky. Surveyed Under The Direction of Brig. Genl. Geo. W. Cullum . . .

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Rare plan showing the Rebel Fortifications at Columbus, Kentucky on the Mississippi River. Detail includes a town plan, tracks of the Mobile and Ohio R.R., Road to Elliott's Mill and Ft. Holt, Road to Blandville, Clinton Road to Milburn, Paducah &...


1862 - Map of the States of Arkansas Mississippi and Louisiana Exhibiting the Counties, Cities & Villages; Rivers, Rail ways, & Common Roads including the Forts, Landings, Stations &c.

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Extremely rare map of the states of the lower Mississippi, focusing on the states of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, published by Edward Mendenhall, in Cinncinnati during the Civil War. The map labels the counties and parishes of the three...