World War I

Antique rare maps of World War I


1917 - [Sinai Peninsula] (Ottoman Turkish Language Sinai and Palestine Campaign Map)

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Ottoman Map Showing A Portion of the Sinai and Palestine Campain and Battle for the Suez Canal During the World War I Rare separately published Ottoman Turkish map of the Sinai Peninsula, illustrating the battles fought during the Sinai Campaign....


1914 - The Blood-Red World Map Showing Territory of the Earth Directly Affected by the Great War

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Interesting, small map issued as a supplement to the magazine The Watchmen magazine, which was published by the Southern Publishing Association of Nashville, Tenn. The map shows that 940,568,000 people were somehow affected by the war through living...


1915 - Le Plan Pangermaniste

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Fantastic anti-German polemic broadside map, issued in France during World War I, published by Adrien Maréchal. The map focuses on the so-called "Pan-Germanic Plan" of world domination. It rallies the French against the ever-expanding influence of...


1917 - (First World War) The World Cannot Live Half Slave, Half Free -- The Prussian Blot -- 100,000,000 People Already Enslaved By Germany

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This is a great American propaganda poster encouraging US involvement in World War I. The work attempts to reshape the way that Americans viewed the war by rephrasing the conflict as a result of German imperial ambitions. The map is particularly...


1914 - [WWI Russian Propagandist Broadside: 'The Air War. - The Feats of Pegu'] Voina v vozdukhe. – Podvig Pegu.

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A Rare Russian World War I Propagandist 'Lubok' broadside, celebrating the feats of French fighter ace Adolphe Célestin Pégoud, printed in Moscow by Ivan Stylin. This amazing Russian WWI broadside shows the French fighter ace Adolphe Célestin...